Republicans Bishop & Sheldon Clearly Win Debates Thursday Night

Yes, Its been leaked the Democrats have integrity issues that could result in conspiracy charges if Mike Skidmore wins appeal.

In the Sheriffs debate Sheldon as billed Experience vs Change we have a Sheriff restoring integrity and regaining control over Deputy’s, several discharged while others promoted out of the union. That in itself was a good play. On the other hand Mayer wants an Army to CONtinue this fallacy of winning a war on drugs.

Regarding the Prosecutor race Bambi Couch Page proclaims integrity issues with Bishop. Funny thing Bambi’s office proclaimed the Mike Skidmore incident started when he was told to leave? Well I was there and that never happened, so yes her office when sending out a media packet that 1st perpetrated a lie in that case, so she wants to talk integrity?


Drew Tyler? Prove it!

Drew Tyler? Prove it!2



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Conservative Tom Connors for U.S. Senate



Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate Slams “Liberal” Opponents in New Ad, says “They will be a Rubber Stamp for Hillary Clinton”

Contact: Tom Connors, Conservative Independent for U.S. Senate
Phone: 330-933-0861 cell

Canton, OH— (October 14, 2016) Canton attorney, conservative activist, and Independent candidate for U.S. Senate, Tom Connors, announced the release of a new commercial Friday. The new ad (found at slams his opponents as too liberal for Ohio and proclaims to voters that they have a choice.

“The political establishment is determined to paint this as a race between two candidates,” said Connors. “Unfortunately, the reality is that Rob Portman and Ted Strickland are virtually indistinguishable. Whether it is their support for the liberal homosexual agenda, commitment to amnesty, or fidelity to job-killing trade deals, these two liberal candidates are two sides of the same coin. They would both be rubber stamps for Hillary Clinton, and I am running to provide a real choice for We the People of Ohio.”

Connors, a strong conservative voice for voters disenfranchised by Portman’s betrayal on the marriage issue and others, is a first time candidate. Still, he possesses a strong resume that includes a successful law practice, service in the U.S. Naval Reserve in the JAG Corps where he retired as a Commander, and a strong commitment to faith and family.

Pro-life, pro-family group Citizens for Community Values (CCV Action) endorsed Tom Connors, stating that Rob Portman and Ted Strickland are “Unacceptable.” (See

Another conservative organization, ranks Connors as “Conservative”,Portman as “Liberal” and Ted Strickland as “Very Liberal.”

“The voters of Ohio have a choice,” said Connors. “If a voter is tired of the establishment, sick of politicians forsaking principles, fed up with elected officials bought and paid for by the Washington elites, or simply seeking someone to fight for them, their values, and their family, then I welcome their support. I am running to be the champion of the people, and I will never kneel before the Washington powers that be. I’m confident that those who see our ad and hear our message will rally behind our campaign.”

The ad, which the campaign plans to deploy in the closing weeks of the campaign, touts the stark differences between the candidates. Specifically, it states that both Portman and Strickland will work with Hillary Clinton to promote the homosexual agenda, amnesty for illegals, and job-killing trade deals. Connors also says he will work with Donald Trump.

“Rob Portman and Ted Strickland have both disavowed Donald Trump, making clear their preference for Crooked Hillary Clinton to continue the failed policies of Barack Obama,” said Connors. “While I feel Donald Trump is a flawed candidate and have serious issues with some of his rhetoric and much of his past, he is our only hope for change in this election. He understands the crisis that faces our country, and he alone will strengthen our economy with better trade deals, save our jobs by halting illegal immigration, keep us safe by destroying ISIS, and appoint constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court. It is imperative that Ohio elect a Senator who will fight for these principles alongside Donald Trump.”

Tom Connors lives with his wife and four children in Canton, OH. More information about his campaign can be found at

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The Mike Skidmore Appeal is filed! – Randy Shepherd speaks out even though Amicus Curiae goes unanswered.


Well friends it appears Mike Skidmore has officially requested an appeal in his wrongful convictions of Obstruction of official business and inducing panic! As we all know the other 2 charges of assault can be overturned as well being in self defense!

Lets see if Randy is happy being the Judge of record signed this?

Yes, Judge DeWeese has FINALLY appeared on the record?


Phil Sydnor Prayers with Vicki Skidmore that justice makes its way in this case! 👍
Phil Sydnor
Phil Sydnor Don’t let this get buried, we need to stay on top of this fraud 👍
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd You are now both selectively blind and purposely ignorant. That is a forgery of judge DeWeeses signature? How do I know? I
Am a student of law. Why are you fooled, because you are a fool. Ya want me the explain or enlighten you then ask do not attempt to rewrite the fraud ( on its face) that you proclaim to be public record therefore true. Here is a hint the judges signature is the very last thing placed on a real judgment entry? All
Other type faced wording must appear before the real judge and nothing maybe added to the record after it is endorsed. Due diligence is not waiting. Secondly the other two entries you have obtained through diligence do not exhibit the same signature??
A real judge could not sign this paper with a proof of service below his signature? Any script appearing on this document cannot appear on a Judgment Entry. Why you may ask? How do we the people know when it was applied before the judge signed it or after?? Let’s CONsider “JB” who put that on the record? Was it there before the judge signed it or is it evidence that this record was changed to any degree after it was signed? Who is JB and why is JB on a judgment entry in script?? Once again and with no animosity these facts are evident in our state rules of practice..
If you took time and applied due diligence to understand by your own
Volition what A Judgment Entry Is. You may only accept what you have posted as a fraud. Simply google “judgement entry”, I found it is defined by civil
Rule 58?? There is a similar criminal rule but the exact number escapes me right now. So in short I and the people do not accept this fraud as Entry of Judgment..
It proves one thing who ever signed the other two was not a judge and neither is this one!! Remember a judge ( certified representative of the judicial branch) only appears through signature on entry of judgment that is lawful
Proper and just.. This fraud fails the test on many levels.
Phil Sydnor
Phil Sydnor You can prove this fraud you know? We can go to Judge DeWeeses home, I will record you calling him out. 👍😄👍
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd Ok and for an example of a judgment entry. The one I gave you from the Appelate court 2008 ca O334. The only script on it is by 3 Judges. That is because 3 judges Hear the case at the Appelate/state court level. No proof of service included as it is not allowed and is to be on a separate sheet signed and also filed? Note all other on that one page is in type face and prepared by machine of some kind. That is what our the people’s rule mandates/requires.
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd He had nothing to do with this. Nothing at all. If you wish to call anyone out it is Linda Frary for perpetuating the fraud and Garry Dalby for creating it. Properly Linda should have rejected it and now must unfile iit. What the hell do you mean go the James DeWeeses home to invade his privacy? Damn are you twisted.
Phil Sydnor

