The truth comes out once poster posted snide and untrue message(s) – get checked, now who’s laughing?

MP Group is Mansfielders Perspective on facebook where like this guy just found out, you keep it real or you leave once your called out. THEY will say you get banned for this, and in some cases they are right! How ever this loud mouth liar was caught in a lie or was afraid somebody might tie him to Ciara’s question…

  • Now we know why Larry Spencer went running – Now who’s ROTFL?

Ciara Holmes Larry all your interested in is spreading hate and discord, and why your fascination with Anthony McKean? are you the Larry Spence out of Wooster who has numerous assault charges against him?

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Here are the posts he more than likely don’t want you to read, and WHY he left?

This punk was checked after leaving what can and would get him in dire straits with me!

Banned for being a cunt

Larry Spence And this is the adult model you want us to follow, huh Phil. You honestly wonder why so few people come to your protests? Nobody wants to be associated with a wife beater and an insane douchebag.You’re fighting a losing cause ads long as you keep this ignorant moron around. Yet call Phil a dipshit when he’s being a dipshit and you’re a name calling schoolgirl. Yet Randy is offensive and name calling daily and all Phil says is you don’t understand Randy. He means well. So did Hitler.

Larry Spence Truth cuts to the heart didn’t it wife beater. This site is a joke and so are you. 700 out of 40,000 + and only maybe eight people that ever talk. Have fun playing Big shot with Randy. You two are the biggest fucking losers I’ve ever come across. Fyi. I deliver medical supplies. You work a pretty petty job at Abc warehouse to be trying to make fun of pizza delivery boys. Just more hypocrisy from a douchebag that beats up ladies and begs for sales on his sad facebook page.

Now for the post(s) that ensued once this guy lost his mind…

Larry Spence left on his own 102614_another phony

Larry Spence leaves group when Ciara tells it like it is, now who’s laughing??????

Larry Spence

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Randy Shepherd
“And you are still ugly, do youhave a point in this babble. Have you done anything today have you had you psych evaluated?? You certainly talk but have you done anything today?”

This guy is an admin on this page. This is the ridiculous diatribe you can expect daily from this fool but if you defend yourself or refute him in any way our call him a name in return it is you that is attacked by Phil Sydnor who will chastise you for name calling while calling you a schoolgirl. Be warned new people, This site is not interested in your opinion. Only your acquiescence towards theirs.

Top of Form

Larry Spence Here’s a pre-emptive answer to the inevitable question Phil will ask of why am I here. Just to cause trouble? No that’s why Randy is here and we all know you put up with it because he agrees with you and you’re friends in the real world. I’m here because my daughter was accosted by an officer and what go I find but a group who needs a watchdog the same as the city does. I’ve never seen such blatent and open hypocrisy in terms of holding people to standards. It became clear very fast here that even though the group info claims all perspectives welcome in reality you’ll find out as quick as I did that non conforming opinions are attacked as is your identity and honor.

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Randy Shepherd You have no duty to read or stay my friend. You may wish to join with like minded people. I am not like minded as to call the group in mass anything only their individual persepective I find utterlly reprehensible at times.
I do not wish to verbally joust with you or your cronines about how y’all decieve the people. I really do not wish to waste my time in doing so. I ask you once again please refrain from side tracks and bogus allegations. you have no proof you have no proof of intent and or motive. You wish to seize opertunity but that may well be limited to those who want change for the better.
I do find your interjections of signs you saw to ask us questions about them. I id repsond and gave you guidance about what you saw and your prospective of what you saw, Now you wsih to defend the guy who says you never saw becasue it did not exist. Bro keep jumping the fence its you credibilty at stake, JT said you did not see, after you approached our group about what you saw.
Where are you at on this one thingy?
You said you saw he said you are a liar and you said uh huh stop picking on him Randy I am the eal liar. If that is so you and JT have your own private conversation about what you said you saw and what he says you did not see and get back with us?

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Phil Sydnor Larry, re-read your post. It’s inaccuracies are very troubling for you. One Randy is NOT an admin for democracy rules, or is that monarchy? Randy does not start trouble unless you call cluck cluck cluck as starting trouble. People say there’s a record, Randy says there’s not – how troubling is that? It was March when Brian Garber was MURDERED, please my CONfused friend, show us ONE RECORD we can rely on? How about the suicide of James Mayer our prosecutor, can you get us a recored aka affidavit where ANYONE said in writing, signed, stamped by the clerk that someone saw him shoot himself? Didn’t think you could, its like trying to find these damn re-elect signs for Judge Robinson???? Prove any of this to me and you will have instant credibility, until then I will not listen one fn minute to your poppycock!

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John Jung Sr.

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Randy Shepherd For the record, Some buisness printed the campain signs. I am certain that buisness has a record as to how many signs were purchased as well as how many said what. Mr Jt care to do something and find not only the buisness that printed them as the bequest of the committe to re-elect Judge Robinson?? You know its like getiing a business card printed, the printer needs to now waht to put on your card and how many are to say what.
Get the invoice and quit pimping out Larry and his convictions.

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Phil Sydnor For the record, there is no record – lol! A figment of imagination don’t count, then again just like in Richland County you can convict a peanut butter sandwich without such evidence, ALL you need is someone (ONE) to go on the record and it’s a done deal, right? Not so fast!, I was NEVER convicted of wife beating either yet Mr Spence has gone on the record and says its so? Now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!

