Skidmore Investigation Ongoing??? via Richland Source

Skidmore investigation ongoing

Attorneys weigh options after July 9 altercation at commissioners office

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The mouthpiece for Mansfield speaks on craigslist again…

Poor Drew Tyler got his behind handed to him again, lets see who’s in control? To PROVE who’s in CONtrol, watch him respond here now that I left him all by himself on craigslist.

Drew Tyler

You want a good laugh…go to Mansfielders Perspective Joke Site

If you are ever bored and want a really good laugh, go to the Mansfielders Perspective joke site. The admin of this site, Ole Philly Dilly the washing machine slinger himself, loves to get on his site and post his “opinion” of things that happen in and around Mansfield and Richland County and all the while doing it under some assumption that he alone is changing the way things are done in this County.
He even has the balls to compare himself to God and his writing/investigative skills to that of Martin Yant yet in reality, he worships people like Jim Jones. He gets on his joke site and “demands” answers of public officials and yet none of them feel the need to respond and he just lets his demands fall to the wayside. He claims he produces documents and witnesses that nobody has every before seen, and yet, they never seem to appear. He defends sex offenders and other criminals because he himself is a criminal. Jim Jones had followers and ole Philly claims he does to, but anyone who reads his posts knows that every single follower he has is really just another voice in his head probably brought on by alcohol abuse.
He recently got to be interviewed by a TV reporter after the Skidmore incident at the courthouse and he now feels he is some type of public celebrity and that all he has to do is demand something and it will be forthcoming. I guess he has seen that most people who read his bullshit just sit back and do as I have done for years now and that is ROTFLMFAO over and over and over at him again.
He loves to repeat himself time and time again saying the same thing, yet never does he ever produce anything he “promises” will come from one of his investigations. If he was such a great investigator…perhaps he can explain why he slings washing machines for a living. I even challenged him to run for some type of public office which would enable him to bring about changes and guess what….he didn’t do that either. Why? Simple answer is that everyone knows he isn’t playing with a full deck, that his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, that he is a few bricks shy of a full load, that he is a couple of fries short of a happy mean…simple answer…he is nuts.
I know he is going to read this because ole Philly can’t help himself and he will respond anonymously under another one of his alcohol induced names. He already knows who I am…Drew Tyler. So Philly, after you get done reading this, get your ass back to slinging them washing machines. Christmas is coming and the hard working tax payers don’t want to have to support your ass again this year for the the holidays. As always, you leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over agian.
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Philly Response

re MP truther site hater (Downtown)

Lets keep it real our fictitious friend aka metaphor of corruption. There is no Drew Tyler, or as you say…prove it would have happened by now. You are just a sick minded loon who has nothing better to do with their life than lie behind a keyboard just as your friends like secret meetings so the public can be lied to by local media.Cease and Desist makes me ROTFLMAO!

Let the people decide who’s nuts shall we? For if you were half the expert I highly doubt you would be posting on of all places craigslist?

After all it will be the people aka voters who will be silencing your friends, remember they are not running unopposed next election and unlike you, we have control of their fate with the truth in reporting.

What makes you mad is your FAILED attempt to silence them once and for all with your lame planned courthouse attack, now that’s ROTFLMAO TOO!!!

Enjoy the above links, at least these people are real!

Sorry for this in advance my loyal rants and ravers, somebody must have gave this Drew Character a little extra time on the computer this week.

If anyone really knows Drew Tyler, please send them a wellness check.

Drew Tyler

And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Once again, I got the last laugh cause ole Philly Dilly just can’t resist the urge to visit Rants and Raves to see if I have mentioned him and his jokesite yet again. And guess what, I sure didn’t let him down. He loves to claim he is in control, yet it is I who controls him. He has yet to answer so many questions posed to him but keeps attempting to deflect to some other “fantasy” he has going on in his head. He feels he is owed an explanation to every question he asks, yet if he really was owed an answer, he would get one.
One can only imagine how pathetic his life really is. He has to stand over washing machines every day trying to convince someone to buy one just so he can get his little commission check to pay his apartment rent. Yep, it was easy to find out where you lived Ole Philly when you put me to that challenge. We know you don’t own a home because you got kicked out of the one in Galion for not paying your mortgage. One would figure with the credentials Ole Philly claims to have, he would be earning a steady income or employed in some high profile career yet here he is, slumped over washing machines just hoping someone will stop by and at least inquire about buying one. But then he goes out to his rusty ole van, disappointed that yet another day goes by with a big “no sale” next to him name.
Now he tries telling everyone that the incident at the courthouse was planned by the elected officials, but funny how his claim only came to light after investigators said it was planned by those in attendance. But then again, we all know that the promises Ole Philly makes never true because he has to face it, he has control over nothing and nobody. His “promises” are only predictions which are present in his sick, twisted, over-ego mind.
It is so enjoyable to get on here and his jokesite and keep beating his ass and sending him home crying like the little school-girl bitch he is. I am quite sure his blood is boiling, yet again, from reading this but hey…that is why I do it. Maybe one day we will all get lucky and he will have a massive stroke or heart attack and the next time we read his name it will be in the obits. But wait, if that happens what will happen to his jokesite? Maybe his boozer wife will pick up where he left off or one of the other imaginary friends he has will take up his cause. I doubt either will happen and that will make me sad because I so enjoy making him cry and having him feel like the loser he is.
So now that Ole Philly has again come to CL to read and I am positive he will respond, I’ll go back to ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again at him.

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Philly Response

re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Sorry, your friends at craigslist won’t let me respond so I will post my response on the blog page where people actually read what’s going on.Your friend Philly! – I see you are upset about the response – lol!

I will post soon my friend – :-)

Drew Tyler

re: re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. It is pretty sad when even Craigslist knows ole Philly is so full of shit they won’t even let him respond, as he claims…..yet he was able to post his little reply. Again ole Philly Dilly, made a liar out of you. Bitch slapped again. Now get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines.

post id: 5245996386

Philly response

re re: re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Yes, its true! They will no longer allow even the words so I provide you with something you cannot – PROOF YOU ARE A LIAR – LOOK AT THE 2ND PIC, maybe you should try it my pusillanimous hide behind keyboard friend, or should I say Deputy? After all “philly” is the NEW lingo you and the boys are using, like the drunken one who visited my work in hope to getting me fired, now thats ROTFLMAO again and again. You have proven nothing with exception you have to resort to craigslist because your ip gets exposed every time you post in the Mansfielders Perspective blog site. My employer does read this stuff and has come to find YOU my friend have a few screws loose being you are afraid to sit down and discuss your grievances. Come on in and talk, we would love to take care of what ever your issue is being you are upset and adamant about defending local corruption yet say you are very real and your name is really Drew Tyler? Come on my delusional friend, PROVE IT as you say? NOBODY, I mean nobody knows who you are and certainly that bothers you that MANY do know who I am. Yes, I have done something, and yes people know exactly what I am capable of, that being EXPOSING people like you. So go right ahead and call my employer, they are NOT like all the others you believe you can CONtrol, they know a good employee when they have one, that’s why I am there and you are not without hiding and stalking, and the only reason I can work there is YOU and your CONS can’t control me either – I am not broke, debt free yes! Now you say that I made a deal with my employer to not talk to you on craigslist which is true, that was to leave their name out of it and I do. IF you believe in your little simple minded head that you anger me and I fear you call my employer to tattle that I am here please do it so they can ROTL at you with your anonymous self. You come in PERSONALLY and maybe for once somebody will take your loony ass serious, for now you just enjoy your little playground on the internet posting from your mommies basement while I continue to make waves with everything you say is not happening. As for running for office, that’s still not out of the picture for if folks were to write ol’ philly in I assure them the purse strings would be pulled and reality of overpaid minions would be a thing of the past, got it?Have a nice day, I have bigger fish to fry and poorer people than myself to take care of. Don’t worry about Christmas for my daughter, I do well enough where I work to more than take care of that. Please post my picture cause the only ones who should get handouts should be those willing to seek their maker, who which by the way is not the Government – CAPEESH?????

