Like minded folks coming together March 5th, 2015 – join us in getting enlightened on Executive Branch take over!


The Waterford at Mansfield
1296 S. Trimble
Mansfield, OH 44906

6:30pm for 1st Thursday of every month meeting with like minded folks. Talked briefly with Robin Whisler yesterday, ALL are welcome. I will be there a little early to find the group. You can call me 419-631-6004 with questions or help finding.

Discussion is a grassroots movement to bring back the 4th Branch of Government, others who will be attending say that all starts with separation of branches of Government – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial – THEY ARE NOT USING OUR ELECTED CLERKS OFFICE TO COMMUNICATE – THE CLERK IN WRITING HAS BEEN TOLD THEY MUST FILE EVERYTHING?

We have lost our Clerk who scrutinizes NOTHING based on not knowing the power they have to scrutinize each and every document they file, many of which ARE incomplete or rubber stamped. Evidence of this will be at this meeting – DO NOT MISS IT!!!!

If I dont answer, leave a message. I screen all calls for people not in my address book

FYI – I am advised our Elected head of Law Enforcement in our community supports this effort and needs OUR HELP!

You can also get more details here as this group joins up with another group to initiate this effort.

payback is a bitchtake back america

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Real Oath Keeper Sheriff Mack Tells it like it is. Where’s OUR Sheriff in Richland County on this?


Former Sheriff Mack speaks here on youtube – MUST WATCH!!!

We the few here who have HAD ENOUGH of the tyranny in our Courts have asked our local executive branch to call OUR Sheriff Steve Sheldon to OUR MEETING ON THE RECORD, we gave him 2 weeks notice to address the Brian Garber shooting and yet he refused to show, said we can come to his den of corruption? Yet who there can we TRUST? The majority of citizens I talk to say NOBODY! I don’t believe that, the issue becomes FEAR – FEAR of losing a good paying job that nets modest homes of $200k plus on a Deputy’s salary? That’s interesting and possible! – how ever there is speculation or differing perspectives on how its possible that need to be clarified, it is by law our right to know those who work for us can be trusted. When they come to and call your work to intimidate I say NO!  We have spoken – Who is we? – check their minutes of the meeting on October 16th, we shared what was said and the answers they gave. Who will join us or oppose us is the next question, or will you or are you ok with WHO’s NEXT?

Don’t like what’s going on and want enlightened on the perspective you can join us on facebook here – Mansfielders Perspective Group.

Please share your perspective here or join our group and discuss on this thread there. Posted today – March 2nd, 2015

You like what this Sheriff has to say, lets see if ours agrees? He after all tells everyone he’s an Oath Keeper, we simply say PROVE IT! – Right Drew Tyler?, their anonymous mouthpiece who once opposed this group that the Sheriff also refuses to unveil identity?

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Bellville pondering part-time mayor – Should have pondered bankruptcy & more first!!!


Funny things the media seems to forget. Asking him how he became Mayor when he can’t run his own business!!!! Friend of his surely Drew Tyler pokes fun at others who file BANKruptcy, so why not this Mayor who bankrupted his own business, San-Dar I believe it was? Then add in he endorsed Bank backed Marylin Johns for Commissioner and people should start to see how the good old boyeee system works here in good old Richland County?



Bellville pondering part-time mayor


The mayor’s job in this village of 1,918 people may soon become a part-time position.

The village council is considering a measure to reduce the annual salary from $24,000 to $7,000. The third and final reading of the ordinance is tentatively scheduled for March 3.

Village Law Director Sara Mussman said council has the power to change the mayor’s salary.

“It would have to be for the next year, the 2016 term. They cannot change the mayor’s salary in the mayor’s current term. It must be done 90 days before the next election,” she said.

Mayor Darrell Banks’ second, four-year term as mayor ends Dec. 31.

The reduction is part of a plan by council to allow a village administrator to oversee administrative duties. Currently, Chuck Pscholka is the village administrator, working six hours a week at an annual rate of $10,000. Pscholka has indicated to council this is his last year on the job. Council is considering hiring a new village administrator for 2016.

Banks said he believes council is overstepping its bounds. Banks said he is not against the position being part-time, but said to reduce it from $24,000 and 40 hours to $7,000 and 11.7 hours per week is wrong. Banks said someone who is elected to represent the people needs to be on the job more hours than that.

“I became mayor because I love Bellville,” he said. “Council will have more control over a village administrator, and I’m elected.”

Banks said the mayor’s job could become a “ceremonial” position at 11.7 hours per week.

Banks runs mayor’s court twice a month and attends council meetings twice a month in his role as president of council. He is a non-voting member of every committee. His duties also include attending Bellville Planning Commission meetings, presiding over parades and serving as a member of the Richland County Regional Planning Commission.

Banks said he believes the ordinance before council is changing the form of government, something he thinks should be brought before voters or be done through enacting a charter system of government.

Councilman Larry Rose said he is not in favor of the current ordinance.

“I agree what they’re trying to do in theory. The village administrator position eventually needs to happen. The mayor is currently doing some of his work,” Rose said. “This will affect whoever the mayor is next year.”

Council member David Griffon said the change is twofold. It is to allow the administrator more opportunity. “We’re trying to restore that position back to where it was,” he said, recalling in years past the position was for about 20 hours.

“We cannot elect a mayor who has a water and sewer background. We need to have someone in there who we can rely upon who is more savvy than some of the administration in the technical parts of a running a village,” Griffon said.

“The average salary of mayors of villages our size is $6,400,” Griffon said.

He said there are a few villages about the size of Bellville that pay a little more, but they are not rural. “They are suburbs of Cincinnati or Cleveland and they have budgets or incomes two or three times (that) of Bellville,” Griffon said.

“We don’t know who is going to become mayor. They may be a very strong person, they may be a very weak person. By having an administrator that gives us some flexibility that a competent person is in there, not saying Darrell is an incompetent mayor. It’s something that needs to be addressed since I’ve been on council, about 31/2years,” he said.


Twitter: @LWhitmir

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Nice job Aloc Lynch, the MP thanks you for your false witness post – NOT!!!!


Trust me, this crap WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!!

Maybe this long time MNJ poster Aloc Lynch will explain where they got the bad intel???


Aloc Lynch  Posted in ‎Mansfielders Perspective

16 hrs ·

the missing woman has been found, in mansfield, decapitated. why aren’t police saying anything?

Top of Form

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Ciara Holmes OMG

16 hrs · Like

Tammy Barker Warner omg that is awful!!

16 hrs · Like

Krystina Borror That Becky girl that has been missing?… awful!!!

16 hrs · Like

Tammy Barker Warner are you sure of this and how do you know

16 hrs · Like · 1

Jill Spayde Cline Where did you hear this????

15 hrs · Like · 2

Ashlie Lemaster Becky? Where did you hear this at?

15 hrs · Like · 1

Storm Dailey exactly.. please give us more information…

15 hrs · Like · 1

Jill Spayde Cline I sure hope you have facts…how awful would that be for her family to find out like this or to say an untrue rumor and scare them

15 hrs · Unlike · 3

Tammy Barker Warner quick to post it but sure slow to answer??hmm

15 hrs · Like · 2

Marlisa Gilbert ???

15 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline Madella Grumbling

15 hrs · Like

Marlisa Gilbert Crystal Crockford Elaina Lewis

15 hrs · Edited · Like

Steve Hopkins Sad

15 hrs · Like

Brandi Worner What are you talking about don’t you think her family say something

15 hrs · Like

Nita Brown Omg is this becky????

15 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline If this isn’t factual it could be inducing panic.

15 hrs · Like · 1

Marlisa Gilbert I tagged some of her family and as far as I know they do nlt have this info

15 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline Me too Marlisa Gilbert

15 hrs · Like

Ciara Holmes Lou Whitmire is this true?

15 hrs · Like

Tammy Barker Warner wow! If they don’t even know(her family) then this is a damn shame to post something this tragic on here.

15 hrs · Edited · Like · 3

Lou Whitmire Mansfield police said Not True

15 hrs · Like · 8

Nita Brown I certainly hope not i am near tears just thinking about it!