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Phil Sydnor I am going on the record saying he’s FOS, now watch how pissed he gets by calling him out? That’s what name calling libtards resort to, name calling and BS they can’t back up. Then they will bait you into what they call a threat, watch!!!!! – here it comes?????


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Randy Shepherd Listen to a flapper on a ducks ass and you may hear a whole lot of untruths.

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Randy Shepherd Bumper jumper take the ride on the bumper yo choose Lary it what suits the moment of a pea brain. You doin alright?

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Phil Sydnor Another Drew follower just outed themselves, highly doubt we will be hearing anymore from Larry unless it’s a rant of they’re threatening me, boo hoo! – it’s a Halloween theme????

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Randy Shepherd prolly had to go to work but the old man did not?? Oops the old man like the hunter gatherers enjoys more liesure tiem the liesure suit Larry go get em youth wiht exhuberance I say FORE!!

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  • Now we know why Larry Spencer went running – Now who’s ROTFL?

Ciara Holmes Larry all your interested in is spreading hate and discord, and why your fascination with Anthony McKean? are you the Larry Spence out of Wooster who has numerous assault charges against him?

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Phil Sydnor Sure it is Ciara, that;s why he’s pimping medical supplies – lol!

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Phil Sydnor I just love it when the TRUTH comes out, and yet I don’t have to provide it  good job Ciara, I was waiting for someone to do a background check – lol!

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Ciara Holmes More like peddling pharmaceuticals!

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Phil Sydnor See Ciara, you get it! – This is all those who are laughing will send here, those on community control – lol! Why don’t those who are laughing come laugh in my face, naaaah – they’ll just remain anonymous because they are laughing! My intel tells a differnent story, THEY are crying, especially now that we caught their BS on tape, or should I say digital recording device of a public meeting – lol!

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Sean A. Vincent Wait a minute….. Ducks asses have flappers?

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Randy Shepherd OOPs bully outed for being a bully from Arkansas. Watch out Ciara he may damn prepositions anyhow.

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Randy Shepherd Not pimping muleing as is his vocation and ability. TJ is pimping him.

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Randy Shepherd for Jerry’s kids??

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Randy Shepherd Actually they are oil glands but look a lot like flappers?? Not like a chicken butt that has a whole lot of mights.

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Randy Shepherd Diatribe I missed that one, the ex was real good at those inumenodes maybe y’all could get together. She didnlt look hateful but she is.

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Shayla Lane Phil, are you referring to Randy as the libtard with all his name calling?

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Next post by Mr Spencer before he leaves group

Larry Spence

17 hrs

I wish you dumb tools could see all my co-workers as they laugh hysterically. Every one of them thinks you people are fucking tools. Leave me or ban me whatever. You’re only good for laughing at now.

Top of Form

Sean A. Vincent You and your coworkers must not get a whole lot of work done surfing the web all day

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Larry Spence On time every time. We deliver and you live.

16 hrs

Ciara Holmes I see Jeff Shook (MPD) agrees with Larry’s craziness,and he was an officer sworn to protect and serve…Bully and threatened seem be to be the norm for some of these officers that work for the public,Did MPD send you larry, are you working out a deal for a lighter sentence.

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Vicki Snow-Lawhun Omg public opinion page , opinion noted  not sure where u work but I hope my tax dollars dont pay your wages . As for people being “tools” its opinions everyone is entitled to them calm down .

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Sean A. Vincent “On time every time”….. We know he doesn’t work for the post office

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Why is Larry Spence not responding to these comebacks? That’s right, he went running after his criminal record was exposed – lol!


Phil Sydnor

22 hrs

Showtimes my friend, and says Phil’s a wife beater – aka me?

As you’re buddy Drew Tyler would say….Prove it tough guy!

Larry Spence

Top of Form

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  • Phil SydnorLarry Spence And this is the adult model you want us to follow, huh Phil. You honestly wonder why so few people come to your protests? Nobody wants to be associated with a wife beater and an insane douchebag.You’re fighting a losing cause ads long as you keep this ignorant moron around. Yet call Phil a dipshit when he’s being a dipshit and you’re a name calling schoolgirl. Yet Randy is offensive and name calling daily and all Phil says is you don’t understand Randy. He means well. So did Hitler.
    1 hr · Edited · Like – Can’t wait to hear once again…My account was hijacked, please don’t ban me for my bullshit?
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Phil Sydnor C.U.N.T.= Can’t Understand Normal Thinking, sure fits now –

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Randy Shepherd He really does look lilke a lobster trapper not a snapper trapper. Is he from maine?/ Hey Nieghba? Maine?

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Budd Meyer I know Phils inlaws and if that was true they would have killed him a long time ago

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Phil Sydnor You got that right Budd, you don’t screw with the Beverly’s and live if any of this was true. Maybe Larry would like to speak to my wife and not the one who’s filling his ass with crap – lol! I’m starting to sound like a Commissioner, surely I will have to run?

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David Wieland she would kick his ass.

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Phil Sydnor Dave has it right, we both have wives that will kick our asses – lol! One way or the other –  –

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Randy Shepherd Yea but it is the out laws we are concerned with?? Lol

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Randy Shepherd I am beginning to this the logical solution is to RUN away from this whit hole county. way to much appethy to believe someone actually cares way to much stupidity for any one to know. NOT.

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Randy Shepherd doins a lot tougher that sayin.

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Randy Shepherd Well I always get in the last words in my home. Those are. “yes Dear”.