God will come before you can stop the MP, not Philly as you proclaim – I am in NO COMPARISON to what is coming, the truth and the way!

Once again I PROVED you are a liar who won’t stand before Philly let alone his maker, cause the Al Mighty Drew thinks he/she IS GOD????? EXPOSED IS THE FALSE WITNESS, JUST ASK MY WIFE who is the truth and the way, she too will never say it is Philly – do you realize how stupid you sound?

Sorry friends, you setup the place and YES I will finish this once and for all! Sorry you have to endure this dumb ass Drew Tyler anymore than I do – enjoy your day, I will!

Drew Tyler

re: re re: re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Bwahahahahahaha wow ole Philly, did you go off on a tangent. What’s the matter, did your poor little pussy get hurt again. That’s ok, becuase you should have already figured out, I don’t give a shit lol.
And now you say I am a deputy lol. Lets see, you have said I am the deceased Prosecutor Mayor, then I was his brother, then I was a courthouse employee and now I am a deputy. How many more guesses are you going to take? Unlike you, I don’t have all of these multiple personalities running around in my head…I am one person Drew Tyler.
You said I haven’t been posting on your jokesite well perhaps you want to read it again. I have posted all kinds of comments on there and yet no response from you. Why? Because everyone knows how full of shit you are and how much of a liar and fraud you really are. Nobody of any importance takes you seriously. You say people can write your name in for a candidate, now thats fucking funny. I am sure people would seriously give you any consideration at all if they read even one of your stupid ass posts on your jokesite. If you recall from way back when, it didn’t take me more than one post to realize how stupid and quite frankly, nuts you are. You are a little man, with big ideas and no balls to back them up.
I am not the only one who knows what you really are…a scared little bald headed boy who thinks he can change the world. I don’t see you leaping tall buildings in a single bound (not that falling on your dumb ass head would hurt you lol). You want to be a caped crusader for your alleged injustices…yet again you have done NOTHING!!! People realize who you are and how you are. Without someone to stand up for you, your nothing but a scared little boy. Haven’t seen any video’s of you alone confronting any public officials….why not? The answer is clear…your a coward. Yeah, you talk big, but no balls to back it up. Why don’t you stage a protest outside the courthouse? Do something to get someone’s attention? Again, a scared little coward with a big mouth.
Those IP addresses are still hilarious and you have yet to explain how they peg me posting in the middle of a field. But then again, you claim to have all the answers, yet no facts.
Nobody is worried about your “little girl” and quite frankly, I feel sorry for her for having such a POS like you to call “dad.” If she can even legitimately call you that. But then again, you rescued her from a drunk, abusive mother so why wouldn’t she.
Now, I think it is time you do as you are told…once again and get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines…..loser. Yep your right I am still ROTFLMFAO at you over and over and over again.

post id: 5247523755

Philly Response

WOW Drew Tyler, you ready to snap?

I told you the TRUTH was coming and YOU my friend are proving it! People now see why your loony ass hides behind a keyboard bragging nobody can or will ever stop you. I have destroyed any credibility you thought in your puny mind to have.You talk a lot of smack, but not once have you backed up one thing you have ever said yet once again you say you’re Drew Tyler and I ask one simple question and you explode into another BS rant and say I am mad. Quite frankly YOU are made being called out that you can’t prove who you are, what are YOU afraid of? You are sure afraid of the truth, that’s for sure!

Like I have said all along my metaphoric mouthpiece for corruption, you are nothing more than a phony like those who work for us having secret meetings. Come on out Drew, the truth is we have the best deals in town and that angers you. I am broke yes, but you are in denial – the WHOLE COUNTRY IS BROKE – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!! – I laugh at FOOLS like you, now slam that keyboard on the TRUTH, it’s still coming and not a damn thing YOU or anyone else can do about it!

post id: 5248670029

Drew Tyler

re: WOW Drew Tyler, you ready to snap?

ROTFLMFAO at ole Philly Dilly first thing this morning. I get 2 messages from his alleged supporters. One is some fat ole crack whore and the other is his boyfriend. Those really made me laugh and then I read this and laugh even more. Ole Philly Dilly has never proven a thing he writes but instead copied and pasted news onto his jokesite, until the MNJ slapped his worthless ass with a Cease and Desist Order. One can only think if he is such a good investigator or reporter why he is stuck daily leaning over washing machines trying to con people into buying them?? What, ole Philly Dilly, have you done that has made a change besides as you put it, give your version of the truth? Let me tell ya, nothing….nothing….nothing. You couldn’t make me mad on the worst day of my life, because I ROTFLMFAO at you every time you post because it is I, not you, who is in control of you. Now, I have told you before, get your bald, worthless, loser ass back to slinging them washing machines.

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Anonymous tired of it too?

hey drew hey philly dilly (mansfield)


post id: 5249664350

Anonymous tells it like it is!

re hey drew hey philly dilly (mansfield)


Philly Response?

Lets face it, Drew Tyler is a pusillanimous

From my humble perspective this is nothing more than a political cunt who has came to divide those who read this crap! What is rants and raves anyways?Its a place where phonies can hide behind the only thing that gives them power, just like those we allow to have private meetings who make the rules the people disagree with. Its not important who I say I am here, you can find that out on Facebook’s MP group page how ever where real people discuss real issues. Call it a joke all you want, that’s why there’s places like this where you will never make a difference just like those who don’t attend public meetings to hold officials accountable.

Have a blessed day, for you truly are wasting time here with a community divider, anyone who sides with this Fictitious Drew character or responds to their nonsense really needs to get a life. Trust me, Philly provides a need to the community while this asshat tries to divide you all. Have fun in your fantasy world while others drive for a better place. By the way, I support the truth 👍 non of which Drew has provided yet.

Drew Tyler

Ole Philly Dilly is not only a pussy…he is a liar and woman beater

I see I am still in control of you Ole Philly. Yeah, you guessed it, I am still ROTFLMFAO at you because yet again, I have jerked your stings and you have responded.
You claim you provide the truth on your jokesite? It is only the truth as you see it. If anyone disagrees with you, they are wrong but you are always right. Perhaps in your twisted, alcohol induced mind, you are right and telling the truth, but again I ask you, what exactly have you done to make a difference? Let me answer for you because everyone knows….absolutely nothing. You never have and never will make a difference anywhere or for anyone.
As far as the other 2 posts you put on CL pretending to be someone else, as you have found out, you can’t make me go away no matter how much you try or who you cry to. I am here for as long as I want to be. What really makes you mad and your pussy hurt is because there isn’t anything you can do and I have all the control. Now, like you have been told before, get your worthless, bald headed ass back to them washing machines…..loser boy.

post id: 5251169864

Philly response

Drew Tyler caught in another lie lol!

Says he don’t have time for this yet is now back to posting daily, now who’s in control of who? Lights out buddy, time to let the other inmates have a little fun.Here Drew is tripping out on a lady from Marion Ohio who copied me on how she too pissed him off. I thought I would make it public just so we could keep Drew in his cave, can’t stand it that there are others like me who have awakened to the corrupt.