15 hrs · Like

Heather Tackett it a “perspective” to jump online and post false crap while tearing at the hearts of her family who briefly envisioned her lifeless body decapitated? Or is it just crap you do for fun? Don’t report crap you don’t know factual and don’t make stuff up either. Freaking sick! You probably would have enjoyed the horrified look on my mothers face too. You need deleted from this site.

15 hrs · Like · 5

Lou Whitmire Coroners office says no dead body of Leicy

15 hrs · Like · 2

Tammy Barker Warner I agree with Heather Tackett

15 hrs · Like

Storm Dailey thanks for the truth people..  *notifications off

15 hrs · Like · 1

Marlisa Gilbert After posting something like this maybe they need to investigate him on her where abouts

15 hrs · Like · 4

David Williams total dikwad to post that crap

15 hrs · Like

Nita Brown Thank you Lou Whitmire

15 hrs · Like · 2

Nita Brown And i totally agree with Heather Tackett, i have known her for years and just the brief moment of envisioning that made my heart drop and brought tears to my eyes.. Maybe he SHOULD be investigated since he obviously knows something even the police don’t.. And inducing panic IS a crime is it not?????

15 hrs · Like · 4

Candy Turner Aloc Lynch why are you not 1) supporting your statement or 2) apologizing for your statement. What’s it going to be? Your man enough to put it out there but too cowardly to respond to questions. I do not know this young lady but I say a prayer for her everyday and wake up every morning and look for updates. Come out come out from wherever you went and please do tell us how smart you are. Idiot. SMDH

15 hrs · Like · 5

Byron E Yambrisak The account of Aloc Lynch appears to be a fake account to me.

15 hrs · Like · 2

Randy Shepherd Decapitated? Sounds like Muslim extremists in Mansfield! Once again where is our armory?

15 hrs · Like

Nita Brown Someone with a very sick and twisted mind! What would even possess someone to even consider saying something so heartless and terrible knowing her family and friends have been worrying themselves sick over her missing! Ignorance!

15 hrs · Like · 1

Jill Spayde Cline Heather Tackett…so sorry for this assholes horrid post. I was unaware you were family  I was an acquaintance many years ago with Becky. I hope and pray she is found safe and soon.

15 hrs · Like · 1

Randy Shepherd Can you say for certain I am wrong. How heartless are you if I am correct?

14 hrs · Like

Candy Turner ^^^ I don’t believe she was referring to you.

14 hrs · Like

Nita Brown I was referring to aloc lynch with this sick post that has caused much emotional distress

14 hrs · Like

Randy Shepherd Ok sorry. So you think someone with last name lynch is a fraud. I know Charles lynch is a fraud and suspected the nut does not fall far from the tree.

14 hrs · Like

Candy Turner I fear that LEA are not putting much effort into investigating or finding this young lady. That in and of itself scares me.

14 hrs · Like

Nita Brown Could be… Whoever he/she REALLY is obviously needs either serious psychiatric help or Jesus in their life.. Probably both!

14 hrs · Like · 1

Randy Shepherd Better than good chance they know, no need to search out what you don’t want found.

14 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline I agree Candy Turner….I feel that because she has a criminal history…and they keep saying drug history and alleged prostitution suspicions they are slacking. But…had this been a Lexington soccer mom they would leave no stone unturned. Her history is irrelevant…she is someones child!!! I am starting to entertain the posts regarding association of a corrupt officer and her disappearance. It SURELY wouldn’t be the first time.

14 hrs · Like · 1

Nita Brown Candy Turner i agree, i feel that much more could be done to help locate her and i understand they can only go on “tips” which they may not have many but i feel that more effort would bring results faster.. Its scary to think that just because she has a criminal background she is put on the back burner…

14 hrs · Like · 1

Jill Spayde Cline ^^^^second that Nita Brown….it’s disgusting. I don’t care if she has a past…WE ALL DO!!! I feel for the family. I hope they post up at the sheriffs office and ride their asses all day long. Shameful!!

14 hrs · Like

Byron E Yambrisak Local Law Enforcement especially the Sheriffs Office picks and chooses who they investigate and arrest and who they don’t. The other Law Enoforcement agencies then follow suit. Here is an example. Here is a recent email exchange with Perry Wheeler notice the dates on the emails they are in reverse order. Wheeler claims Gillisa Morgan has never been reported despite the fact Dino Sgambelone was emailed 3 years prior to our email!!

LT Dino Jun 25, 2010
Sgambellone, LT Dino Jul 9, 2010meToSgambellone, LT DinoJul 9, 2010
She testified in open court she has been a prostitute 3 specific times during the Civil Protection Order Hearing here in Mansfield. She also bragged she has been a prostitute and yes she did say prostitute for the last 16 years a year ago in open court testimony. I have her adds from backpage going back a year and I also have adds she has placed a few years back for Mansfield. She uses her house on Lexington Avenue for “tricks” the owner of Docs Deli on Glessner was one of them. Sharron Wesselman of the Law Directors Office is aware and in fact in a court motion she wrote “it is certain the mothers prostitution will be brought up.” Sharon Wesselman also told my attorney that Gillisa Morgan was upset she was being bothered with calls while at “work” at hotel rooms from the Law Director where she was prostituting herself in Cincinnati at the time. Pat Smith 724 of the Richland County Sheriffs Office discussed the specifics of how she places the add how she takes the phone calls ect ect this is in two of her written reports, Gillisa and Smith discussed this in explicit detail I was told by my attorney, one report was 30 pages long and discussed her whole life history. I know for a fact she uses this ploy of whooa is me and I have been so abused in my life thats why I am a whore to garner sympathy and then use people, which often involves sex, I believe this is what she did with Pat Smith a Lesbian Deputy. Obviously Pat Smith did not discuss these things to arrest her for her illegal conduct so it is safe to assume it was for Pat Smith’s own “interest” Ms Morgan has bragged on multiple occasions of having Law Enforcement officers as clients and warned me on more than one occassion if I interfered with her prostitution business she would call on them for a “favor” to protect her business. Jamie Caton a Mansfield women who was her daughters cousins friend was recruited by Ms Morgan to be a prostitute. She took her daughters cousin and her friend in to help them. Her help consisted of placing adds on the internet and buying Jamie a cell phone and showing her see how easy it is to make money like this. It was also testified at the CPO hearing that Ms Morgan ran “escort agencies” in Columbus and that this was common knowledge. James Weekley a mailman in Columbus is her cocaine connection. Mr Weekley is a mailman and had drugs sent to vacant houses on his mail route which he would later go back and retrieve. Jennifer Bobo/Flynn of Columbus who works as Sydney Sweet is one of the girls she runs now or at least as of a year 1/2 ago she did. As December 08 I personally witnessed Morgan placing adds on backpage for Jennifer. Gillisa told me she would pay for hotel rooms for Jeninifer as well. Gillisa would also sell her cocaine. Between doing these three things Gillisa would “make” a good chunk of Jennifer’s trick money. She does not place adds directly up in Richland County or Mansfield as of recently, she will place them in Cleveland Akron and Columbus and say things like the “surrounding areas” and “througout North Central Ohio” She has and does work Mansfield although I assume in an agreement with the Law Director and RCSO she doesn’t use Mansfield directly so they can say well thats in Cleveland and Cincinnati has nothing to do with Mansfield to quote Ms Morgan’s adds “wink wink” so its not our problem There are a few details you can verify for yourself for starters. By the way do you know anything about the MURDER of my friend John Graham that happened last April? To say I am upset about this and it being called a “suicide” is a gross understatement! Byron Byron E Yambrisak
From: “Sgambellone, LT Dino” <>
To: Byron Yambrisak <>
Sent: Fri, July 9, 2010 8:07:38 AM
Subject: RE: METRICH Info Form Submission

I’m not sure I’m following you. Are you saying she makes appointments in Mansfield ? If so, do you know any specifics?
Lt. D. Sgambellone
From: Nobody []
On Behalf Of Byron Yambrisak
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 10:57 PM

To: Sgambellone, LT Dino
Subject: METRICH Info Form Submission Name: Byron Yambrisak
Phone Number: 419 565 2622
E-Mail Address: yambrisakbyron@yahoo.comTip/Info/Question:

Gillisa Morgan’s open advertisement for prostitution. She makes appointments with \”clients\” and places the advertisement below while in Mansfield where she is protected by RCSO and Law Director. Both the Law Directors Office and the Richland County Sheriffs Office have full knowledge she has participated in prositution for the last 17 years as she is doing now. I would call this De Facto Legalization myself! ENJOY YOUR WHORE!…/all-natural…/5067676
The information contained in or attached to this message is confidential. It is intended only to be read by the individual or entity named above or their designee. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are on notice that any distribution of this message, in any form, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please immediately notify the sender and delete or destroy any copy of this message.