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Phil Sydnor Mine last words are, give me a smooch –

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Angie Robinson Yeah right !!!!!!!! That’s a BIG FAT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Randy Shepherd I must say this a gal who knows a lot about fat.

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Randy Shepherd What will they answer becomes the question.
I asked John Spon about his judge brothers signature. Is it real or is it fake on this legal looking document? Both times he said, “I know my brothers signature.”

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Phil Sydnor Stan, or ask the Prosecutor  Oh, we can’t, he’s problem solved?

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Phil Sydnor She sure does Randy, she’s good friends with my wife

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Garrett Bentley Lol

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Phil Sydnor Big man behind his keyboard, just another f bomb goon!

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Now, if this isn’t a Narcissistic Sociopathic post I don’t know what one is?

Larry Spence On time every time. We deliver and you live.

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Are Commissioners Minutes of Meetings safely kept?, I don’t think so!

Just in case we want to update, change, or modify this unsigned document for October 16th’s meeting I have given the public what was posted on the 23rd for reference!

October 16th meeting minutes, unsigned yet accurate? If anything changes surely Stacy Crall the clerk who keeps them will safely keep them, right?

I actually prefer meeting minutes to be recorded via video for accuracy, you know there’s a TRUST issue with what we safely keep here as official record. Nothing signed, Nothing filed and safely kept by our Clerk of Courts? Yes, the Sheriff safely keeps his own records too!, but who are we citizens who question this procedure? Surely we can find a LAW or a Document that depicts how records are retained? I know for a fact this is not the retention policy our Government wants private businesses to keep, so why can’t they do the same?

You Tube video of the MP’s perspective, you know…those people who are going to start showing up to these meetings to advocate for the people on the record. After all there cronies who speak only anonymously on craigslist, in our group with fake accounts like this one, and now on our record say we should run for office if we want to change it! Hmmm I say???? Isn’t it time YOU start going to these meetings to question politics, it’s amazing what you will find on and off the record if you just ask, just make sure you’re the one keeping the record safe (smile). – Have a nice day! – If I’m a nut job, put it in writing, sign it, and safely keep the record, then you can pay me as well to shut up like you have so many others before me? NOT!, I will continue to work regardless of my strife – it’s the last freedom we have left! – TELLING IT LIKE IT IS?????

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October 16th Richland County Commissioners meeting with riled citizens demanding answers!

Meeting in its entirety from October 16th 2014 with questions for Executive Session held Sept.23rd, 3 days before OUR Prosecutor supposedly committed suicide along questions resulting from the wait on answers over the Brian Garber incident, yes ALL of this was OFF the record – Thank you for your time, surely we will be back soon!

Minutes in question from Sept.23 2014 Commissioners Meeting “Executive Session” which was closed to the public, called by the Prosecutors office, yet NOBODY from the Prosecutors office attended? BY LAW their minutes appear to be against Ohio Revised Code 309.09 . Here is Ohio Revised Code 305.14 in which 4 Citizens showed to challenge and question Donald Zehner and Attorney’s Andrew Keller, Mike Bear in Attendance who were in attendance yet had no input on the discussion of a lease agreement which was the imminent legal action the Prosecutor’s office did no attend for? The question is….Why would our Commissioners seek outside legal help on a lease agreement, these are pretty simple are they not, and why would other attendees be there with no minutes of why they were there? Al Lawrence was there and spoke the truth depicting the public can be shut out, we agree on being shut out of the executive session, what we don’t agree is being shut out of the meeting that drew the executive session with no minutes no less due to some kind of protective sunshine law? Still waiting on why Lt.Zehner took the time out of his busy day with Attorney’s they could not provide in writing that our Prosecutor hired to replace his office?

These are REAL questions people, why are you scratching your heads, and WHY is THIS GROUP Mansfielders Perspective the bad guy? 

Richland County Ohio Commissioner Meeting 10/16/14 Part-1 

15 seconds in Gary Utt takes us off the record, yet thanks to Tim Wert we were allowed to speak off the record when he advised we have something to say regardless that we were not on the agenda, this time!

Richland County Ohio Commissioners Meeting 10-16-14 Part-2 

Randy Shepherd continues debate over laws of procedure from hired and appointed employees that take over duties of Elected Officials. Too much of this happening based on hearsay, Ed Olson explains?

Richland County Ohio Commissioners Meeting 10-16-14 Part-3

This segment discusses executive session and heated discussion over threats to Mansfielders Perspective’s exposure. Al Lawrence from the MNJ brings the truth about executive session. Utt and Olson walk out, Tim discusses thoughts off the record which gets heated about 7 minutes in. This is nuts!, yet don’t get me wrong…Tim Wert is stand up for taking the time to listen, tells it like it is?

Says maybe it scares you, anyone else scared or is this just me? Stop the Conspiracy crap, we want the truth. An old man once said you bring 95% of your problems to your doorsteps, sounds like a threat to me, you?

Richland County Ohio Commissioners meeting 10-16-14 Part-4

All I hear? I need an Attorney – are you kidding me? I’ll wait until they prosecute what they call defamation and lies and then they can give me one. I missed the question by Tim if I was related to Gene Sidners son – did I mention my name here, or this just in the notes from my plea to get on the agenda? Al asks who I am, says he has a recorder running – ok, so do we.

Hope you enjoy, for WE report, you decide – should we feel threatened with these answers? Yes! – that is a viable question.

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October 16th Commissioners meeting with the people, then more protesting for Justice!

Who’s going to be there?