***Wow, that really was an interesting response lol. Did ole Philly put you up to sending this? That’s ok, just one more loser he knows lol. As far as Philly putting out the truth, it depends on what you consider the truth. He has proven nothing he says and he loves to hear himself talk. He likes to think he is a big man but in reality he is just a little boy trapped in a grown mans body. One can only imagine who you must be and what you must be like to be sticking up for him lol. As far as my ass being yours, my guess is that your ass is already too big and your probably some welfare broad who hasn’t worked a day in her life and like Ole Philly, is setting around collecting government benefits off of us hard working citizens. Are you one of his trailer park friends or do you live next to him in his apartment complex? I think the references you made regarding my mother are just hindsight to your real life because in fact, your mother was more than likely a prostitute and a junky of some kind. She probably got knocked up and decided that the welfare benefits were too great to give up so she decided to keep you instead of shoving a clothes hanger up her twat and doing the world a favor by pulling you out on the end of it. Your reply leaves me just as ole Philly does, ROTFLMFAO. Now get your fat, stinky, cottage cheese ass back out on that street corner.

Drew, I hope you get help before you snap and hurt yourself or someone else for you surely have be mistaken for a scared probationer who unlike yourself is allowed on the internet. We all know if I was a woman beater that would be a difficult feat with all the cops watching here. What a moron you are, bitch slapped again.

Typical narcissist drivel, now give yourself a little kiss in the mirror, you deserve it!

The bald headed fella who owns ya 👍

Drew Tyler

re: Drew Tyler caught in another lie lol!

Bwahahahahahahah ole Philly, I see your back yet again. That’s right, it is me your puppet master Drew Tyler. I enjoyed reading the email from your crack whore sister and my response must have really pissed her off, and you too. Yet I am wondering what in my response you considered a lie since it is obvious that you are the one who has been lying to everyone for so long with all of your far fetched promises and theories. Again, I ask and get no answer but exactly what have you done for anyone? Still waiting and please don’t bore me with the standard bullshit you spread “I give news and it is the truth because it is my truth”, because your truth equals lies and more bullshit.
So what if the cops are reading these posts, whoooopppppeeeee doooooooo. Is that supposed to frighten me? As you know from your wife beating days you have to commit a crime to get arrested.
Now, you and your fat, skanky, crackpipe smokin sister get back to bed. Don’t forget to make room for your wife in there. Oh wait, is your wife your sister too???? Yeah, I love it when I can piss you off every single day. So now, as your master tells you, get your bald headed, stupid lazy ass back to slinging them washing machines….loser boy. Yup, I am still ROTFLMFAO at you, and now your crazy sister.

post id: 5251613219

Philly response

Drew Tyler is a worried CON man, or is it woman?

Sounds like it to me!Always calling honest hard working people liars who do more for the community than their friends in office could ever dream of. These narcissists have raised your sales tax once again equaling 3 million in LOST local revenue for the people to share amongst the local economy and this crying bitch thinks they own us?

That’s funny there Drew the con man, the TRUTH is people are seeing this and the only place you have left is this little rant page that gets you no where. You and your friends can no longer call employers cause the proof is in doing. You know, actions in what you do and just like your friends you are doing nothing but making yourselves look like idiots. All I can say is on October 5th Mike Skidmores pre trial will be another delay tactic as you and all your friends hope the sheep soon forget how you all screwed with the wrong people. Yes, they have exposed your friends as the liars they are just like I have proven you as the narcissistic sociopath pusillanimous that you are here!

Come on my cowardly friend, prove that ANYONE knows who you are besides the wolf that you are, boy who cries wolf that is – wolf wolf, now that’s rotfl.
Here its Sunday so today I will say a little prayer you are repenting for Mon-Sat as you suicide to heaven Catholics believe.

Yes, I am still watching over the sheep!

Your friendly sheep dog 😄

Philly response

Hey Drew Tyler, anonymous liar!

You keep asking what I have done, and keep asking for one thing?I can assure you I have done a lot to keep you awake at night and ranting here to the point everyone is sick of you. The one thing I have done is apparent to anyone with half a brain. I have exposed you as a liar that NOBODY knows along with being the one in control here seeing how every time you respond you do it in hate with derogatory statements and words you can’t back up, now that’s what I love – the TRUTH is pissing you off. Go back to your private meetings with your friends “executive session” and let them know Mike Skimore is the least of their worries.

Voters are assembling and their end of days are near! No more running UNopposed I see for YOU can’t name one thing good they have done for the Community other than raise taxes on the premise to keep us safe. Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Tell the people how I have controlled and exposed the liberal liars! While you want to know one thing I have done this is it while deflecting the TRUTH that all Mansfielders want are more handouts – Once again I share proof, what have you done besides make an ass out of yourself while hiding here?

Look, this is Mansfield with hands out to their messiah lol!

Please don’t respond to this, you are showing your true colors of denial that your messiahs are worthless. There is one God you will repent to, and no he hasn’t been here yet! As I said the truth and the way is coming, the day and the hour you do not know. With love, I hope and pray you get the help you need.

Ok my friends, I will let Drew Tyler I am done with him on craigslist – I had my fun :-)

Once again Drew is left with nothing more than a fictitious hide behind the truth alias as a defender for corruption, now that’s what I call ROTFLMAO! Surely as I have called out their ip address publicly they will not show back up here. – Liberal suicide backing pansy!

Watch Drew make his craigslists posts go away and say I hammered on the keyboard to make them all go away, lol! That’s WHY I copied them here.

What a nimrod?????

The last post in love to my friend Drew on craigslist lol!

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Why does the Mansfield media report, yet not question the obvious?

 Cut through ALL THE POLITICS and what do I see?

I see people NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!! We SAVED $80,000 dollars on the premise we are being fiscally responsible the Commissioners say, are we the sheeple this stupid putting it nicely? Did you not just read they are CONsulting an un-named Attorney for this? Surely he or she is NOT working for FREE, right – So where’s the SAVINGS? I want the bottom line, we say save $80,000 dollars yet we hire an outside Attorney, where’s OUR PROSECUTOR Bambi Couch Page? She is OUR COMMISSIONERS ATTORNEY, and we are already paying her and her staff, so why hire someone else? These are all questions the people wanted to ask July 9th and now that a citizen was attacked for asking or quite frankly as they put it being “disorderly” for pointing out the FACT we can’t be shut out of a scheduled meeting by executive session THEY cause alarm and make it look like we are terrorists, are the people around here this dumb? They are PLAYING THE MEDIA like a fiddle and nobody but a few are asking questions, don’t we deserve answers?

 Where does all this save us money when bickering about who CONtrols what? Yes the publics safety is important, but not on the premise of who does what, you people quite frankly ALL LOOK LIKE ASSES to the masses. Maybe IF you would get out of your holes and quit avoiding us you may see this? 

I hope you are ALL VOTED OUT for wasting our time and resources on the premise you are saving anything! You are a bunch of clowns and publicizing it is ALL THE PROOF you and your Drew Tyler need!

Now who’s ROTFLMAO now? Once again I am multi tasking, and I have a FULL TIME JOB you scrutinize as well? Screw off you bunch of bums, we the people are NOT your servants, we ARE your rightful masters and we are going to assure the people start to understand this.

IF you want to refute this perspective there’s an nice anonymous place for you to post just beneath this public call out. Please tell us almighty wizards, who are YOU PEOPLE trying to fool? It’s high time you answer to the people and not others who work for us pissing and moaning on who does what? My opinion you are ALL OVER PAID JERKS!

Can’t wait to see the TRUTH in the Mike Skidmore deal coming soon, we quite frankly need MORE like him willing to make a stand with camera’s in hand to show the people what your really up to.

CEASE AND DESIST THIS!!!! – “FAIR USE” – asking questions our reports are afraid to ask…WHERE’S THE SAVINGS?????, WHY ISN’T BAMBI COUCH PAGE doing her job? She is to represent YOU & THE PEOPLE – TO SEEK JUSTICE, but no we hire outside Attorney’s on the premise we save money by doing so? CORSA is not the County’s piggy bank to steal from and is not who should be picking up the tab either, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!