City of Mansfield, Ohio

From: “Wheeler, Perry” <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 9:25 AM
Subject: Prostitution

Dear Mr. Yambrisak, The Mansfield Police Department and the METRICH Enforcement Unit take all complaints of this nature very seriously and it is our mission to make the City of Mansfield a safer place to live and work. Unfortunately this is the very first complaint that we have received on this person. It would benefit our Detectives if you were able to provide as much information that you may know about this female so that we may begin the investigation and hope to resolve your concerns in a timely manner. Sincerely, Detective WheelerMETRICH UNIT


Cincinnati – escorts –

Cincinnati escorts, female models, independent escorts and adult services with photos. Post ads with pics.


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Byron E Yambrisak The Sheriffs Office spent hundreds of man hours investigating this prostitutes claims that people who claim to be members of organized crime, who she just happens to have known for years and sleeps with, were being hired to kill her. So the fact that Rebekah has a past should make no difference, at least her story is believable. Gillisa Morgan’s most recent prostitution advertisement.…/voluptuous…/21357251


Voluptuous Busty Beauty ~*~ Sexy Video ~*~ GET IT Before the SNOW!!!!!!! -…


14 hrs · Edited · Like · 2 · Remove Preview

Jill Spayde Cline Aloc Lynch…perhaps you need to wake up…you aren’t even smart enough to reply your comment on your initial post…rather posting on an unrelated post.

14 hrs · Like

Danielle Beaire Fu#k you aloc lynch for this Bull shit!!! U ain’t no kind of man in fact u nothin but a little boy w a hard on for drama!! I bet you go to bed and rest peacefully at night and have wet dreams about this shit while her family lays awake at night worrying sick about her u piece of shit!!! If u know so much about her who’s to day your not involved w her disappearance. Now there’s something to think about. Hmmmm????

13 hrs · Edited · Like · 1

Melissa Ramaley Rumors false; police still looking for Rebekah Leicy:



Rumors false; police still looking for Rebekah Leicy

Investigators dealing with rumors on social media…


13 hrs · Like · Remove Preview

Jackie Mcglone Shrader I was just gonna post that!!

13 hrs · Like

Candy Turner I guess I’ve been looking for someone to provide answers. If she was heard talking on the phone and saying they’re here I gotta go and they know she had borrowed that phone then why haven’t they been able to track that call. Why haven’t they been able to determine who she was talking to and if that person knows who she was referring to when she supposedly said “they’re here”. I haven’t heard these questions asked or answered. I just feel like there’s more that should be done. More publicity…… More Where Is Becky?

13 hrs · Like

Jackie Mcglone Shrader I know her family and they are still searching for her too!

13 hrs · Like · 2

Randy Shepherd Please watch the profanity. We can all use it to show our ignorance. Exhibit and lead by example. K

13 hrs · Like · 1

Randy Shepherd To track a phone call legally takes time and a search warrant. Ha just can’t constantly eavesdrop on private calls regardless of what is being said. Sorry but privacy is privacy.

13 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline Randy Shepherd if a curse word offends you…perhaps you should not be on Mansfielders Perpective. Cursing doesn’t always show ignorance. I am highly educated and cuss. Slightly disturbing that you are more concerned with a cuss word than false claims from some jackass…oopsie I cussed…guess that means I am ignorant too…grow up. Perhaps people are cussing out of ANGER….MAYBE it is their missing family member or friend. Maybe if it was your daughter you would be angry and cussing too.

13 hrs · Like · 1

Candy Turner I’m sure the gentleman who phone was never returned would agree to waive his right to privacy.

13 hrs · Like

Candy Turner If It were my phone I would have already printed it out and handed it over personally.

13 hrs · Like · 1

Phil Sydnor Sorry I missed this. This Aloc character has been around since the phony names used on the MNJ before they went to Facebook to keep it real. We can thank Facebook for now allowing FAKE accounts, this one caught my attention and had me curious. Could be one of our friend Drew Tyler’s many aliases like he/she claimed I had. Hmmm?, all this in front of our LEO friends who do nothing? Interesting now that the shits about to hit the fan for our so called Sheriff.

13 hrs · Like · 3

Jill Spayde Cline Randy Shepherd the statement you made is true…since you know so much then you should surely know it doesn’t take weeks to do some of these things. You act like we are stupid. They can do a hell of a lot more than what’s being done…more media coverage AT THE VERY LEAST!

13 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline Phil Sydnor I like you more with each post lol.

13 hrs · Unlike · 1

Heather Tackett Last two articles stated “if she were here we would have found her by now”.. to me that says “we are done looking”. They checked some buildings on wood st. And her boyfriend says she went out for tobacco and never came back. He didn’t call police. .why? Probably because of the active warrant they had on him.. but he also never contacted family asking if they’d seen her. Why? Because perhaps he already knew the answer. So what does he know and why isn’t he sharing it. My guess is he knows enough to be afraid to share it. These are my opinions only. But they make a lot of sense to me.

13 hrs · Like · 2

Randy Shepherd Maybe, could have been a lot of illegal things exposed by that one phone?

13 hrs · Like

Randy Shepherd Is this “shit” the same as the lawyers do not do where they eat??

13 hrs · Like

Randy Shepherd All are plausible, nothing to refute your opinion perspective or input.

13 hrs · Like

Danielle Beaire Randy Shepherd I apologize if I offended you by curseing but the prob I have is your more worried about what I have to say than what nasty ASS rumor he posted. You know nothing about me so plz don’t act as if I’m ignorant just because of the words I chose to use. Maybe you should be more concerned w your own problems than other people’s problems.especially if you don’t like what’s being said. I’m not trying to come across as a BITCH but it does PISS me off when someone posts nasty rumors about a sensitive situation out of boredom or lack of intelligence and empathy. Prayers to you Becky Leicy and plz come home safe!!!

12 hrs · Like · 1

Phil Sydnor I still believe she is being kept safe for the Garn case. The Vet told me he saw her with him and he has asked where she is. Lets hope anyways that she is safe and helping us get one of the crooked blue off the streets.

11 hrs · Like · 2

Heather Tackett Honestly. .I don’t believe that for a minute. She wouldn’t allow them to “keep her safe” she’d bolt first chance she got. She’s never been to fond of staying still.

11 hrs · Like

Jill Spayde Cline I agree Heather Tackett…but if she was held against her will who knows.

11 hrs · Like

Phil Sydnor Maybe if she gets her drugs she will? As we see from the CAC post looks like someone there is looking out? Needles being left under the sink at this place, that’s really strange.

11 hrs · Like

Heather Tackett Well Phil.. love her as I do.. that would be the only way they could keep her.. supply and tie. But if it were so ..they’d never tell her boyfriend. Which takes me back to why he never asked about her where abouts when she went missing?

11 hrs · Like · 2

Phil Sydnor This be the 2nd fella to not question the whereabouts of their woman, the first one didn’t turn out well. Hope this is different for sure thanks for your insight Heather Tackett.

11 hrs · Like

Randy Shepherd Certainly we hope she is safe.

21 mins · Like

Randy Shepherd When you are captive bolting is not necessarily an option. AS I have read this is a frail young woman (100lbs) wiht no less than four large men, who have acess to all types of restaints drugs ropes and safe house. Bolting may not be an option and it is a very cold winter.