WHEN: Thursday, October 16th

WHERE: We will meet in front of the Richland County Courthouse

TIME: 9:00 am we will meet, 10:00 am Commissioners meeting, protest afterwards!

If you can’t make it, at least take the time to drive downtown Central Park to honk for justice. We need it in every way as they try to broom injustices under the table.

Where’s Justice for all these deaths that may have ties?

Body first found on Hull Rd

Then we have Brian Garber shot mercilessly sitting on a bed, said to have a gun, had a remote in a room with no TV?

Then we have girl who was being indicted following week for the body dumping on Hull Rd found dead still holding a 44 mag said apparent suicide?

The a guy know to have ties to this woman who shot herself having a child with her wanted for questioning winds up dead at the hands of police as well?

Somethings funny here people, time to connect the dots before others disappear hanging with the wrong people or being in the wrong system?

I think this protest should depict HONK FOR JUSTICE as we let them know we know something fishy is going on, and it’s high time they figure it out!

PM me here to let me know you’re coming or if you need a sign, we have plenty if you don’t have one! We need to show community solidarity in these matters, we have had ENOUGH!!!! –

If you’re not afraid to say you are coming please respond on this blog to let them know you’re coming!

This is Ohio, with “GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” – this does not mean money is God just because it’s printed on our currency, it’s a FACT when you believe! We will not let this mockery continue for there’s nothing worse than a false witness of what we are seeing today. You’re only right to remain silent is for cowards – peace!!!!

I would like to have those who are in LAW ENFORCEMENT who joined us here to join us on this day to show solidarity for justice. You must have joined our group for a reason, now lets see you join us for answers or continue to remain silent?

Have a safe week my friends, until we meet – peace!!!!

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Richland County, Ohio ; Executive Session, yet those not elected attend?

Executive Session our Elected Prosecutor called, yet never attended? – Were laws broken here?…

The Prosecutor’s office called an has added to the agenda an executive session to discuss imminent court action with the Commissioners on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.Stacey L. Crall, Clerk
Board of Commissioners
Richland County, Ohio

MANSFIELD – Commissioner Ed Olson has confirmed September 26, 2014 Friday night that Richland County Prosecutor James Mayer Jr. shot and killed himself.

The coroner and investigators responded to Mayer’s Dickson Parkway home.

Olson told the News Journal that First Assistant Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page called him with the news.

Pam Sellards



In accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 305.11, the Clerk of the Board of Richland County Commissioners hereby submits the following record of the Commissioners’ September 23, 2014 meeting, for recording into the Commissioners’ Journal, Volume 86, under the same date.


Regular Meeting, Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Call to Order: 9:31 a.m.

In Attendance: Commissioners: Utt, Olson, Wert


Clerk: Stacey L. Crall

Guests: See Below

Tape: SEPT2314

Topic: Executive Session

Tape: 0.0.10

Present: Andrew Keller, Mike Bear, Richland Source, News Journal, Lt. Zehner

Discussion: Andrew Keller, Assisting Prosecuting Attorney, suggested the Commissioners enter into executive session to have a conference with their attorneys to discuss a dispute which is the subject of imminent court action.

Motion: Commissioner Olson moved to enter into executive session to consult with attorneys on a dispute which is the subject of imminent court action seconded by Commissioner Wert.

Other Comments: None further.

Vote: Mr. Utt, yes; Mr. Olson, yes; Mr. Wert, yes. Motion carried.

Out of executive session 10:03 a.m.

Topic: Commissioners

Tape: 0.0.52

Present: News Journal, Richland Source, Andrew Keller, Mike Bear, Lt. Zehner

Discussion: During executive session the Board discussed a dispute which is the subject of imminent court action with two attorneys from the Prosecutor’s office.

Pam Sellards Randy Shepherd Phil Sydnor my post is the executive session requested by James Mayer but he did not attend.

Ciara Holmes Zehner was in attendance,why?

Pam Sellards No idea, but it was interesting. Perhaps the case involved him?

Pam Sellards Don’t think he was involved in the Tinney case. So maybe that wasnt the case they discussed?

Ciara Holmes Good find Pam Sellards!

Pam Sellards All the minutes are online, except for executive session. But there should be a record of those sessions.

Randy Shepherd Due process would clear up many of these questions. but good job for the community goes out to Pam Sellards. Our elected prosecutor was removed from office by Ed Olson on or before this meeting. the rest is pure corruption and murder.

Randy Shepherd No record of executive session. That is where our elected officials (Tim Gary and Ed) executives may discuss amongst them selves the resolution of the question requiring executive session, off the record. Which is not what happened. Note I did not say a private meeting with RSVP excluding the elected prosecutor but executive branch employees.
No, none of that crap is applicable to executive session, so there was none. Just cronies plotting and planning the demise of democratic PROCESS and the office of the prosecutor, Very successful plot, we now have a hired person sitting in the elected prosecutors chair? Not lawful not elected but very loyal to the executive branch for her job.

Randy Shepherd What was discussed, is also the cause for executive session?? No guessing about it. One of the commissioners, not a hired gun. must on the record state “I” would like executive session to conference on this item/question with my fellow commissioners? Then it is up to vote as to whether the public meeting should be interupted by executive session on tht question. Note I di not say a hired lawyer can ask or command or attend. Only the three commissioners are executive for this executive session. At the vary out side the elected prosecutor may attend if requested. but he must give his legal advice in writing not a pocket feel for good Ol Ed.
Separation of powers through election collapsed by Ed Olson.