Richland Source

Sheriff meets with fire chiefs for 911 change

Earlier this month, the County 911 planning committee and the county commissioners voted unanimously to shift control of the County 911 Dispatch Center from the County Commissioners to the Sheriff’s Office. Commissioners said the move would save the county approximately $80,000 through the elimination of a position – the County 911 Director position which was held by Lisa Burdine.

The commissioners said they would consult with an attorney who advises the county to see if the 911 contract can be amended by the planning committee, to allow the advisory committee to be added back into the written contract.

Mansfield News Journal

Sheriff meets with fire chiefs on 911

Commissioner Marilyn John said the move will save $80,000 a year with the elimination of the 911 director’s position. Former 911 Director Lisa Burdine, who worked for the county for almost 26 years, was notified of the change Sept. 14 after commissioners met in executive session.

By the end of the meeting, commissioners said they would take the matter to an unnamed attorney who advises the county to see if the contract can be amended by the planning committee, to put the technical assistance 911 committee back into the written contract.

WMFD – Appears not news to them?

New Commissioner speaks the loudest, bla bla bla! Where's the other 2?

New Commissioner speaks the loudest, bla bla bla! Where’s the other 2?

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Drew Tyler, the mouthpiece for corruption is on a roll.

or is Drew Tyler just trying to deflect the facts the nobody like the Mansfielers Perspective has put it to the corrupt since the days of the Mansfield Observer? Remember Drews friends burned that place to the ground and now think they can CONtrol the media??? – Now that’s ROTFLMAO – I guess all we have left is the octagon and WINNER takes all? Since I am very real and it can’t be proven who Drew Tyler or is it Drew Tyleer is we will just keep this post up until the coward stalker comes forward or snaps from all the pressure – The MASTER my friend is those who keep it real, right phony?

Drew Tyleer

wow, that was one long rant and it is sure obvious how upset you are. I don’t follow your group, and neither does anyone else. You are the lone wolf of the mansfielders jokesite and it is so hilarious to see you posting as other people and in essence just talking to yourself. I have been here all this time because I love to get on here, bitch slap you in front of everyone, make you out to be the liar you are and then leave ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Just as I did this time.

Pretty amazing that an anonymous narcissist would think they are spanking the MP? It’s been here all along and going no where. This website & group of truth seekers on facebook are ROTFL to think such a phony to be nothing more than a metaphor for those who FEAR going on the record. As I have told you my phony friend – tick, tick, tick – time is on my side, and you know it. That’s WHY your friends are trying to make us out to look like a band of criminals when in REALITY if you look at the members you will find MANY outstanding citizens, you know those kind of people you don’t like who keep it REAL! The TRUTH is none of us that I know of are criminals, or at least who you say we are. You will say some with phony records are due to having great council, now that’s ROTFLMAO – In Mansfield? These people don’t shit where they eat some will say, that’s funny! Please spare us your tainted past for surely there is good reason you hide your real name so we can’t dig you up. What you really fear is what the poor fella who was called out who was the admin of Richland County Emergency Alerts. Sad to think you people think we can safely bring these people back to a society who won’t accept YOUR system, now that’s funny! – You say????

John Kasich is who we need to settle the case of who attacked who in a public meeting July 9th! – The local media is sure SPINNING it????

Drew Tyleer

Is your broadcasting the CCW thing intended to frighten me…ohhhhh I’m scared to death. Nothing worse than a radical washing machine slinger with a gun. My granny has a gun too and my money is on that ole gal over you. So why don’t you tell us the facts again why you got arrested for Domestic Violence Philly? Lets hear your new spin on the facts of that one. My guess is, your going to claim to be some superhero who leaps from building to building in a single bound. We know you can’t stop a bullet because you run like hell when one if fired. What a real pussy. Leave women in a room where shots are fired to save your own worthless ass. Some man you are. Yeah, I do leave as always ROTFLMFAO over and over again.

I am still waiting on YOUR FACTS on that one, the Domestic Violence charge was a disorderly conduct. Not because I beat my wife, actually a girlfriend at the time that I have now been married to for 12 years, maybe you’re just a jealous fag, or woman scorned? You really do know most domestics stem from this right? Maybe why you and others have tried to capture me with that poppycock, didn’t work did it? You sure lie a lot, yet never think you have to prove a thing, maybe why I got a disorderly? Did you know threatening to kick someone out of your home constitutes domestic violence, it’s a threat in the liberals eye, but the conservative home owner its very real. Maybe since you are certain that one was beaten as you say you can provide the pics or proof you have? The day you come out of your moms basement and prove to the world of MP that you are very real can we CONsider you anything more than those childhood fantasies you still believe today…Yes, I have to tell you Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy are not real my friend, and quite frankly NOBODY believes a word you say. Maybe you can sign back into your fake account and come back to the MP, surely one or two of the 1300 plus now in this group would love to meet the infamous metaphor Drew Tyler?

Drew Tyleer

That really was the best you had? Wow. And at least I know who my mama is Philly. Yep, I am still ROTFLMFAO AT YOU

Wow, easy Philly. Seems like you might have overdone it over the Labor Day weekend and you are posting with a snootfull again. As far as suing you, that would be a total waste of money. First, you don’t have a pot to piss in, second, your menial dead-end job doesn’t generate enough money to ever collect from a lawsuit, third, you live in a rented mobile home and last but not least, the thought of you acting as a lawyer in your own defense is a disgrace to every lawyer on the planet. Nah, I have better things to waste my money on. Besides dumb ass I didn’t write the material you re-posted as your own I only commented on it to get you pissed off again…looks like that worked too  Get back to work, the holidays are coming and you need the money for the booze. ROTFLMFAO yet again at another stupid Philly Dilly post.

Drew Tyleer

Your right, someone does have to tell the truth and nobody will ever get it from you. All they will get from you is the worthless garbage you keep posting over and over and over again. Making claims you cannot possibly prove and when called to the front of the class, you put your tail between your legs and run. You run like the little bitch you were that day in the courthouse. So yep, get your worthless penny pinching ass back to them washing machines. Gasping as I ROTFLMFAO at you over and over and over again.

Drew Tyleer

Want proof? Just read my name…Drew Tyler duh lol. What a moron you are.

Drew Tyleer

Banned from what Philly? And again you say you know who I am or I am associated with some group. Who am I today and what group am I associated with now. You just don’t seem to get it ole boy. Yeah again I ROTFLMFAO at you over and over again.

I will be doing a NEW Drew Tyler / Drew Tyleer series on WHO’s Drew? Speaker for County Commissioners or is it the Prosecutor? This STALKER hides behind a keyboard why, cause THEY CAN’T PROVE IT – LOL! The TRUTH is they think they are God, but as you see I am in COMPLETE CONTROL of this moron for I have them here where yes I can CENSOR them IF I CHOOSE, but why don’t I? Because I like making them mad that there’s NOTHING they can do to STOP the truth in reporting – GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL!

No, Drew Tyler’s  not trying to deceive the public now is he?, or is it a she? –

Drew Tyler

Submitted on 2015/03/16 at 10:16 pm | In reply to Phil.

I’ve been right here all along ole Philly boy. Yeah I know, it broke your heart when the former Prosecutor killed himself because all along you thought I was him…and his brother…and someone from your stupid cut and paste website…well guess again dumbass lol. I don’t know any Timmy so not sure what video your talking about. But then again, any video or post that you have or share is probably stolen just like all your cut and paste articles were. Loved how the newspaper lawyer turned you into the bitch everyone knew you were. – Once again Drew Tyler you leave those who are in search of the truth ROTFL @ YOU my phony brother, YOUR GOD who you and your group condones suicide is ROTFL TOO, that’s how sick and fooled you are by Lucifer or what ever other CULT you people follow. The day of reckoning as your buddy Johnny says is upon you.