18 mins · Like

Randy Shepherd Notto change the subject but none of the mayer questioned or reasoned why james committed suicide?? Was there any motive for a carreer politician to just say its over? Ed Olson did not question he simply inserted Bambi Couch effective befrore Jameswas dead. Once again the laws are such that the office of the prosecutor is deemed vacant after 90 consecutive days of absence. Not the day before suicide. Nothing I have found in the revised code provides for the commissioner to appoint and insert Bambi Couch.

13 mins · Like








Rumors false; police still looking for Rebekah Leicy

 Lou Whitmire, lwhitmir@mansfieldnewsjournal.com4:50 p.m. EST February 23, 2015

(Photo: Photo courtesy of Mansfield Police Department)


MANSFIELD – Mansfield police are still looking for Rebekah Leicy, 31, who was reported missing Feb. 6.

Twice, once Monday and once last week, false information was posted on Facebook that claimed police had found the woman’s body, alarming family and friends. The News Journal contacted law enforcement and the Richland County Coroner’s Office both times to learn the information being spread was false.

There is no such situation, officials said.

A 73-year-old man told police he believes the woman is missing. He had not talked to her in 10 days, he told police Feb. 6. He said this is unusual because he usually speaks to her every day. Police completed a missing person poster.

Roger Davey, who lives on Third Street, said he reported Leicy missing.

Rebekah Leicy still missing

“No one else would,” he said earlier. “Nobody else, I don’t know why they didn’t come forward. They were all afraid. They didn’t think they could.”

According to Richland County and Mansfield Municipal court records, Leicy has a criminal history, including drug abuse.

Leicy was entered into the law enforcement computer system as a missing person, according to the police report.

Mansfield police Lt. Rob Skropits said police have sent a missing persons report to Cleveland and Detroit.

Skropits said police searched some houses recently on Third Street, but have not had any tips or heard anything in awhile.

“If she was still here, we would have found her by now,” Skropits said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Mansfield police Detective Bill Bushong at 419-755-9432.


Twitter: @LWhitmir


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No Justice for Brian Garber and silence about the case is realization of a cover up?


This is not so much surely about reasoning for why Brian Garber was shot as much as covering up one certain Deputy that has a HISTORY of violence and abuse of power. Surely IF there is something to hide its the records our fair Sheriff said the copy machine knew should be left out? 

Drew Tyler, IF you are still watching…Now that’s ROTFLMAO! – AGAIN and AGAIN!!!!


Prosecutors Detailed answers not likely in Garber shooting

 Kaitlin Durbin, kdurbin@nncogannett.com7:45 p.m. EST February 17, 2015


MANSFIELD – The investigation into the deputy-involved shooting of Lexington resident Brian Garber left many lingering questions, but the hard reality is, answers aren’t likely to come, according to the two prosecutors who presented the case to the grand jury.

The law simply doesn’t support full disclosure, Cuyahoga County Assistant Prosecutors Matthew Meyer and James Gutierrez said during a meeting in front of Richland County Common Pleas Judge James DeWeese on Tuesday.

“Not to the degree (the public) wants answered,” Meyer said. “The law is not prepared to allow for it.”

Questions linger even for prosecutors, they said.

“We have the same questions in our mind,” Gutierrez said. “We didn’t get all the answers we would have liked to have gotten.”

The News Journal requested the meeting after filing several records requests for grand jury testimony to be released.

Early in the meeting, Meyer and Gutierrez stressed the prosecutor office’s sole responsibility is to investigate criminal behavior, not to critique job performance. By law, they’re not able to scrutinize policy or tactics the way a law enforcement expert did in a December News Journal story.

For example, 20-year law enforcement analyst Tim Dimoff criticized deputies for rushing into the room of a self-proclaimed armed man and placing themselves at more risk than necessary.

But Meyer and Gutierrez said their objective is to examine only whether deputies were justified in firing their weapons based on a perceived threat of harm to themselves or other officers — a high standard, they said — and present the evidence to grand jury.

“The law provides a clear standard to analyze police officers’ use of deadly force ( … ‘a reasonable officer on the scene, standing in the officer’s shoes, perceiving what he perceived and acting within the limits of his knowledge or information as it then existed’),” the office wrote in its November report.

This does not mean they agree with the deputies’ decisions, they said.

“We’re not saying it’s good police work,” Meyer said. “We’re not saying they did everything right, but under the legal standard, we don’t have enough to charge them criminally.”

Gutierrez added: “In our view this is a tragedy that shouldn’t have occurred.”

Meyers said they, too, noticed some “gaps” in the statements sheriff’s Sgt. James Nicholson and Deputies Jeff Frazier and Andrew Knee provided, but he could not elaborate on whether some of those holes were filled as a part of the grand jury questioning. He also couldn’t comment on who agreed to testify in front of the grand jury.

Officers also do not have to divulge whether they testified or what they said, Meyer said.

“We can’t force anyone to cooperate with the government. Everyone has the right to invoke their Fifth Amendment,” Meyer said. “Officers want to be treated like everyone else would be treated when they’re accused of a crime.”

Ultimately, it is the grand jury’s responsibility to consider the evidence and determine whether or not deputy actions warranted criminal charges. In the case of Garber, the panel of local citizens determined deputies acted reasonably under the circumstances.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors announced the no-bill Nov. 21.

Gutierrez said the grand jury was “very engaged.” It was a difficult and emotional case for all involved, he said.

“They asked a lot of questions, and I think they did their job,” Gutierrez said.

“Evidence firmly demonstrates that these deputies had an objectively reasonable belief, based on facts known to them at that time, that Brian Garber had a gun and was an imminent threat to the lives of each deputy,” the prosecutor’s report said.

It’s not unusual Cuyahoga prosecutors would deny the News Journal’s request to reveal grand jury information. Historically, all grand jury proceedings are secret.

Not only is secrecy laid out in the Bill of Rights, as a way to protect people from each other and from the government, but several legal cases have reinforced the constitutional pillars.

The handful of national cases where grand jury materials were released — in Ferguson, Missouri, for example — are the exception to the rule, but those states also have less stringent laws than Ohio, prosecutors explained.

As outlined in Ohio Criminal Rule 6(E), there are only three exceptions for violating the gag order and releasing grand jury information: 1. If requested by the prosecuting attorney for use in the performance of his duties; 2. In connection with a judicial proceeding; 3. Upon the defendant’s showing that grounds may exist for a motion to dismiss the indictment because of matters occurring before the grand jury.

None of those exceptions applied to the News Journal’s request.

Additionally, in Ferguson, Prosecutor Robert McCulloch notified grand jurors and witnesses ahead of time that proceedings would be partially released to the public. During the Garber review, prosecutors said they promised witnesses and jurors their participation would remain secret.

Prosecutors said Tuesday they weren’t willing to violate that promise.

“I can’t justify not following Ohio law in this case,” Meyer said.


Twitter: @njKaitlinDurbin


On occasion, secret grand jury records have been released to the public in high-profile cases. Authorities have made it clear that will not happen in the Brian Garber case.



Facebook comments

John Ritchey If they have nothing to hide, there is no reason not to share the info with the public.

Like · Reply · 12 · 10 hrs

Jason Walters Why not,

Like · Reply · 1 · 10 hrs

Daniel Litt That’s what cops say when you ask why to THEIR questions.

Like · 38 mins


Patricia Weaver Rotten to the core!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 9 hrs

Jessica Adkins They have everything to hide…

Gee, no wonder no one was charged! They knew the protocol was wrong… they knew everything was WRONG! Even with not allowing that part to be judged, I bet those “jurors” knew in their hearts they were letting a murderer go.

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 hrs

Angel Dawn Arter “Rotten to the Core 3″ coming soon.

Like · Reply · 1 · 8 hrs

Annette Roberts I thought it was always “public record” and anyone had the right to see this. But, doesn’t apply to this young mans case? Hmmm

Like · Reply · 1 · 7 hrs

Brittany Montey They’re L-Y-I-N-G….gosh imagine that! If they weren’t trying to hide evidence then it wouldn’t be a problem! #justiceforbrian

Like · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs

Brenda Plueddemann Laser This whole case doesn’t add up!