Randy Shepherd Obviously it was requested by his office. suppose that could be the Bambi Couch phone call??? Cause James had no lawful authority to request executive session of the elected executives we call commissioners. separate but equal powers. James has prosecutorial powers Ed olson has administrative powers. Now he has appointed his own prosecutor. You know like Andrew Yosowitz not our choice but Ed’s choice

John Bentley The person behind all the stupid CL posts is in this group.

Randy Shepherd Would you ask it to quit? Phil don’t need the grief and I do not need to keep hearing about the grief.

Randy Shepherd I would like folks to scrutinize this simple filed form. Please take note it is filed in accordance to the RC 305.11.

This is a supposed public meeting and or official meeting of government executives. I.E. elected officials with name Like the Sheriff and the prosecutor. Not their employees those folks are employees of the executive branch not elected officers. Given that fact, only executive branch persons attended or were allowed to attend this illicit meeting.
The public was banned.
The clerk for and of the record was excused from her duty to record.
The elected prosecutor did not attend
the elected Sheriff did not attend.
ed Olson and Gang members had a private meeting and excluded the (law) legislature, the Judge, the prosecutor, and the Sheriff. Ya tink this might be a single branch of the government conspiring to mis appropriate public funds??

John Bentley How can I ask it to quit if I don’t know who it is?

Phil Sydnor Know who it is? We are going to find out! I talked to Tim Wert who will in turn talk to Steve Sheldon, not Donald Zehner. I was told I will get a call back on Monday, we shall see? I requested the Sheriff and Prosecutor to Thursdays meeting for we have questions regarding public safety, possible personal attacks by government employee(s), and the hiring of fired employees in the County! In example John Mayer and Bob Ball for starters. Tim said woe for John was hired by 5 Judges approval along with Dave Leitenberger who runs County probation. Hmmm, buddy system huh? Tim advised the Commissioners duties include simply financial matters only? Then says Judges & Mr Leitenberger approved, which may be true? How ever then, they had to approve of this by authorization of pay – wth??? Then we have the matter if a fib in the MNJ who said these jobs were reserved for retired Deputy’s, since when is the FIRED APA Supervisor a retired deputy? Can’t wait for Monday!

Randy Shepherd Wert won’t talk to the sheriff and if he does the Sheriff must write his answer and sign it?? Now we have judges hiring private people to do what? don’t tell me enforce the law? Judges are not authorized to hire anyone. Nor can the fire anyone. What a joke that is. Judges are elected to be judges not personnel managers. The only words we accept from a judge are those signed by the judge not he said they said and we did. Judges are the judicial branch nothing to do with county administration. tim boy can say what the judge did but if it were true the judge broke the law and needs to talk to law enforcement not administration. He only speaks through court orders signed by him because that is the power we grant to a judge.

John Bentley Congratulations Phil!!!! Hope you’re successful in finding out who “Drew Tyler” really is.

Randy Shepherd You certainly said it is in this group. If you did not know who it was, how could you say it was. Cmon man make a statement back it up with truth..

John Bentley He seems like a real jerk.

Phil Sydnor Who really knows if its a he? Could be Bambi lol!

John Bentley You’re right, I’m assuming it is a he with the name Drew.

John Bentley Maybe he/she isn’t in this group,

Phil Sydnor That would be why they are so quiet – lol!


Randy Shepherd

Checked about the folks Andrew Keller and Mike Bear, you know those folks at the public meeting where we were not allowed. Andrew Keller is a private attorney from Perrysville and Mike Bear is not an attorney in Ohio..

Pam Sellards Hmmmm

Randy Shepherd Welcome to executive branch takeover of the public meeting. No one present except Ed Olson and his cronies?? This is real sad, but how long til Mansfielders accept the facts presented??

Phil Sydnor Thursday should be a day of enough, why is everyone quiet? This should tick everyone off seeing Ohio law being ignored. Where’s the rules for executive session?, yes called by the guy who blew his head off 3 days after calling for it, that is odd?



Randy Shepherd

Well there you have it one of the hired attorneys Not “James Mayer” suggested executive session. Not a commissioner who is the only authorized official to do so.
The clerk was excused, so no records??
Zeynor Not the Sheriff was in attendance. Who is Mike Bear? Not counsel for the commissioners because that is James Mayer by law and the election process.
so we have a hire lawyer suggesting that our elected officials have an executive session where elected James Mayer may give legal guidance in writing (as provided by law).??
Folks the prosecutor is elected to provide checks and balance, the law and we striclly prohibit private attorneys, even his hired assistants to speak for our elected officil and or appear in liew of our elcted attorney, Just like we demand the elected Sheriff speak for his appointed/hired deputies.
This is proof positive that Ed Olson appointed a lawyer to take James Mayers place and perform his duties on this very day or before . Also Ed Olson was told by this hired lawyer to disregard his duty and call for executive session on behalf of the lawyer. That is legal advice contra to the law and duty of Ed Olson.
Ed Appointed and or removed James Mayer from office and relieved him of his duty on or before this meeting. James never returned to his office after this meeting??? Because Ed Olson seized the power of the prosecutor and gave it to a private attorney. huh Mike DeWine



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Mansfielder looking for missing car, missing person, and business – all are gone?????