Ok, lets get serious for a minute, here’s a list of ip addresses you have my friend, IF you were as real as you say is there reason you mask your ip? Surely you have not been dumb enough to allow a gps tracker find you, are we getting close? I think so that’s why you changed it up a bit like old times, lets take a look shall we?

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyler Ohio

Drew Tyler Ohio

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer


I will add the last 4 tomorrow, lets see what Drew Tyler aka Drew Tyleer says in the meanwhile?

Track yourself here –

I noticed your buddies are trying to make Mansfield business friendly, now this is ROTFLMAO!

The legislation says that if a company comes into Mansfield with development counter to zoning regulations that could reduce the property’s market value by at least 25 percent, both Mansfield and the residential property owner would have legal standing to seek relief in court to halt the development and recover damages, including the reduction in home value.

Business??? Mansfield is already business unfriendly & The schools, prisons, and probation programs have already devalued the homes. Come on, felons can’t find work let alone move on after deals are made, just look at the proof with Richland County Emergency Alerts page where lately a sex offender was ostercized keeping the public informed about emergencies. Proof Mansfield is dried up and awaiting a stiff wind to blow it away!

I got news for Drew Tyler, this is ROTFLMAO!

CONsolation, the roads leaving Mansfield look better 👍

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Why all the SECRET’s in Richland County Ohio? – Drew Tyler should love this!!!!

First we have SECRET PUBLIC MEETINGS which caused the event on July 9th in which THEY SAY was planned, but how can we find them believable now that the UNEDITED 47 MINUTE VIDEO has went viral, over 1 million views in total between Photograhy’s Not a Crime and World Star Hip Hop, links below!

The we have SECRET MEETINGS on July 10th and July 13th that even Judges have issue with, what about the people who believe THEY can’t have secret meetings with OUR ELECTED JUDGES, can any of the people speak to a Judge Privately? – This answer is NO!, so how can we have ALL ELECTED BRANCHES IN ONE MEETING INCLUDING THE SEPARATION OF POWERS, THE CLERK WHO IS THE DIVISION OF POWERS? These are ALL questions that still need to be answered.

Then we have a SECRET special grand jury session just for this Independent reporter.

Now we find out they have selected Special Prosecutors for this case, along with a RETIRED JUDGE? Ironically it is said these prosecutors and this Judge are a road show that hears most cases like this, my guess is to suppress the truth because we can’t get to them like our officials can access the powers to be in a secret meeting, WHY many are not asking WHY is beyond me? No, I don’t claim to have the answers – I just have questions like others THEY WILL NOT ANSWER, on the record anyways, any other time its the misleading answers like “we don’t think that’s how it is”, or “we will get back to you” – THIS NEVER HAPPENS, that’s why I believe THEY PLANNED this event to further their agenda of SECRECY! I don’t know, neither does anyone else, WHY? – Because they won’t go on the record to answer! – If we REALLY WANT TO MEND MANSFIELD don’t you think the people deserve it?

Now I digress and wait like everyone else – will we hear the TRUTH for once, or will there be a DEAL for Mikes illegal actions for THEIRS? None the less we may not get answers now, but we will get them when its over, that’s IF we too are not banned from speaking on the record in the future.

Hang in there people, let the distractions go! As far as I am concerned they have lost all credibility once they perpetrated a lie on our great nation as my interview on Fox News explains. Not sure why they are placing the blame once again on the Mansfielders Perspective? They did this before when their infamous mental midget killed himself when he said he had enough!

Speaking of odd and suicide – wasn’t the retired Judge for this case from Stark County where their Prosecutor killed himself as well? This strikes me as odd, and poses more questions of collusion that need answered. IF I were Mikes council I would be looking to have a WHOLE OTHER group of special secret everything to look at this case! Maybe the Sheriff can re-establish an Independent Grand Jury for this case, he has the POWER you know to do this, ALL he needs is the people to back him in this endeavor. You want to RETORE JUSTICE in your community? THEN GET RID OF ALL THE SECRETS!!!!

Drew Tyler their fictitious mouthpiece is at it again and I am not entertaining giving this loon anymore attention than needed. Just as OUR Prosecutor perpetrated a lie that has since been PROVEN I can hear Drews excuses now. This clown says I said they are many people?, well he is…how can that be? When you’re a metaphor who speaks for the corrupt you will take on many faces as this narcissistic sociopath does. I assure YOU if we were to EVER find out who Drew Tyler really is you would be surprised at the CONnection.

Check out some of this loons latest posts and you will see why there’s only one you can believe, ME! I am as real as coming to where I work like my stalker claims they have done many times, kind of scary not knowing this person is free to roam, harass, intimidate, yet as they say LAW ENFORCEMENT will do nothing? IF not now then when, when he puts a bullet in my back as promised? He called my work in 2012, and OPD said they had no way to track the call, now he has come to my group with many phony aliases to make this group of truth look bad. IF you are curious then check out the latest comments here on my blog site, the only place they will comment now because its anonymous and I am uncertain IF their ip addresses used are masked as well?

Here is the latest from this goon, one of them I might add – find Drew Tyler and you end corruption once and for all!

I have also INCLUDED the ip addresses these posts were made under, maybe IF they are ever checked out we may find our fictitious metaphoric speaker of lies?

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer

Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer

Drew Tyleer

You want to see the HISTORY of this clown you can find much much more that proves the elected heads metaphor is their SECRET spinner of truth here –

Surely this dud will be speaking on this as well, the issue becomes…who do you believe? One who is a metaphor, or one that you know is very real who can be easily found. I hide from nobody even when people say I should, what does that mean?

Answer these questions my friends, and you will have found the truth!

Please comment, each and every perspective is greatly appreciated – except Drew Tyler of coarse the anonymous speaker who can’t back one thing they say without SECRECY – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Drew will surely be pissed when he/she see’s this they will once again RUN FOR THE HILLS – Just like when the MP group exposed his/her fake facebook account –

Let the metaphor speak, THEY are proving one voter at a time who needs to go!

Funny! – this guy wants to run for Sheriff? –

I thought the old wives tale was the apple don’t fall far from the tree? They say dad had a mental illness that caused James to shoot himself? Then this Sheriff wanna be’s brother was fired by the State, then hired by our hand picked Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page as a SECRET SERVICE PRIVATE EYE? – There’s that secret crap again, and people think I’m crazy???? – WOW!!! – This blog has the link to this BS, UNBELIEVABLE!!!! –


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First a Special Prosecutor, NOW a Special Judge in the Mike Skidmore case? Could it be another outside cover up, or will Richland County corruption be coming to a close?

The MNJ Article after we noticed October 5th there is a pretrial set, yet there has been no report on it? Now there is…

Lets take a look at it shall we?

Visiting judge, special prosecutors chosen for Skidmore case

Visiting Judge Richard Reinbold and special prosecutors Brad L. Tammaro and Margaret B. Tomaro have been selected by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office in the Michael Skidmore case, set for pretrial at 10 a.m. Oct. 5 in Richland County Common Pleas Court, according to court records.” MNJ Reports

“Skidmore, who is accused of striking the two guards July 9 while they were attempting to detain him during a commissioners meeting, was indicted on six counts and arrested in July after a special session of the Richland County grand jury.” – Oh glory, why can’t you just show the video on how it all went down? Let the people see that this is not exactly how it all went down, and keep in mind it was FIRST SAID Mr Skidmore was told to leave, maybe why there’s a need for a Special Jury, Special Prosecutor, and now a Special Judge to take the cloud of corruption off this County? Well folks I will tell you, this is HOW THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! None the less IF a deal is not made there will be huge issues that will arise from this, like the TRUTH!!!! They called for an executive session is one detail they are leaving out, then there’s the detail that the incident was caused by a NO SPEAKING UNMARKED UNAMED SECURITY GUARD who had a gun in a public meeting where none are to be. Read the sign on the front of this building, NO GUNS BEYOND THIS POINT – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

No GUNS COUNTY BUILDINGSo when will this so-called guard be charged????

