Shawn Grate enters a NOT GUILTY plea?

Really, I thought he already waived his right to remain silent, is this a NEW tactic criminals can learn from?

Video Conference via Fox 8


Click on Picture for CONference

Interesting Photo’s

Comment from Mansfielders Perspective Group on facecbook…

I think ALL pleas should be video conferenced so even the public can watch for fraud. Did you notice how the Judge asked if Mr Grate understood his right to waive a speedy trial? They DON’T do this in Richland County, so I hope you picked up on this? Here when you don’t understand your right for a speedy trial you are now in what some call the meat grinder also known as sham legal process where anything goes. Usually used against you in plea deals to swindle easy money!

Remember the young fella we discussed a year ago who was up on a rape charge who paid $7500 and his case dropped in a week? That’s how a legal sham process works, and oddly enough this young fellas Attorneys are the same ones Mike Skidmore has, hmmm?






Other News on this!

Marion County Sheriff says Mr Grate found God – could be good news?


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Matt Mayer running for Sheriff, Mike Skidmore silenced before 2016 Election?


Yes, this is interesting to say the least! Mr Skidmore a Marine Veteran and 30yr retired Prison Guard after exposing Mr Mayer not being cooperative of which Public Officials he was speaking for is now ironically running for an office himself?

Conspiracy theory or reality that the man can’t be trusted in the office of Sheriff? Here he was speaking for Commissioners and the Prosecutors office yet felt the need to keep his Drew Tyler friend a secret?

Watch & Learn, does this sound like a man of Integrity? This was a month prior to Mr Skidmore getting assaulted at a public meeting. It appears to many as a plan was diverted or foiled by the jamming of a gun meant to assassinate Mr Skidmore as somekind of plan? Yes, I know they say Skidmore planned this event, how ever what was the motive? Usually a crime involves motive, and if you ask me being Matt Mayer has endeavors to run for Sheriff as motive to silence Skidmore after airing this Youtube on his site!

You have to be honest, Mr Skidmore embarrassed this man, and seeing how he was allowed to sit in on the trial being a conflict of interest is still beyond me. Just look at the anger in the above photo during this trial, he looks angered and unstable, VOTERS BEWARE!

More on this here!

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2016 Ohio State Report Cards are in, Richland County rankings.














  • Screenshot_2016-09-15-21-52-18-1

State of Ohio Report Cards

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Drew Tyler exposed, now Izzy Bogart shall give it a go, UNDER INVESTIGATION???

These characters are quite silly and amusing if they really are what I believe they are? Yes, its been said the Mansfielders Perspective is under investigation and has been infiltrated by undercover law enforcement, like we have anything to hide, the group is open ya know?

The TRUTH is, IF anyone is getting investigated its more than likely my stalker friends who have been stealing pics from my Facebook page for ridicule towards the real groups Wall of Shame which portrays those who work for us who can’t be trusted, once a liar & fraud always a liar and fraud they say, right? They actually sound like a bunch of women scorned being these are their convictions, not mine!

Drew Tyler has been exposed, now lets try Izzy Bogart?

Recently Izzy made a tactical comment that appears one a Liberal would make, here’s a screen shot of this from their copycat page. This community page is more than likely the one under investigation IF there is an investigation? AKA Conspiracy Theory – lol!


I find these characters motives to be compelling from what they say, innuendos if you will?

I use the Gadsden flag as warning to yes, Don’t Tread On Me as Drew Tyler has done for years, now we have this Izzy Character now trying to bait it into being racist? WOW! – Where does race come from, or what does that have to do with anything on my page? Interesting!

What’s also interesting is now they are calling me a snake while another deceiver Randy Shepherd calls me a liar, see the common thread? Randy appears to have blown what motivates him as well?


I am starting to think we have a few snakes among us, what do you think? I think their CONspiracy theories and analogies to be quite amusing and disturbing all at the same time. How ever, what is the goal, the plan if you will?

My guess, or what they call CONspiracy theory is they simply don’t like freedom of speech, which the attack on started with the Mike Skidmore incident. The beauty is you can’t deter the TRUTH no matter how much or how hard they try. Its coming and Drew Tyler knows it, that’s WHY they always ask where is it?

The beauty of TRUTH is you I or anyone else don’t know when the truth is coming cause THEY are so good a lying, how ever in time as THEY forget the lie the TRUTH comes out as we are seeing today.

Tick tick tick, we are getting closer to it every day, right Drew Tyler & friends? Much of which you know we are only 16 months or less away from once Mr Skidmore has done his time. That my friends is worth waiting for. Some as we know don’t have time, one being the guy we so wished was more than his true colors that have been exposed as well?

This could be CONcern for Drew Tyler & Friends…


Their boy once again lost his mind, you say?

IF there is an investigation it WILL BE who’s behind these fake aliases and their agenda?




& THEIR COPYCAT COMMUNITY OF DECEPTION = Mansfielders Perspective – Unsensored




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Kid Rock Tells It Like It Is – F* Colin Kaepernick

During Concert Kid Rock pauses for a quick protest lol!


Colin Kaepernick continues protest with national anthem kneeldown …


Protesting can be difficult, I have experienced the hate personally, how ever this picture says it all! – God Bless America!

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The Bellville Street Fair is coming, or is it Political face time?

Found this in a local article, thought it was worth a Share?


Is Commissioner Marylin John trying to smile, or is that her “That’s inappropriate look”? – You would only know the difference if you went to the July 15th 2015 public meeting. You know, the one were Mr Skidmore planned to have his camera taken from him?