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs

Daniel Litt Think about this. Recently the community was divided over the legality of DUI checkpoints. Many people said if you got nothing to hide then why worry. Well, I think that applies to this as well.

Like · Reply · 1 · 58 mins

Phil Sydnor That’s ok, all we need to know is here! -://…


Brian Garber – Mansfielders Perspective


Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 22 mins

Pam Williams After reading these comments…maybe someone should contact Martin Yant?

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 mins

Phil Sydnor Martin Yant knows and more than likely behind the cover up. He assisted Connie to no avail. Just so you know, rotten to the core lives!

Like · Reply · Just now


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Prosecutors office calls for executive session, yet still no answers why?


Come on Richland County! Are you NOT the least bit curious to why or even how our Prosecutor called “Executive Session” to a meeting in which it was not his or ours to call to order, let alone doing it publicly in the local paper just days before he kills himself by what was called suicide by hereditary? Something FISHY about this and once again the public says uh-huh???

A quick search on this blog site netted these results, yet we still have no answers. WHY? – Primarily because of what their spokesman from the MNJ called protected information by sunshine law, say what? The public SHOULD demand answers to how the Prosecutors office calls executive order for a meeting in which it is NOT their duty to call, let alone not show up to. Keep in mind James Mayer didn’t kill himself until days later in which NOBODY cares or is the least bit curious about?

Read these blogs to catch up, comment below if you’re curious or have answers. Surely the people need to assemble to get answers?

Executive Session search results

Richland County, Ohio ; Executive Session, yet those not elected attend?


Executive Session put on agenda by Prosecutors Office, yet we still don’t know the question and the people say…uh-huh????


The meeting everyone missed, or at least was left off the minutes?

Here’s the minutes, anything left out from the video?

October 16, 2014
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MPD officer Garn indicted on 40 Counts, see what they are saying here!



Saying…anything from a mistake, setup, bigger fish, the rest of us who know better say…Business as usual – MUST READ COMMENTS. I’m just curious what the infamous Drew Tyler THEY won’t expose has to say? He/She says PROVE IT – ROTFLMAO?

I have been saying for YEARS NOW, THEY find Drew Tyler they find the MASTERMIND behind all the Corruption here, but hey! – the people of Mansfield are ok with this crap, right?


Mansfield police officer indicted on 40 counts

Surely THEY will say this is a smear campaign by the MNJ, so what about Fox8 Cleveland?

Surely THEY will say this is a smear campaign by the MNJ, so what about Fox8 Cleveland?

Mark Caudill 5:32 p.m. EST February 12, 2015

MANSFIELD – Twenty-five of the 40 charges against Mansfield police Officer Mike Garn are felonies.

The most serious is burglary, a second-degree felony. Garn, 41, was indicted on charges of unauthorized use of the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway database (17 counts), dereliction of duty (14 counts), burglary, trespass into a habitation, attempted gross sexual imposition, attempted sexual battery, menacing by stalking, tampering with evidence (two counts), sexual battery and public indecency. The most serious was burglary? What about tampering evidence, covering up a drug dealer or user and keeping the drugs – what did he do with this? Then there’s the sex crime, Burglary is the most serious, are YOU serious Mark? Appears FOX8 Cleveland reporters have you beat on this one! – Fox8 Story!!!!!

Fox8 Video – very different telling of the story?

The indictment was unsealed Thursday.

Garn surrendered to authorities around noon Thursday. He has been on paid administrative leave since Nov. 26.

“The city administration and the prosecutor’s office will work it out as to what direction we go from here,” city police Chief Ken Coontz said. “Obviously, the outcome of the indictments will determine what happens.”

Richland County Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page said there were a number of complaints against Garn.

“They (police) conducted an investigation and brought the charges to our office for review,” she said.

Coontz said there were allegations of police misconduct.

“As the detectives started investigating, the case mushroomed into multiple areas, which eventually resulted in a 40-count indictment,” the chief said.

Coontz said the initial complaint dealt with a conversation that implied evidence could be destroyed in exchange for a sexual favor.

Seventeen of the counts dealt with the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway, an electronic information network used by law enforcement. Those charges are fifth-degree felonies.

The 14 counts of dereliction of duty are second-degree misdemeanors. The first of those counts alleges Garn “did negligently fail to prevent or halt the commission of an offense or to apprehend the offender.”

The other 13 counts of dereliction allege Garn “did recklessly fail to perform a duty expressly imposed by law with respect to the public servant’s office or recklessly do any act expressly forbidden by law.”

Coontz said Garn’s fellow officers took the allegations seriously.

“The investigation came about from information that was relayed to officers who then alerted police administration,” Coontz said. “We’re very proud that our department is ethical and has integrity.”

Police detectives investigated Garn.

“As embarrassing as this is, we’re very proud that we have high standards here,” Coontz said. “We won’t tolerate police misconduct. Neither will fellow officers.”

Garn was hired in 2008.

Prior to coming to the Mansfield Police Department, Garn had been a patrol officer with the Ashland Police Department since 2003. Before that, he was a deputy with the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office.

mcaudill@gannett. com


Twitter: @MNJCaudill


What are they saying about this?

MNJ website

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Clydesdale Del · Top Commenter

Good work, guys. You have not forgotten Charlie’s bad example.

Reply ·

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Top of Form

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Nathan Miller · Doggystyle lol! at Master of Ceremonies

Can”t wait till he just gets probation as his sentence

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Top of Form

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Top of Form

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Brent Busch · Top Commenter · Works at Low Voltage Technician

Corrupt piggy.

Reply ·

Top of Form

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Top of Form

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Kim N Randy Modde · Enderby, British Columbia

What a dirt bag

Reply ·

Top of Form

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Top of Form

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Jhan Smith · Buckeye Central High School

Why are they paying him. Mansfields finest rotten to the core

Reply ·

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


MNJ facebook

Marjorie Cunningham Wow

Like · Reply · 17 hrs

Stephanie Dudley Brockway *

Like · Reply · 17 hrs

Sam Hout Becca Knipp

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 hrs

Wendy Hinkle Erica Yenni

Like · Reply · 17 hrs

Ruthy Brown Ricky Brown

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Laura Rickert Smh

Like · Reply · 17 hrs

Kiana Smith I bet he won’t do a day.. Justice system will fail us again

Like · Reply · 8 · 17 hrs

Kyle ShaBam Good. We Need good cops here

Like · Reply · 17 hrs

Bethany Cetinich Ashley Miller

Like · Reply · 1 · 17 hrs

Ashley Miller I know I seen this!!!!! Wow smh lol

Like · 1 · 13 hrs


Jennifer Tackett Believe me, I’ve been witness to his actions. He likes to throw around racial slurs for sure! Hopefully he gets what is deserved. Now go after all the other crooks.

Unlike · Reply · 10 · 17 hrs

Aaron Bryant Mike was always good to me. ALWAYS!!!! People make mistakes!!!!

Like · Reply · 8 · 17 hrs

Janel Givens Aberts Lol, 40 mistakes…??

Unlike · 15 · 16 hrs

Melissa Clark Greenwald ^^^^rite!!!! SMH??!! And this is why we have”crooks” being cops….”mistakes”….all 40

Like · 3 · 16 hrs

Aaron Bryant Your entitled to your own opinion as well.

Like · 12 hrs

Aaron Bryant Again, I was simply stating my personal opinion and experiences. I was not trying to justify Mikes actions whatsoever. Guilty or not. People get caught up and bury themselves. You don’t know his struggle. You’d feel different if he was a friend or family. Even if there WAS proof he is guilty.

Like · 2 · 12 hrs

Phil Sydnor No, they actually ALWAYS say cops are only human. Drew Tyler their mastermind always says prove it and ROTFLMAO yet LEO’s can care less who Drew is?