“According to the indictment, Skidmore was officially charged with four felonies and two misdemeanor charges.

The felonies included two counts of felonious assault for “knowingly causing serious physical harm” to Richland County courthouse security officers Chuck Kochis and Timothy Norris.

He was also charged with two first-degree misdemeanor counts of assault, one for each guard.

Kochis was bitten on the cheek during the incident and Norris was struck repeatedly in the head, according to the indictment. The attack led Norris to fire his gun, which struck a wall.

A third felony count was handed down for inducing panic by causing the evacuation of the Richland County Administration Building. The fourth was for obstructing official business by preventing, obstructing or delaying performance by a public official.

“The offense created a risk of physical harm to Richland County Commissioners,” the indictment said.” – All of this could have been avoided IF they had done what they said they said in early reports that this man was told to leave, being I was there and being considered an none credible witness because we were first alleged to be a group there to cause harm and this was planned? If this was PLANNED by anyone it was planned by the Commissioners and their fearless lying leader the Prosecutor which allows minions to speak for them, see earlier videos made that they allege are part of a more sinister plan, cracks me up on how the spin doctors work, quite the opposite as Mikes only plan was to expose the laws they are breaking and intimidation practices when trying to retrieve public records  – see Mikes Videos here, what he was EXPOSING is what they are now trying to cover up. The TRUTH is Mike had nothing to hide all the while THEY did. Why else did the guard simply come in, no commands to leave, and then go straight for the mans camera? Because he just caught on video a group of CONspirators who have taken over our County, that’s why! 

These trumped up charges are all part of the norm, something they did, BLAME on others like Mike and the many smear campaigns that Mansfielders Perspective is behind this? HEY DREW TYLER – PROVE IT! We have already proved you and others including the media are behind the many frauds perpetrated upon the people.


More about the man the media will not tell you about; Mike Skidmore is a 30 year retired prison guard, knows the law, and knows they have no procedures to back up their lies. Mike was also a Marine who came through with yes a promise, IF these unlawful goons touch him as you see they touched first unwarranted how they will use Stacy Crall the perpetrator of lies as Mike being inappropriate behavior.

Fox 8 Interview 7/13/15 – The public DEMANDS ANSWERS!!!!

A citizen speaks, CLEARLY see’s the fault elsewhere the media so easily ignores?

FULL 47 MINUTE VIDEO THE BCI HAS A COPY OF, SO YOU THINK ITS BEEN EDITED? ASK THE BCI FOR THE ORIGINAL WE WILL FIND SUPPRESSED BY THIS OR ANY JUDGE, JUST WATCH AND SEE! – Surely they are not happy this video made it out of that room, A MUST WATCH!!! – As you will see at the 4 minute mark once they saw who has showed up for this meeting they called for executive session which was not on the agenda we received. So if anyone is at fault for obstructing business or inducing panic it would be our elected heads who were pulling a fast one once again on the public looking for answers.

PINAC Mike Skidmore














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A compelling story, and history if you will of Mansfield.

Interesting read. I wonder if this Chief Kyler is related to the Scott Kyler of RCCLSG Richland County Common Law Study Group? Plus we see a little Spognardi History as well. 😉