Fair Use Source


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Murder of Deborah Hovestadt, many questions remain. Now another is WHY this has taken so long?

Murder trial attorneys open with book analogies


From 2 years ago this is ALL some remember that is archived on “Tell it like it is” blog site. –

Still lots of questions surrounding this murder, like the address 1273 Kingscorners rd east – who owns this home, and why can’t it be found on the Auditors website? Its found compelling that this home is hidden from record and was being rented by a couple of ex cons?

Also why this woman’s ex was mysteriously shot and killed in Mansfield by MPD when he was only wanted for questioning in another murder in Norwalk, body found in trunk?

This case has the appearance that witnesses had to be silenced before anyone takes the stand? Usually folks have something to say about these things, but after what happened to Mike Skidmore citizen journalist July 9th 2015 it appears less are likely to talk. The above link to this case from local news was shared in the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook yet still not a word?

Are people scared of what’s going on, Drew Tyler can’t be right can they?

Lots of mysteries in Richland County, its like Rotten to the core lives???

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News crew? I dont think so! – This NEWS came from a Citizen Journalist!

You know this is fake, NEWS crew?

Nah, with all that secret service around, that was a citizen journalist! 👍

How ever like Mike Skidmore, If they’re not dead they will be portrayed by the media as a domestic terrorist and railroaded into prison as a way to silence forever! 😉

In Mikes case we can only pray he survives what we hear they are doing to him being its rumored his counsel has taken all they can from him and now throwing in the towel?


How is Drew Tyler successful as a self proclaimed puppet master?

When you have Nepotism & friends top to bottom in the Political spectrum along with seizing CONtrol of the Courts by REMOVING elected officials from doing their jobs in the name of CONflict of interest its GAME OVER for anyone who resists them.

Divide & CONquer! Its all about the CON?

Have you noticed lately, nobody trusts anyone anymore!

That’s the Beauty of how the Drew Tyler’s get exposed and WHY this Country is great & will never be destroyed!

Its “In God We Trust”, NOT In Government We Trust just because our money says its so. Tick tick tick – Drew Tyler’s BEWARE, the TRUTH & the way is coming…


***The question becomes, is there ANY Counsel out there Drew Tyler can’t control?

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Richland County Sheriff CONversation, is the word getting out?

I recently had a share in the Mansfielders Perspective Group that I thought was a great idea. The Sheriff having meetings with the public he serves? Awesome! – How ever I believe these meetings need to be more frequent and a regular meeting place, thoughts?


The above awareness was forwarded to this group just hours before this meeting was held, maybe a month or quarterly meetings need scheduled to gain more support and community effort? Don’t get me wrong, something is better than nothing.

I took a look at the Sheriffs Facebook page and found the following, appears they are trying to do something yet its not clear what? Is there a place where questions & answers from the community be found?


It appears communication on this could be standardized a bit! Here we find one communication on this on the Sheriffs page and not the other which appeared as a small clip in an unknown at this time paper?

How can we get the public aware of these meetings & the efforts that are being made and their success? – Inquiring minds would like to know as safety IS and WILL take a community effort, not just by a few who want recognition for political reasons.

The MP asks…

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Following the Docket in Richland County Ohio can be exhausting!

The TRUTH seems so distant as memories are short and people forget, but oh no, those in the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook will have none of that! Inquiring minds would like to know as we wait?

The issue becomes how long shall we wait and are these really legal issues at all in a case many are led to believe is so clear cut. I find it alarming as one who asks many questions, sometimes a question with a question that I am simply written off as a conspiracy theorist by those who don’t know me while others say I am simply delusional while they don’t hold a doctorate to make such a judgment. Yes these are all interesting things and why some are compelled to stick close looking for answers, such as in what do we know in the case of Mike Skidmore other than what the media has told us? The media certainly seems to keep a better CONtrol of what the people know than our Clerk of Courts. I have recently inquired about a few things I witnessed on the docket in this case. One being an Amicus Curiae brief by a witness not called named Randy Shepherd who is seen as the last citizen witness at this event who did not leave when a shot rang out, that’s odd most would say? None the less he witnessed more than anyone how ever was never considered a witness on the docket, which by the way appears inaccurate on who was subpeonaed, showed up or otherwise – that’s another subject. Today I would like to focus on a so-called plan or what some call conspiracy theory!


I shared this for discussion and thought I would share here in the outside community for discussion and would like your thoughts.

Eyes of TRUTH, not through that of false witness, you say?

Eyes of TRUTH, not through that of false witness, you say?

Don’t you just love how video can be used out of CONtext? Just like in the Mike Skidmore case and how they rewrote the narrative of the day that was stricken on the stand by witnesses who were there!

Why is a justice system just in striking what really happened by witnesses as they allow those who were not there to tell their story?

Dave Leitenberger being allowed to take the stand depicting an event a month earlier with him and Sheriff hopeful Matt Mayer was a plan for Mike’s attack is pure BS! Then why was Matt Mayer not given the mic? Is it because he is running for the most powerful position in law enforcement constitutionally in our County? I say YES! – How else could they stack the power in our County to have all their buddies as Judges, Prosecutors, one will enforce their rule while their Commissioner buds finance every bit of it?

Sounds like conspiracy theory, but it it?

THEY say Mike Skidmore conspired on this day yet it was not proven, hows that conspiracy theory when you need 2 or more to conspire, so why is Mr Skidmore the only one convicted if he planned this?

The question now is….Who’s the CONspiracy theorists now?

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