 Friends, one of our neighbors needs our help to recover their car! – PLEASE SHARE to see if we can help, appears this is the ONLY way to get Law Enforcement to do their jobs by lighting a fire under them! Tired of this depending on who you are before they do something.      LEAVE A MESSAGE HERE OR FOLLOW KOSTA’S LINK TO ADVISE, I’M WITH THE MANY IN OUR COMMUNITY, NOT SURE WHO TO CALL WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHO TO TRUST????
TO BE RESTORED.<br /><br />






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Missing Skylynn Schafer came up missing in the States care????

Missing: Skylynn Schafer

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Mike DeWine saw Connie Garbers facebook post, GOOD NEWS!!!!

Rest assured IF there's no Justice by Election time I will be a NO VOTE!

Rest assured IF there’s no Justice by Election time I will be a NO VOTE!

Letter from Mike Dewine – Can also be found at the bottom of the page with the ONLY so-called evidence we know is NOT on file in our clerks office, does not surprise me why the MNJ made the timeline disappear for it’s really a smoking gun for the defense in this issue. This can be found on the MP websites page Question Politics, very bottom.

This letter assures our greatest fears of Corruption locally being involved in this decision to INDICT will not be happening here. The Mastermind aka kingpin as you all know supposedly committed suicide after having a CLOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION meeting with our Commissioners, a SERIOUS problem for Richland County being how they get away with all these off these record meetings we the people cannot access!

My hope is our Attorney General and the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor take serious note of this Mansfielders Perspective group calling for Justice in this case and the MANY more before it. Surely as Bambi Couch Page has noted this man was not himself, sadly enough for a longer time than she thinks meaning ALL CASES going back 20 years need to be looked at! These people take great pride in abuse of procedures and “due process” – The people are waking up, and with the MP they are finally learning just how they have been doing this Legal Sham Process!!!!

Have Questions?, join our group on facebook where Mike DeWine more than likely say Connie’s plea for JUSTICE! - Mansfielders Perspective on facebook

Mike DeWine – IF you are reading this I suggest you find out WHO started this facebook page if you’re as good as you say? I want to stand before my accuser, please by ALL MEANS bring this troll to me -


Anytime between l1a.m until 3p.m
October 7th &16th
We are holding a peaceful protest concerning the
corruption in Richland County &
On March 16th at approximately 8:23 p.rn, Brian was shot and
killed by an UNNAMED Sheriff Deputy/deputies. Brian Garber
was UNARMED and it been over six months and the citizens of
Richland County, and the family still have NO ANSWERS.
The Coroner was not notified until 4:20 a.m, The coroner
should have been notified immediately according to Ohio
Revised Code 313.2.
A letter to the editor, by a local attorney concerning this case,
stated looks like a cover up, smells like a cover up… Help us in
this quest to hold those accountable to obey the laws they took
an oath to enforce. Let’s STOP the corruption!!
like our Facebook Page JUSTICE FOR BRIAN GARBERl!
or Go to Change.Org to sign our petition to Mike DeWine

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Mayer “had not been himself” – This County hasn’t been itself, where have you been?

Mayer ‘had not been himself’

Of coarse James Mayer hasn’t been himself, he’s been fighting an Executive Branch takeover which was going to lead to his character being assassinated. He didn’t kill himself over an imminent lawsuit? Nobody yet has said they saw him do it, NOBODY! If this is the case then there must be an affidavit that depicts this (public record) and there is none? His wife still sits in the hospital?, we don’t know this yet either! I would say something strange is going on, and it’s going on right under our noses. Much of this started when a body was dumped on Hull Rd and the first witness to this takeover committing suicide as well. These DEATHS are simply Mafia cover ups, yet James Mayer was feeling the pressure of not another lawsuit, but the fact he was no longer going to represent this crap! You want answers? – Find out WHY Mr Yosowitz was hired by the Executive branch NUMEROUS times going back as far as a several years, so even IF Mr Mayer has been a mess, this is WHY? Read below for MORE questions that need answered! Why was Bambi Couch Page expedited to this position, what was the URGENCY? This office has not been urgent to do anything for years, so why now? Is there a clause in which a Prosecutor position can be filled before 40 days is up?, I can’t seem to see this in the statute, for those not knowing what a statute is, it’s the LAW!!!!! – A copy below for you to chew on and comment at will. 

Mayer, 65, shot himself Friday at his Dickson Parkway home. The Richland County Coroner’s Office has ruled the shooting a suicide.

“He had not been himself,” Couch Page said. “We tried to get him to talk to us, but he said he was fine.”

Couch Page, who was appointed interim prosecutor Monday by county commissioners, said she doesn’t know why Mayer took his life.

“I never saw this as an option,” she said. “There was a possible medical issue because of different things I was seeing, but I can’t confirm that.”

Mansfield police were called to Mayer’s home Friday evening. Upon arrival, a responding officer heard one gunshot, according to a news release.

Detectives closed the case after the shooting was ruled a suicide.

Mayer was elected prosecutor in 1988 and had held the office ever since. He and wife Melody Ann had three children.

Monday’s special meeting of the county commissioners was a somber affair.

Couch Page and Kochheiser attended, sharing hugs with commissioners and others who were there.

“This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life,” a tearful Couch Page told commissioners. “Based on the circumstances, I am still in shock. I can’t express my feelings of loss.”

Couch Page’s appointment was made retroactive to Friday. She had been the first assistant since February.

Richland County prosecutor called a friend by many

“I feel the board has complete confidence in Bambi,” Commissioner Ed Olson said. “She has a wealth of legal experience and trial education. All three of us have confidence that Bambi will serve with distinction.”