A Witch Hunt at Amateur Hour

Published in Tearoom (Los Angeles: 2nd Cannons, 2008).
I. “…it is logical to assume that this is no local phenomenon, although this is possibly the first place where it has been so shockingly and authentically documented.”
— anonymous editorial in the Mansfield News-Journal, August 22, 1962
Over the course of three weeks during the summer of 1962, the city of Mansfield, Ohio produced an hour-long film of men having sex in a public restroom. Intended for use as evidence in a court of law, the untitled film has thus far been the only one of its type to reach a wider audience. The Mansfield Police Department publicized its efforts in developing new investigative techniques and produced the how-to film Camera Surveillance with some of its footage. No other police department followed Mansfield’s example. The operation required more money (for film stock and equipment) and more manpower (for hours of surveillance work) than any city was willing to commit to tracking down perpetrators of a non-violent crime. Even law enforcement officers who admired Mansfield Police’s ingenuity must have wondered why the department had gone to such lengths to arrest and convict a group of men having sex with one another. Mansfield prosecuted its cases only a few years before the decriminalization of sodomy, first in Illinois, then in many other states, including Ohio.
A unique set of circumstances made the production of this film possible. Earlier that summer, a man named Jerrell R. Howell had molested two young girls in a Mansfield park. When the girls attempted to escape from him, he grabbed them and stomped them to death. Police apprehended him within hours, and he quickly confessed to the crime. In a defiant gesture probably calculated to take others down with him, Howell taunted the police for not knowing what was happening in the very center of their community. He said he had gotten his first blow job — presumably the act that initiated his criminal career — in the men’s room under Mansfield’s Central Park. Hoping to diffuse public outrage at a savage crime and playing on what was then a popular belief in the connection between child molestation and homosexuality, Chief of Police Clare Kyler decided to crack down on “sex deviants.” In this atmosphere of heightened vigilance, one particular vigilante, Richard Wayman, stepped forward to help the police, and his contribution was crucial.
Wayman, the director of a non-profit organization called Highway Safety Foundation, donated film and offered the foundation’s cameras to the Mansfield Police for use in its surveillance operation. Highway Safety Foundation had previously achieved notoriety by producing and circulating instructional films featuring gory images of car accidents. Views of this carnage were intended to scare young spectators into driving safely. The most complete history of the organization can be seen in Bret Wood’s documentaryHell’s Highway.
Richard Wayman’s role in Highway Safety Foundation, his character and motivations, as well as the decline of the organization, remain controversial even now. Former Mansfield Chief of Police John Butler defends Wayman in his memoir The Best Suit in Town. Private investigator and former Mansfield journalist Martin Yant, in his book Rotten to the Core, tells a far less flattering story. (Both Butler and Yant are interviewed inHell’s Highway, and their complete disagreement is one of the best passages in the film.) The various accounts of Wayman’s activities differ so much that it is impossible to form a precise impression of him. Apparently, Wayman himself preferred it that way. He seemed to combine in equal measure aspects of two great American types, the concerned citizen and the confidence man.
Wayman was an insomniac and amateur photographer who, like some Midwestern vernacular Weegee, listened to a police radio and went out with officers on calls. His main interest was car accidents, and he eventually obtained permission to visit the scenes of gruesome crashes. When asked about Wayman’s special relationship with law enforcement in Hell’s Highway, John Butler, not given to rhetorical flourishes or references to J. G. Ballard and Krafft-Ebing, answered simply, “he just liked police,” with a trace of impatience. Butler’s tone suggests a wish to hide his bending of department rules for Wayman, who as a civilian wasn’t supposed to be riding around in patrol cars. Perhaps Butler’s tone also betrays something else, a realization about how peculiar his friend’s behavior appeared to outsiders. In the many years since Wayman made his impression on Mansfield, Butler has had time to reflect upon the impulses behind his friend’s activities, and doubts may have formed about the purity of Dickie Wayman’s motives.
With the equipment borrowed from Wayman, Mansfield Police Officer Bill Spognardi, assisted by Officer Dick Burton, photographed activities in the Central Park men’s room from behind a two-way mirror. Spognardi’s reflection is visible in this mirror at intervals in the film, especially when the scene is dark. Spognardi was responsible for the filmmaking decisions: camera angles (quite limited, since he was hiding in a confined space), camera movement, and duration of shots. Markings on the leaders of the film indicate that he exposed only one 100-foot roll of film stock, lasting 2 minutes and 45 seconds, per day. The element of choice — Spognardi’s — has an importance not previously mentioned in accounts of the case. The cameraman often filmed activities he thought might lead to sex but didn’t; sometimes he filmed other moments that simply caught his attention. The film includes images of men combing their hair and washing their hands, as well as a shot of a man positioning a transistor radio to find the best reception. There are also images of children, including a boy grabbing a newspaper from a trash can, and boys hiding out to smoke cigarettes. Spognardi’s training had prepared him to see evidence of child molestation. When a man in a toilet stall exposed himself to one of the boys, the investigation came to a hasty conclusion. Spognardi could not film this violation, because his position did not afford him a clear view inside the stalls. The most serious crime — the sort of act the police had expected to film, the one involving a child — thus remained invisible.
What is missing from the police film exerts its own fascination. Officer Spognardi did not photograph the hours of dead time; the fleeting conversations between men cruising for sex; and quite possibly the activities of men he knew but preferred not to implicate, or men too powerful to offend. There is no reverse angle, no image of the cameraman’s reaction to seeing men touch each other while he observed them unseen. At certain moments the film reveals this reaction indirectly, as when a particularly attractive young man in a white t-shirt lowers his pants for a man in a stall, and the camera tilts up and down frenetically. On a couple of occasions, it is just possible to discern in the mirror an image of Spognardi licking his lips.
Spognardi’s response to what he filmed might lead some to conclude that he was gay. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the Mansfield of 1962, only a man considering himself normal in every respect would allow himself to participate in such an elaborately perverse scenario. In that place and time, no gay man would feel safe enough (or secure enough in his self-hatred) to enjoy this level of complicity with authority. A man’s reputation could suffer only so much speculation in Mansfield, which was a far cry from the Washington of J. Edgar Hoover or the New York City of Roy Cohn. Of course, even men who feel completely normal let their curiosity get the better of them from time to time, and there have been many vice cops who, like Mae West, could resist anything but temptation. In the words of the prosecuting attorney, “sending uniformed or plainclothes officers into the restroom for frequent observation produced no results.” On the present topic — the thoughts and feelings of a man in a closet filming other men masturbating and having sex — we cannot speak of that which we do not know.
“The sex pervert, in his more inoculous [sic] form, is too frequently regarded as merely a queer individual who never hurts anyone but himself.”
— narration from Camera Surveillance
The question of who was actually gay among the suspects in the Central Park men’s room is one that, regardless of so much visual evidence of sodomy, will probably never be answered with any certainty. As many as a third of the men arrested were married, and most of them had children. Still others must have been sexually active with men exclusively, but were loath to call themselves gay. It is difficult, if not impossible, for modern spectators to find self-identified gay men in this film of sexual activities, but the authorities who dealt with these men at the time and in person had much less trouble. It is very likely that they singled out anyone acting like “a queer individual” (to use the words of Camera Surveillance’s anonymous narrator) for especially harsh treatment.
If some suspects got the book thrown at them, others got off comparatively lightly. Otho Thomas, an African American man 48 years old at the time of his arrest, challenged the right of the state to prosecute him, and lost on appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court. If anyone can be said to have survived the tearoom bust with reputation intact, it was Otho Thomas. He was a married man, and remained married to the same woman, living in the same house, long after his imprisonment. He was a church deacon in 1962, and be became one again after his parole. He died in Mansfield at age 93. (This information comes from Kevin Jerome Everson, who interviewed people in Mansfield, his hometown, in 2007. He found a number of older men who knew about the Central Park tearoom, but none of them would admit to having been inside the place, for fear of being called gay.) Though Otho Thomas seemed to have experienced the least disruption in his personal life, he nonetheless served his full sentence: one year and six days, first at the Ohio Penitentiary, then at the Mansfield Correctional Institution.
By comparing the mug shots in Camera Surveillance, the unedited evidence footage, and the prisoner registers of the Ohio Penitentiary and State Reformatory, one can identify two men by name: Vernon Sheeks and Roger Pifer. In these two cases, the prison records have faces, as well as names and numbers, associated with them. Both men received harsh sentences; one with an obvious legal justification, the other with none.
Of all the men arrested, Vernon Sheeks served as an exemplary figure, since his case “proved” the connection that the police insisted on making between child molestation and homosexuality. He was 51 years old and single at the time of his arrest. Sheeks had been arrested on a charge of sex perversion in Los Angeles 17 years before and had just been released after four years in the Ohio Penitentiary for assault upon a minor. The evidence film shows him receiving anal sex from two men. Unlike the rest of the suspects, he was charged with two counts of sodomy carrying a sentence of 2 to 40 years in prison. After his conviction, he was held as a psychopath at Lima State Hospital for nearly two years. He subsequently served five and a half years of prison time, first at the Ohio Penitentiary, then at the Mansfield Correctional Institution. Vernon Sheeks was the last of the men arrested in the Mansfield tearoom busts to get his final release from parole, in December 1971, over nine years after his arrest.
Roger Pifer, age 29 and single at the time of his arrest, had no criminal record, yet was held at Lima State Hospital as a psychopath. He was transferred to the Ohio State Reformatory in the spring of 1964. The O. S. R. prisoner register contains no more details of his sentence, but if he was committed immediately after conviction, he spent a year and a half in psychiatric treatment. After being deemed sane enough to join the general prison population by a state psychiatrist, Pifer served his one year sentence.
In the evidence film, there is a record of what Roger Pifer did to deserve his punishment. He engaged in conversation on one occasion, then on another day, he either masturbated or gave a man a hand job; from the camera’s vantage point, it is difficult to determine which. The most incriminating activity captured on film is Pifer briefly performing oral sex on Sheeks, a man who, in the film, is passive in all his other sexual acts. Pifer’s trips to the tearoom — two poorly documented and a third during which he gave a recently released sex offender a blow job — merited nearly three years of treatment and incarceration. Perhaps a confession while in police custody or his behavior in court made matters worse for him. In the absence of any better explanation, it is reasonable to conclude that acting queer got Roger Pifer in trouble.
Although the dispositions of the Mansfield cases are not completely documented, the records suggest disparities in the sentences of various suspects not entirely explicable by their prior convictions. These disparities may not constitute a pattern. But if one accepts that acting queer — not being married, taking a passive role in sex, and perhaps confessing a gay past, talking back to the presiding judge, or merely looking a bit odd — had serious consequences in at least one case, it is important to consider why that happened. The vague psychological term “homophobia” seems inadequate to describe what was in effect a political strategy.
From a point of view more humane than that of a moral entrepreneur or a law enforcement dupe, the Mansfield tearoom busts have an aspect of grotesque disproportion. With the hidden camera, the round-the-clock arrests, and a coda of self-righteous editorials, the whole affair, while strictly defensible in the eyes of the law in that specific time and place, looks more like a witch hunt at amateur hour. A bunch of policemen, given carte blanche by a public out for blood in the wake of a brutal murder, peeped on some marginal characters, perfect scapegoats who had no way of justifying themselves, and made a movie of their activities. As this nightmare unfolded for the participants, the ones who flashed a wedding ring or presented a suitably deferential demeanor received the mandatory minimum sentence, a year in prison, which was already barbaric. The real gay men — the ones who had no political clout or even a decent bar to frequent; the ones who knew that no man can truly be as normal as he says he is; in other words, the ones most able to recognize the situation in its naked idiocy — received psychiatric treatment for homosexuality, followed by at least one year in prison, with no possibility of probation. After courses of psych meds and electro-shock, these gay men were supposed to have learned their lesson, obedience to authority in thought as well as deed, if in fact they could still remember their own names.
“The restrooms were closed after this investigation and later were filled in with dirt.”
— The Best Suit in Town by former Mansfield Chief of Police John Butler
Mansfield Police Officers Spognardi and Burton were almost the last people to use the Central Park men’s room. After the place was closed to the public, they marked measurements in chalk on the walls, filmed themselves walking through the space, and revealed the cameraman’s hiding place. One of them poked a finger in the peep hole between the first stall and the urinal. After Spognardi and Burton, the men’s room received a few more visitors in the fall of 1962. Prosecutor William McKay explained, “The initial juries were given a view of the restroom involved. This did not appear to materially aid the trial.” A chalkboard diagram showing the positions of the urinals, the stalls and the men conducting surveillance was found to be sufficient for the jurors.
When the restrooms were of no further use to Mansfield, the city destroyed them with blunt brutality. Exterior structures were demolished, and underground rooms were filled with earth, so that no trace of the tearoom site remained.
Since the 1960s, Mansfield, like other industrial cities in Ohio, has become a virtual ghost town. Most of the factories that once dominated Mansfield’s economy stand empty, and the downtown area surrounding Central Park shows few signs of life. Hotels and banks have moved to the edge of the city near the highway, Route 30. To all appearances, the world has changed and left Mansfield behind.
In an attempt to draw visitors to downtown Mansfield, the city has encouraged the construction of monuments in Central Park. Traditional memorials dedicated to Johnny Appleseed (once a resident of Mansfield) and to fallen soldiers of the Civil War and the World Wars have been joined by more recent structures. The visual clutter of so many monuments attracts few tourists. The travelers who do exit the highway in Mansfield tend to visit the formal gardens of Kingwood Center or the garish dioramas of the Living Bible Museum. A large Korean War memorial bearing the inscription “Freedom Is Not Free” now occupies the ground over the former restrooms.
No memorial exists to acknowledge the men convicted in the Mansfield tearoom busts, though their cases bring attention to the city to this day. The people directly involved in the episode have their ways of deflecting serious inquiries: tasteless jokes, feigned ignorance, silence. City officials would rather not endure the scrutiny of those who take a dim view of Mansfield’s zeal in eradicating deviance. They have not yet acquired the cynicism or amnesia that would enable them to transform the most shameful chapter of their city’s history into an attraction. There are now guided tours of the old Ohio State Reformatory building, where a number of the convicted men served their sentences. Perhaps some enterprising soul will see the visitors to the site of Senator Larry Craig’s 2007 arrest at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and be moved to re-make the design of Central Park to accommodate a tearoom memorial. Presenting such a proposal would be a challenge to even the most fanatical civic booster.
Mansfield’s Central Park tearoom has been buried but not forgotten. The scars associated with this place still persist, even on the land itself. In one corner of Central Park, next to the Korean War memorial and across from the building that was once the Leland Hotel, lies a circle of dead grass. The small geometric pattern with a diameter roughly equal to the height of a man was plainly visible on August 22, 2007, the 45th anniversary of the tearoom arrests. It brings to mind a line delivered by Paulette Goddard in The Women: “Where I spit, no grass grows ever.” This dead spot looks like the result of the convicted men taking a cue from Goddard and protesting at the site where they fell into a police trap. The circle of dead grass may be gone in a season, but for now, it serves as the marker of a small-scale earthwork, an anti-monument commemorating the most famous events that ever occurred in Mansfield, Ohio.