Phil Sydnor You think he is a fraud on the record, so prove it?

It don’t get anymore twisted than that! 👍

Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd As the old story goes the proof of fraud is in your hands?? Do you understand what forgery is? When Simone writes Simone else’s name on an official looking fraud document, that is forgery? If the victim of this type of identity theft happens to be an elected judge that is a state and federal offense you have the proof go get Drew..
Randy Shepherd
Randy Shepherd Dumb ass the fact you have THE fraud in your hands is proof fraud was. Omitted by some one. That someone has boiled down to the magistrate of court? For the municipal court it is Phil
naumhoff/ to the best of my knowledge the magistrate of the court of common pleas is Dalby those are the creators of fraud and those are the ones using forgery and or rubber stamp names.
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Last Chance to ask questions for Thursday October 27th debate!


At 7 p.m., sheriff candidates — Republican incumbent Steve Sheldon and Democratic challenger Matt Mayer  — will have their opportunity to answer those questions and explain why they are the best candidate for the job.

About 7:50 p.m.,  prosecutor candidates —  Democratic appointed-incumbent Bambi Couch Page and Republican challenger Gary Bishop —  will take the stage to state their cases.

The debates will be moderated by News Journal Editor Ted Daniels. Readers may submit prospective questions to Daniels at or by calling 419-521-7249. Please include your name and a phone number,

The events will be broadcast live on

Surely folks have lots of questions, should be good????

 My primary concern would be if the Sheriff or wanna be Sheriff could or would do anything about social media where folks are known to speak for others? 

Here we have an individual speaking for the Sheriff…


I wonder where people get this from??? Maybe Sheriff wanna be’s who are also know for talking for public officals, hmmmm?



Justice for Mike Skidmore

 Justice for Brian Garber



Who’s Drew Tyler?


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Local News Reports on Senate Debate – Independent on ballot , crickets!!!!


Tom Connors1

Tom Connors2

Crickets in the local news, pitiful



Yes, he is on the ballot! What’s up???


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News Journal claims could mean Garber family could see closure?

Good to see finally a way around the secrecy of these secret grand Juries. Yes, let we the people see in the name of integrity what was disclosed, let us decide if it was a racketeering job or not? Also known as “Legal Sham Process”

Plaintiff in Garber suit to get grand jury…

“The plaintiff in the wrongful death lawsuit filed in the deputy-involved shooting of Brian Garber will have access to grand jury testimony.”

***Could be trouble for the Drew Tyler gang, getting access to critical evidence withheld could be found as damaging as the Mike Skidmore case in which we surely have not heard our last about? Tick Tick Tick, the crooked are getting exposed…

In his deposition, Frazier testified that during the events of March 16, 2014, he never saw Garber’s hand come out from under his shirt or present any object outside Garber’s shirt, according to court records.

In that same deposition, Frazier also testified that prior to his grand jury testimony, a written statement was prepared at the behest of Frazier’s attorney.

In that statement, dated Nov. 6, 2014, Frazier said, ‘(Garber) lifted his shirt up slightly with the fingers of his left hand and with his right hand, he pulled out what appeared to be a firearm from under his shirt.’ ”

Judge Polster said the two statements were “clearly” inconsistent.

Don’t know much about this case, no problem I have it archived here! …

Justice for Brian Garber

Connie Garber for Commissioner.

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Donald Trumps attacks the Clintons, here its explained how power works locally!

Bring on Election 2016, we all know this, and they are hoping YOU are too turned off to vote!

*** Think collusion and racketeering don’t work? Do you think they won’t attack your character and where you work? Think again!!!!

Let me explain…

In 2008 a local family member John Mayer was fired for not following orders & protocol, in 2015 one of their posse resigned from doing the same. In this instance it was to silence citizens posing questions of much the elected heads were ignoring. A man, Mike Skidmore in my opinion is a political prisoner to get past this election with little in your face scrutiny, that’s what Mike did that I don’t. I post from the safety of the internet, kind of like what their Drew Tyler and other various anonymous friends do. The difference is the perspective, what I say is deception of what they want you to believe. Check out their Mansfielders Perspective uncensored page, its a mockery of the real perspective with one intent, to fool the people while trying to destroy the truth.

I am short on time this morning, so I will explain further how the collusion and dirty no ‘choice for office works.

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Independent Voters makeup 50% of Voters in Richland County, something to keep in mind.

*** Obama is their Drew Tyler

*** Are we gonna let this cult take over Richland County? Vote no for each and all trying to monopolize our County.


Just say No…


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Democratic Election Commissioner in New York Tells it like it is, sends shockwaves…

Now if that don’t beat all? Now you know why voter ID’s are needed!

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Mike Skidmore Entry from 10.5.16 Decision to deny new trial?













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