Couch Page, 58, is a New Washington native and Buckeye Central High School graduate. She received a degree in secondary education from The Ohio State University in 1979 and earned her law degree from Ohio Northern in 1982.

For the last 14 years, Couch Page worked for Mayer. She had spent time at the law director’s office before that. Her appointment was made retroactive to Friday.

The Democratic Central Committee will appoint someone to fill the rest of Mayer’s term. He would have been up for re-election in 2016.

Committee Chairman Matt Finfgeld said a meeting to select his full-time successor has tentatively been scheduled for Oct. 9.

While expressing confidence in Couch Page, county commissioners said they appreciated working with Mayer.

“He was a very empathetic individual,” Olson said. “He understood other people’s problems.”

Olson said Mayer wasn’t political when it came to hiring staff members.

Commissioner Gary Utt called Mayer a “very down-to-earth person.”

Commissioner Tim Wert added, “He worked with us through the economic downturn. I admired him.”

Couch Page said Mayer wanted what was best for everyone, regardless of party affiliation. She pledged to do the same.

The interim prosecutor said she met with staff prior to meeting with commissioners. Grief counselors will be made available.

“Whatever it takes to get through this,” Couch Page said.

Olson ordered flags at all county buildings to fly at half-staff until Mayer’s funeral, which had not been set as of Monday afternoon.


Twitter: @MNJCaudill

 Funny thing, my comment on the MNJ did not post?, some things NEVER change, WHY else would I write a blog?????

305.02 Vacancy in county offices filled by election or appointment.

(A) If a vacancy in the office of county commissioner, prosecuting attorney, county auditor, county treasurer, clerk of the court of common pleas, sheriff, county recorder, county engineer, or coroner occurs more than forty days before the next general election for state and county officers, a successor shall be elected at such election for the unexpired term unless such term expires within one year immediately following the date of such general election.

In either event, the vacancy shall be filled as provided in this section and the appointee shall hold office until a successor is elected and qualified.

(B) If a vacancy occurs from any cause in any of the offices named in division (A) of this section, the county central committee of the political party with which the last occupant of the office was affiliated shall appoint a person to hold the office and to perform the duties thereof until a successor is elected and has qualified, except that if such vacancy occurs because of the death, resignation, or inability to take the office of an officer-elect whose term has not yet begun, an appointment to take such office at the beginning of the term shall be made by the central committee of the political party with which such officer-elect was affiliated. – I don’t believe Mr.Ed IS that committee, please reference last Election for who the committee is? I think we should clarify this to the public, don’t you? 

(C) Not less than five nor more than forty-five days after a vacancy occurs, the county central committee shall meet for the purpose of making an appointment under this section. Not less than four days before the date of such meeting the chairperson or secretary of such central committee shall send by first class mail to every member of such central committee a written notice which shall state the time and place of such meeting and the purpose thereof. A majority of the members of the central committee present at such meeting may make the appointment.

(D) If the last occupant of the office or the officer-elect was elected as an independent candidate, the board of county commissioners shall make such appointment at the time when the vacancy occurs, except where the vacancy is in the office of county commissioner, in which case the prosecuting attorney and the remaining commissioners or a majority of them shall make the appointment.

(E) Appointments made under this section shall be certified by the appointing county central committee or by the board of county commissioners to the county board of elections and to the secretary of state, and the persons so appointed and certified shall be entitled to all remuneration provided by law for the offices to which they are appointed.

(F) The board of county commissioners may appoint a person to hold any of the offices named in division (A) of this section as an acting officer and to perform the duties thereof between the occurrence of the vacancy and the time when the officer appointed by the central committee qualifies and takes the office.

(G) A person appointed prosecuting attorney or assistant prosecuting attorney shall give bond and take the oath of office prescribed by section 309.03 of the Revised Code for the prosecuting attorney.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 3, SB 47, §1, eff. 6/21/2013.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.105, SB 295, §1, eff. 8/15/2012.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.40, HB 194, §3 Made subject to referendum in the Nov. 6, 2012 election. The version of this section thus amended was repealed by 129th General AssemblyFile No.105, SB 295, §1, eff. 8/15/2012.

Amended by 128th General AssemblyFile No.29, HB 48, §1, eff. 7/2/2010.

Effective Date: 06-21-1990


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Zehner and Naumoff (DOWTOWN MANSFIELD) – Drew Tyler, do you really want to open a can at Election Time?

Response to the Village Idiot on Craigslist, and please do send this to my employer like you have everything else! When what I do has NOTHING to do with being one of their better sales associates, IF not the BEST you will see who’s ROTFLMAO???? – I work for one of the LAST employers, INDEPENDENT by the way that we have left in this Community! If and when you do succeed at trying to shut it down WILL NOT STOP my cause if I become unemployed from this the irony will be who will then fund it? Now that’s ROTFLMAO because I have lots of friends, and know full well how to BEAT YOU PEOPLE at your own game. The latest boycott called for on WMFD site is quite laughable that one in an economically oppressed region would have an INDEPENDENT that gives you the BEST low price guarantee closed??? That would mean you’re WILLING to pay more for your products when they are gone? Be careful what you wish for, it’s coming???? – Not! How ever there’s a list being made who will – hmmm?

***The post that started it all, I wonder if the one who initiated it would also stand up and laugh with me????

Zehner and Naumoff (DOWTOWN MANSFIELD)

Donald Zehner is supporting Phil Naumoff for Judge. That translates into Naumoff being corrupt and crooked as hell. Why are dirty cops/deputies supporting this man??? HMMMMM?? The word downtown is, if elected, Naumoff is willing to make shady deals behind closed doors. Come on Mansfield, wake up!