Like · 4 mins


Bekah Spotts So sorry for him and his family he may not have been perfect but is a good guy try to remember this guy has a kid and you dont know if he really did something wrong or if its just another example of big fish eats little fish

Like · Reply · 10 · 17 hrs

James Salts You should not fell sorry for a scumbag like him

Like · 17 hrs

Michael Anthony And you should learn how to spell James

Like · 3 · 17 hrs

Phil Sydnor Yes, potential fall guy. The good news?, unlike our Prosecutor he didn’t shoot himself.

Like · 2 · 16 hrs

Janel Givens Aberts I think them indicting one of their own kinda proves he did something..come on now…

Like · 6 · 16 hrs

Bekah Spotts I know for a fact hes not a perfect cop he let the power get to his head some times but over all hes a good person and I think that theres more to this then meets the eye

Like · 2 · 16 hrs

Samuel Luce Im sure hell get rehired like they always do

Like · 16 hrs

Janel Givens Aberts Yeah, that’s what’s sad is it all goes to their head and get on that power trip and forget where they came from..this may just be his karma..

Like · 16 hrs

Melissa Clark Greenwald HE should’ve remembered he had a kid!!! Smh

Like · 4 · 16 hrs

Christy Hatfield Keener Leave his child out of it! What’s wrong with you!

Like · 1 · 9 hrs

Bekah Spotts Me??

Like · 9 hrs


Wolfgang Ingalls Nebelwerfer I’m gonna try to act surprised here.

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“Three bank robbery suspects arrested”, Mayor gives no praises to the citizens who helped? Go figure!!!!


Three bank robbery suspects arrested


MANSFIELD – City police Chief Ken Coontz sympathizes with victims of bank robberies.

Caleb Lambert, 21; Kyle Tesca, 20; and Kollin Tesca, 19, have each been charged with one count of aggravated robbery.

Mansfield police announced the arrests at a press conference Monday morning. Police believe the suspects are responsible for a Dec. 15 robbery at Richland Bank and a Jan. 15 robbery at Chase Bank on Lexington Avenue.

Kollin Tesca was arrested Thursday night locally, while Lambert and Kyle Tesca were arrested Friday in Miami Beach, Florida.

“I’m glad to put an end to this crime spree,” Richland Bank president John Brown said. “They had shown a willingness to do it again.”

Police declined to release details, but said more charges could be forthcoming.

“This is a momentous occasion,” Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker said. “I want to commend all the law enforcement agencies that were involved in the apprehension of violent criminals that come to Mansfield.”

Theaker had a message for such people.

“We will find you,” the mayor said. “We will track you down.”

I hate to point this our Mayor Theaker, but the above highlighted comment by Mansfields Chief of Police depicts you are spinning this again!!!! 

Yes, we can thank the FBI, U.S.Marshalls office and MOST IMPORTANTLY the Citizens who called in the tips saying they too have had enough.

***The funniest part of your ridiculous comment is ” in the apprehension of criminals who come here” – had me rolling on the floor. Most of our criminals COME FROM MANSFIELD, as you see like many other Mansfielders they only robbed to get out of here! Funny part is THEY CAN’T HIDE IN FLORIDA!!!! Surely if they would have stayed here you would still be looking for them?


Now lets see what the 10 commandments, Pill Popping Judge, and the NEWEST edition Judge who’s signed legal sham process documents will do to assure they are locked away for a long, long time? – NO DEALS PLEASE!!!!

Police credited tips from residents for helping crack the case, which came together late last week with the arrest of Kollin Tesca.

Coontz said tips led to four search warrants, at 116 Brushwood, 161 N. Trimble Road, 1280 S. Main St. and on station.

The search warrants led to three arrest warrants and the apprehension of the suspects. Coontz appreciated the arrests of Lambert and Kyle Tesca in south Florida.

“They were enjoying a vacation on Miami Beach,” the chief said. “I’m very happy that we were able to disrupt that vacation.”

That’s where the other agencies came in. Mansfield police received help from the FBI and the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Fugitive Task Force.

“It’s never just one agency when you have something that’s this large-scale,” Coontz said.

Police Lt. Rob Skropits credited Sgt. Ken Carroll and FBI special agent Brian Yingling for their work on the case. Skropits also praised the task force.

“You can call them at 2 in the morning and ask them for help,” he said.

Skropits said the Florida fugitives were in custody less than 24 hours later.

In the Dec. 15 robbery at Richland Bank, 460 W. Cook Road, two masked men showed weapons shortly before 5 p.m.

“Everyone’s doing OK and very relieved to hear the news,” Brown said. “It kind of puts some closure on the event.”

The scenario was similar in the Jan. 15 robbery at Chase Bank, 1094 Lexington Ave. Two masked men entered the bank and demanded the tellers get on the ground.

“I don’t know what I would do under those circumstances,” said Brian FitzGibbon, interim assistant chief for the U.S. Marshals. “I wish them the best in their recovery.”

FitzGibbon referred to the suspects as “savages.”

“When you are in an elevated type of crime that includes violence, it gets your attention,” Coontz said. “Violent crime is something that you can’t tolerate as a community.

“The message today is that Mansfield is very precious to us. We will not tolerate this violence.”

Kollin Tesca is being held in Richland County Jail on a $250,000 cash bond. His brother and Lambert are in custody in Florida, awaiting extradition.

“They’re off the street and in jail,” Skropits said. “That’s where they need to be.”


Twitter: @MNJCaudill

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Keyboard know it all warriors are in for a shock with their slanderous comments. Wrongful death will be PROVEN in the death of Brian Garber.


Calling this a money grab not knowing what’s been covered up will be their downfall. If Ms.Knowlton was guilty of anything don’t you think they would have charged her by now? Appears some of these morons posting on the MNJ had better recant their CONspiracy theories of their own? Surely the VULTURES “Attorney’s” are watching the attack and hoping someone has made a copy.

Yep, done deal!!! – Gotcha – now, who’s ROTFLMAO?


Lawsuit alleges wrongful death in Garber shooting

Kaitlin Durbin, 8:32 p.m. EST January 30, 2015


MANSFIELD – A wrongful death lawsuit filed Friday in the officer-involved shooting of Brian Garber alleges sheriff’s deputies were untrained and unsupervised.

The 19-page lawsuit, filed by Garber’s wife, Sara Knowlton, names the county, Richland County Board of Commissioners, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Steve Sheldon and deputies Jeff Frazier, James Nicholson, Andrew Knee and Donald Zehner.

Following the chain of command, the lawsuit states the county’s officials were negligent in their duty to train officers in use of deadly force, to supervise them and to reprimand them when policies are not followed.

Negligence on all accounts led to Garber’s death March 16, 2014, the lawsuit alleges.

“It is the custom and practice of Richland County that supervisors do not supervise, coordinate or direct deputy/officer pursuits when they or their subordinates perceive some risk to one of their own,” the lawsuit said. “As a result, … deputies are granted unfettered discretion to pursue and subdue people they perceive as threats.

“This lack of communication, command, control, coordination and supervision makes foreseeable excessive and unreasonable use of deadly force by deputies.”

Upon requesting comments from the sheriff’s office, the News Journal was instructed to contact the office’s attorney, Dan Downey. Downey could not be reached for comment Friday evening.

Second review

Three of the deputies — Frazier, Nicholson and Knee — were directly involved in the shooting, according to a review by the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.



Garber case: Shooting ‘justified’


They were cleared of criminal charges by a grand jury in November, following an eight-month investigation.

But Friday’s civil rights lawsuit challenges their actions and the actions, or lack thereof, of Sheldon, commissioners and the county as a whole in preventing deaths like Garber’s.

Frazier, Nicholson and Knee “acted unreasonably, negligently, recklessly, wantonly, willfully, knowingly, intentionally, and with deliberate indifference to the safety and rights of Mr. Garber” when they, “without permission” entered his parents’ home and engaged him on his childhood bed.

Garber told deputies he had a gun and threatened to use it against them.

Previous News Journal articles have examined whether deputies followed established procedure when confronting Garber.

The lawsuit alludes to similar questions.



Garber shooting: Expert says deputies broke protocol


“In the seconds between when (deputies) entered the home, and when Mr. Garber was killed, no efforts were made to de-escalate the situation,” the lawsuit said. “(Deputies) had ample opportunity to safely initiate their encounter with Mr. Garber from a safe distance, but instead chose to immediately enter Mr. Garber’s room and engage him without regard for proper procedural protocol.”

The entire incident, from entering the home to the call for an ambulance, lasted 95 seconds.

Frazier fired his gun first, a fact supported by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office’s review, reportedly in reaction to Garber’s threatening movements. Those movements are contradictory to the statements of Knee and Nicholson.

Deputies “recklessly” fired on Garber, striking him 14 times, the lawsuit said. Garber experienced “pre-death agony and conscious pain and suffering” as a result.

“His body was riddled with bullet holes from his shoulders all the way down to the soles of his feet,” the lawsuit said.

Though Lt. Zehner was not directly involved in the shooting, the lawsuit alleges he was negligent in supervising trainee Knee. Specifically, he is accused of waiting in the stairwell while Knee confronted and shot Garber.

As sheriff, Sheldon is responsible for the actions of his deputies. And, by association as governing bodies, the commissioners and county are also responsible, according to the lawsuit.

All acted with “deliberate indifference” to their duties, the lawsuit said.


Brian Garber case: Deputies’ statements confusing


Hiring concerns

The county and Sheldon also were accused of hiring deputies who were not recommended, and for keeping on staff deputies who had been investigated for excessive use of force in the past.

The office was advised against hiring Frazier in 2001 following a psychological evaluation, which said he was at high risk for performance difficulty and termination. As a result, his probationary period was extended, but he was added to the payroll.

Since joining staff in 2001, he’s been placed on paid administrative leave four times, including one incident alleging excessive use of force. He was cleared to return to duty after each leave.

A psychologist assessment of Nicholson in 1998 determined he showed the same risks as Frazier, and recommended him for hire “conditionally and with reservations.”

No hiring restrictions were included for Knee or Zehner.

Knowlton filed the lawsuit to “secure fair compensation,” for herself and their two children, Hollie and Nicholas, and to encourage those involved “to refrain from the unnecessary use of deadly force against civilians in the future,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit requests a jury trial, which will determine the amount of compensatory and punitive damages owed the family, the lawsuit said. They’re also seeking prejudgment interest and attorney fees.


Twitter: @njKaitlinDurbin


Mansfield News Journal

Yesterday at 5:45pm ·

BREAKING: Sara Knowlton, widow of Brian Garber, has filed a wrongful death suit.



Lawsuit alleges wrongful death in Garber shooting

Brian Garber’s wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the sheriff’s office Friday.


Phil Sydnor

Like ·  · Share

Robin Fraley Caudill UNBELIEVABLE

Like · Reply · 12 · Yesterday at 5:49pm

Jean Arnold Wentz There was nothing wrongful

Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 5:57pm

Ashley Ashley He would have killed her… The police did what they needed to do.

Like · Reply · 10 · Yesterday at 6:00pm

Kimberly Johnson She sees $$$$$$$$$

Like · Reply · 10 · Yesterday at 6:07pm

Gabrielle Carr Wow unbelievable the police did what they needed to do!! The mother and Sara story contradicted their selves and each other SO much!!! Only one who keeps hurting themselves is the family to continue to keep bringing it up.

Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 6:10pm

Sadie VanDyne Of course she is. Why not get rich since she doesn’t have her husband to abuse and try to kill her anymore. Wow now that’s how you show your thanks for having your life saved.

Like · Reply · 10 · Yesterday at 6:12pm

Robin Fraley Caudill I would suggest everyone read the grand jury record. Interesting stuff. Especially the text messages.

Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 6:13pm

Gabrielle Carr I read the WHOLE thing and I always thought the cops were right but after reading that I def stood by there side no matter what!!!

Like · 6 · Yesterday at 6:16pm

Robin Fraley Caudill Those text messages!! Why has she not been prosecuted?

Like · 3 · Yesterday at 6:17pm

Kristy McKown Where do you find those at?

Like · 2 · Yesterday at 6:24pm

Robin Fraley Caudill I had someone email them to me. Let me check

Like · Yesterday at 6:25pm

Robin Fraley Caudill…/0B8m…/view…


BCI-Garber Report-redacted.pdf


Like · 2 · Yesterday at 6:26pm

Gabrielle Carr Agreed!!!!

Like · 1 · Yesterday at 6:31pm

Megan Raphael Sweet Wow!!

Like · Yesterday at 6:47pm

Jeannie Johnson Oh man!! I couldn’t open this link but I read a different one. Wow

Like · 1 · Yesterday at 6:48pm

Write a reply…


Gabrielle Carr I’m glad others think the same I thought I was the only one who believed that they were right for doing it! So the cops supposed to just assume something under a person shirt that looks like a gun isn’t a gun and risk THEIR lives!!! Nope no way I’m not risking my life if I get a frightening call from the mother and wife/gf with a possible gun then something under a shirt looks like a gun im NOT just going to stand there I will take action esp if he is not complying!!!!!!! Like many many many other cases if people listened and complied with the officer no one will get hurt!!! Ugh aggravates me

Like · Reply · 12 · Yesterday at 6:14pm

Robin Fraley Caudill Mike Monroe

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:16pm

Mike Monroe Real fine character here. She seemed excited to let her friend know that he had been shot. Drug deals through text messages. Admitting Food stamp fraud through text. She called his boss to ask for jlhis last check before one say was up!

Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 6:26pm

Robin Fraley Caudill She sent numerous text messages that night to her friends stating that the gun was for her. he had been hiding it in the house. Very “upset” wife!

Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 6:29pm

Mike Monroe…/0B8m…/view


BCI-Garber Report-redacted.pdf


Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 6:33pm

Mike Monroe Read for yourselves

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 6:34pm

Ashley Elizabeth Where can you find the txt messages at?

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 6:36pm

Carole Johnson that doesn’t surprise me.

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 6:37pm

Robin Fraley Caudill They are in the report.

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:38pm

Jennifer Wharton *

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:39pm

Megan Raphael Sweet I think this family needs counseling more than a wrongful death lawsuit.

Like · Reply · 14 · Yesterday at 6:48pm

April Bragg OK this women is apparently mental.. I would love to be on a jury for this one.. not that any attorney would allow a laughing person to sit on a jury.

Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 6:48pm

Teresa Bowman She the one or his mom and were scared for their lives. So r u kidding me. So its all about money$$$$$$$ RIGHT!

Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 6:50pm

Teresa Bowman Let me be on jury!

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 6:51pm

Robin Fraley Caudill I would love to be on the jury as well! There are children with her!! I hope Children’s Services gets involved

Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 6:54pm

Laura Lyall Mason From the reports it seems Children’s Services has been involved with them for years! Too bad they don’t do anything about it!

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Melody Ramey Amanda Harris wtf?

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:54pm

Mike Monroe And the food stamp fraud admittance is public record now so why has the state not reached out to her and her friend she was getting the card from and prosecuted. So tired of working my life away along with my wife and leaches on the system making out with tax payer dollars from these programs.

Like · Reply · 12 · Yesterday at 6:58pm

Laura Lyall Mason I noticed that too. She needs investigated!

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Jeannie Johnson Oh this was a stupid move

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 7:00pm

Rolana L. Smith Good luck.. from what I heard.. he beat the crap out of her and verbally abused her and his on mother. . People want to sue for everything anymore. She sees dollar signs. . . No amount a money is worth a human life.. period..

Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 7:17pm

Diane Day Thanks all she is doing costing tax payers money because we as tax payers pay for ever one lawyers money hungry all they are

Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 7:45pm

Nancy Griffith amen to that one!!

Like · Reply · Yesterday at 7:49pm

Mike Monroe She is already getting SS for the kids until they are 18, and I believe as long as she doesn’t marry she gets it as well until the kids are 18. Prolly sits at home and gets 2500-3500 just for waking up. Wow! More to buy her some Vicodin for her back pains…….

Like · Reply · 6 · 23 hrs · Edited

Mike Monroe If she is not getting SS then it’s only cause she is unaware, she was all about the money in her texts with him that day….