JUSTICE FOR BRIAN GARBER!                                              

post id: 4678238007                                                                                                                                 posted:
***Lets just say since I did not write this initial post THEY don’t know crap, do they original poster? – lol! Is this the BEST we can get out of someone we know for a FACT can’t be in Law Enforcement if they think this is the guy is me? Come on people, there’s a reason this so-called successful business person posts anonymously here, some of you would be SHOCKED!!!! – Just like you were when James Mayer supposedly committed suicide, which for the record I don’t believe for one minute! We have here what some would like you to believe is a CONspiracy theorist in the name of National Security it’s a secret that none of you will ever know what’s going on here. It’s a DRUG game people, and the ONLY WAY to stop it is to educate the public who’s dependent on them – PERIOD!
IF you want or need help with these matters there’s a group giving insight on how to get it on facebook, join us…we will gladly help you and you can remain anonymous until you feel secure enough to be who you are. We are assembling for the FINAL WAR against corruption, join us HERE IF you had enough!!! -

re: Zehner and Naumoff (DOWTOWN MANSFIELD)

Another post from a moron. You think because people support Naumoff that might be of questionable character that it means that Naumoff will be corrupt? What about all of those who support him which haven’t been in the papers? You claim “the word downtown” is where you get your insight, and my guess is the last time you were “downtown” was when you got out of jail or went to one of the social service agencies to raid their food pantry. It isn’t hard to figure out the author of this post so get your dumb, bald ass back over there and start slinging them washing machines.
post id: 4679427288                                                                                                                                  posted:
 ***The narcissistic sociopath speaks again!, can it be my old nemesis Drew Tyler who’s went underground? This sounds about right knowing the inaccuracies of my life’s accounts, none of which are true, not even the last statement – I sell washing machines, for the most part to the down trodden and why commissions are down, these people (who work for us) posting here are doing so for good reason? I don’t have yo hide behind a keyboard and have yes promised my employer not to post on craigslist, how ever what they hate is my blogsite and Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook where we out these clowns. Call on my employer some more, I can’t wait until you get what you want being what you want has NOTHING to do with my work, after all like you think I’m jealous of a Government Whore who hides behind a keyboard, right? Now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!!  –   I hope for the DAY those good cops or investigators will once and for all say enough of your crap and they hunt you down, they and everyone else knows where to find me, maybe it’s time to find you since they are BLAMING our group for all that’s wrong when in reality it’s YOU! – The hide behind keyboard man, or shall I say woman?

RE re: Zehner and Naumoff (DOWTOWN MANSFIELD)

***Yes, you’re NOT a questionable character is WHY you write on craigslist like the pusillanimous that you are. FUCK NAUMHOFF & ROBINSON – I’m not voting for either crook!

Justice for Brian Garber will come when everyone of you hide behind keyboards are taken out!
The question is…Why is crooked Lydia Reed & Phil Messer lobbying for Naumhoff? Part of the German Warplane gang? Yes, the target of Corruption is in the County building as the bald guy said you are so afraid to harass in person – lol!

Get back to your x-ray machine the paper said was reserved for retired Deputy’s. I thought your Prosecutor brother told you to stay off of here, it’s an ELECTION year!

Sir/Madam hides a lot who thinks they know who’s posting leaves us ALL ROTFLMAO!
Another post from a moron. You think because people support Naumoff that might be of questionable character that it means that Naumoff will be corrupt? What about all of those who support him which haven’t been in the papers? You claim “the word downtown” is where you get your insight, and my guess is the last time you were “downtown” was when you got out of jail or went to one of the social service agencies to raid their food pantry. It isn’t hard to figure out the author of this post so get your dumb, bald ass back over there and start slinging them washing machines.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
post id: 4679427288 posted: a day ago

post id: 4681355572                                                                                                                                   posted:

re: RE re: Zehner and Naumoff (DOWTOWN MANSFIELD)

Hey ole Philly, did I strike a nerve someplace bwhahahahahahahah. Yeah I think I did and it is pretty obvious. It is so hard to believe after all these years you still have a hard-on for the Mayer family. But then again, after being stuck in your dead end job slinging washing machines and working your little commission paying job, it is easy to see that your simply jealous of anyone who is better than you, which is just about everyone. You claim posting on CL makes someone a coward well what then does that say about you? You post here ALL THE TIME. Even though you don’t have the balls to use your real name because your bosses will fire your sorry ass, anyone who has ever read anything your little pea mind has written knows it you. Glad to see it is still sooooo easy to get your panties in a twist. You better go, I think I hear your ole lady beckoning you for another bottle of liquor. Yepper, you leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. (PS still waiting on the FBI, BCI, RCSO, Santa Clause and everyone else you called to get in touch with me.)
post id: 4682794487                                                                                                                                       posted:
Don’t you worry don’t you fear, the hide behind keyboard will soon be here? Never ceases to amaze me how this village idiot don’t have the balls to join my group and tell it like it is under a REAL name while saying here as I ROTFL at their dumb ass thinking I’m the one who started Zehner and Naumoff? Do you really think I’m the ONLY ONE who REALIZES the corruption here? Keep running your mouth, by the way I see it the end is near that your buddy offed himself, or did he?
 What makes the hide behind keyboard ranter so mad, as you will see here….Do I need to say more????
Legend *** indicates Phil Sydnor thoughts – (smile)
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