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 hrs · Edited

Megan Raphael Sweet Mike Monroe I get social security survivors benefits for my child.. It’s not ssi and it’s nowhere near $2500, even if I didn’t work full time. Please educate yourself

Unlike · Reply · 6 · 23 hours ago

Mike Monroe Each child will get it until 18 or graduating, she gets it for the duration of caring for the kids because they are married. I got survivors benefits for a child it was just under 800 for her alone. There’s also a value for free health care and probably some food assistance as well. Thanks for thinking I hadn’t educated myself, Megan.

Like · Reply · 5 · 23 hrs

Gabrielle Carr Agreed!!!! Dirty selling her foodstamps that was to help her!! Makes me SO ticked off when people do that and then get away with it!!! Not only that when people try to screw the system even more like she is doing now to get More money!!! Go get a freaking job!!!!

Like · 2 · 23 hrs · Edited

Freda Boyce I know she will get something for the kids till they are 18 as far as widow benefits they had to be married more then 5 yrs and I can’t get mine till age 60. Either way this lawsuit is crazy The father told them he was upstairs that is giving them permission to enter.They called and said he had a gun.

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Mike Monroe I’m not sure you are right. If you are married and are the primary caregiver I’m not sure you have the same stipulations??? Maybe your right.

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Erma Lawhorn She would only be getting SS if he had enough work time in..It didnt sound like he had held to many good jobs..

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Megan Raphael Sweet No, there is a maximum allowed amount that gets divided up among the surviving children. And it’s not living large. Check again.

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Laura Lyall Mason Like she needs any more money? She’s getting survivors benefits and probably has a few boyfriends still hanging around to help her out. She’s disgusting! It’s sad to think she is raising those kids.

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Becky Tridico Then she, nor her mil should have called the cops to save their scrawny necks. He could still be alive and abusing them and drugs and the system.

Like · Reply · 5 · 23 hrs

Gabrielle Carr I hope it all fails and doesn’t go her way one bit!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hrs

Freda Boyce Must be getting low on drug money to buy her pills.

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 hrs

Klara Kovacs King Yeah I’m surprised she waited this long but the public outrage at how everything played out just gave her that much more ammo… She called for help it all went wrong somehow she needs to take what she’s getting now and stfu! I’m pretty sure she will be shocked at how ppl feel! I dnt know anything about pills but at least she will have the extra money to bail herself out.,, hope it ALL goes wrong

Like · Reply · 1 · 22 hrs

Jeannie Johnson I was just about to say the same thing Klara Kovacs King,I bet she didn’t see this coming

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 hrs

Gabrielle Carr I feel like she figured the city would have her back but looks like they’re not and I thank the community for that!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 hrs

Klara Kovacs King Hope she reads this!!!’

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 hrs

Diane Schroer I believe the police acted rashly by immediately going into a room where there were no hostages and things had already de-escalated. I’ve heard there were no physical injuries to anyone of course except Brian. An expert has already said it was an unwise move on the part of the deputy. You’re supposed to let them have a chance to come out.

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Diane Schroer Some people probably don’t comply because when they do comply the police may start beating them anyways. I’ve seen plenty of police brutality on videos. I saw a video this week where police pulled out a gun and asked a guy to get down and as he’s getting down he told the police he was scared of them. Another man nearby had no weapon also and was too afraid to move and cried out over and over for God’s help. Of course more policeman pull up with guns drawn. What about the schizophrenic man beaten so you couldn’t even recognize him and he died. No charges whatsoever. I’m not anti police but I am anti police brutality. I’m seeing no checks and balances in the system. And sometimes if a perpetrator shows his hands the police shoot him anyways thinking he s going for a gun. The police seem to be turning into a swat team. Devoid of investigating even when there’s gobs of time .

Unlike · Reply · 2 · 20 hrs

Jeannie Johnson So did you read the BCI report Diane Schroer?

Like · Reply · 6 · 20 hrs

Robin Fraley Caudill There are pictures of the marks on the mother!

Like · Reply · 4 · 20 hrs

Jeannie Johnson I listened to whole thing on the scanner while it was happening. They pretty much left the cops no choice,other than what,as far they knew (from ppl actually there) they had to do.

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Kay Duncan A woman or man does not get survirors widow s s till there 60 yrs old and married at least 10 years the children recieves whatever amount depending on what that person earned that amount is devided between the kids till there 18 or graduate so get your facts right where did you come with 2500 to 3500 dollars a month

Like · Reply · 18 hrs

Robin Fraley Caudill Not true. I know several people in their 20’s that are getting death benefits

Like · 4 hrs

Kay Duncan I know people who are not they only getting it for the kids maybe they should get a lawyer to do something my mom died when i was young she was a RN nurse and my dad worked she was 4 months from qualifing my dad for benefies for us kids and we did NOT get food stamps medical or any other assistance only insurance at where he worked they sure have changed things everybody talking about the money i feel bad for the kids the guy that died and the police dealing with what happened it s sad

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Robin Fraley Caudill Get your facts straight. He said probably 2500-3500.

Like · Reply · 12 hrs

April Bragg I wonder after reading some of that.. If Sarah didn’t take his meds. and he was going through withdraws from his own prescription… why she isn’t being charged with something.. To me that would make her responsible for his death!!! And she wants to sue HAHA I say we hold a pro police protest in front of her home!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 hrs

Robin Fraley Caudill This is clearly just for the money. I am pretty sure that she called her boyfriend to come and get her that night. Calling Brian’s boss for his last check the next day!! Her only interest is money

Like · Reply · 1 · 12 hrs

Sandy Garrison Sounds like his family are the ones who signed his death warrant and now want to back peddle. One of those things you wish you could have a do over but cannot

Like · Reply · 4 · 10 hrs

Kayla Randle ^^^^^ I agree…

Like · Reply · 1 · 10 hrs

Deb Miller I guess the point is there will be a law suit and we are all possibly going to pay. How many are willing to do this rather you felt the police were in the wrong or right?

Like · Reply · 9 hrs

Robin Fraley Caudill I feel that she should get nothing! I am tired of people like her living off of the system. Get a job and support yourself. The death benefits that she will get will more than likely go for drugs!

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs

Phil Sydnor Yes, please do read the timeline and the text messages, ALL of which contradict what these Deputy’s say and or have said. The stories out of the RCSO has changed so many times its not funny. I explain here, maybe you should take a look, quite tired of repeating much of what the public don’t know. Especially those few keyboard warriors here who have depicted this man deserved to die? All you need to know to see there was a rush to judgment. First off we need to ask WHY their camp put it out that the only Deputy who wasn’t up there was the one who emptied his clip to protect loose cannon MURDERER Raymond Frazier. Yes, why did THEY hide this FACT from the public, and especially the Mansfielders Perspective on facebook? Has a cross on his forearm while his friends can’t wait for Jesus on a Unicorn? Mansfield is one sick ass town, and the people commenting PROVE IT! Lets all clap for the suicide Prosecutor, he worked for the County as well, called executive session with Commissioners and the dumb asses of Mansfield say uh huh – are you people REALLY THIS FREAKING STUPID????

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Response to April Bragg post on RCSO Facebook page.


Response to prior post of letter speaking for the Sheriffs page THEY so proudly allowed on their facebook page…

Yes, April Bragg wants to be known condoning what she only wants to hear, one side. I don’t care WHO YOU ARE! You don’t go into ones home guns a blazing and side with justice served based on a theory or something not confirmed. It was known Brian Garber was taking meds for depression and it was also said his wife done away with those meds? So what gives ANYONE the right to take another life when we know the situation was UNDER CONTROL?

His death was SENSELESS and here we have a butt kissing RCSO citizen throwing salt into Connie Garbers wounds, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED of yourself.

This does NOTHING but divide the Community! Sure, I can’t speak for the majority of members of Mansfielders Perspective on facebook but I am sure many would agree, uncalled for!!!!!




Thanks again for WAKING a sleeping GIANT, IF there was ever a time to get involved with your community, it’s NOW!!!!


Response to April Bragg

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