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So, the Mansfield News Journal makes claims they do not discriminate when it comes to “Letters to the Editor” – THIS MUST BE AN EXCEPTION because in involved the TRUTH about the July 9th shooting in the Richland County public meeting?

I heard through the rumor mill that Wayne McDowell of the local NAACP who attended the July 9th meeting with others has a “PERSPECTIVE” on what he saw and various other issues, 3 pages to be exact that the Mansfield News Journal REFUSES to print depicting it is too long???? – What will it take for Mr Wayne McDowell to be heard? I offered to print his letter here but there is FEAR of credibility? Say what?????? – there is no more credibility than the Mansfielders Perspective where the ONLY ONE who will refute us on the record is a fictitious metaphor made up by the Elected heads who will speak for them. I have discredited their mouthpiece Drew Tyler first by outing on facebook here. Now the ONLY PLACE this clown can and will speak is on these blogs under the same anonymous metaphor. Ask yourselves, why don’t Drew Tyler come out of hiding and PROVE ALL THEIR BS, now that won’t happen and why they are trying to have this group on facebook discredited – the TRUTH shall prevail – :-)

To be fair to the MNJ it appears the TRUTHFUL one who said posts ALL LETTERS appears to no longer being a part of their staff, at least I could not find Ms Gere Goble on their directory found here?

Must have fired her for this?

One thing I tossed when I cleaned out my desk drawer last week was the documentation concerning a letter to the editor controversy that took place while I worked at another paper.
I followed policy when we received the letter: I called the telephone number provided and confirmed that person had written the letter. I confirmed the address. I knew the letter would irritate some people, but a newspaper’s open forum is just that: open.
Well, I was right: The letter did irritate people. People with a big advertising budget. People who wanted me fired for running that letter.
The letter was not libelous. It addressed a matter of legitimate public interest. I was completely comfortable with my decision … Until my boss told me someone had questioned whether that letter-writer really existed. Her name wasn’t in the phone book, and when I called the provided number again, I was not able to reach her.
The woman who answered the phone said the letter-writer lived at that address “sometimes.” Gulp.
I was not fired over the incident, but my relationship with my boss was irreparably damaged.
I got into some hot water because I could not identify the letter-writer — but for her, the price of coming forward would have been much greater.
Whoever had written the letter was using me as a shield. Had the advertiser been able to identify her, I suspect she would have been sued.
She would have won the case, had it come to that — the letter clearly was not libelous. But rich people can afford lawyers. Most of us can’t.
I mean, it worked out OK for me. I eventually ended up at the News Journal, working for a company that does not refuse to publish letters to the editor for fear of angering advertisers. (I’ve been with Gannett for more than 20 years, and never seen it happen. In my experience, if advertisers know that sort of thing NEVER happens, they stop asking, and they understand they are being treated fairly.)
A few years ago, I started seeing a person with that letter-writer’s name commenting on Facebook posts. The woman who lived at the given address had signed the letter with her middle and maiden names. I finally knew who had written that letter. I dug the file out of my desk and read it over again. My feelings were still mixed.
But when I found that file last week, I threw it away. Somehow, I’ve finally moved on. I’m no longer concerned about who should have done what. It’s just something that happened.
She knows why I’m writing this post today.

Well???? – What’s up???, ANOTHER SPIN BY THE SPIN DOCTORS?


What CRACKS me up? – You ask the majority of people here about the County building fiasco that drew charges against Mike Skidmore and people say what? That’s the PROBLEM, nobody reads the local news because they are tired of being lied to?


rotten2 THE CORE


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Oh Tell us old great Wizard of Oz, how can a meeting of this magnitude happen anyways?

Commissioner apologizes for meeting exclusion

Judge Cockley, this is the very question “THE PEOPLE” should be asking as well, WHY ARE THE PEOPLE EXCLUDED from their regularly meeting July 9th? There was NO EXECUTIVE SESSION on the agenda until REAL PEOPLE, with REAL QUESTIONS for the record showed up, yet many people believe its their meeting, WTH???


“I am concerned that Commissioner Wert absolutely ignored the fact that two judges — also attorneys by definition — believed that they were legally entitled to participate in a meeting and excluded them from participation without any consideration,” she wrote in an email to the News Journal. “I am concerned that Commissioner Wert would make a decision to exclude Judge Mayer and I without even contacting the county prosecutor to get her opinion about the legality of doing so.” – That’s ok Judge Cockley, we had questions for our meeting on July 9th too! Maybe you can ask them WHY BY LAW their bonds are NOT properly filed, making them squatters by law and any issues like “Executive Session” ILLEGAL by Law?

Please answer the question here for the record can you? I have noticed you signed off on one bond, is that legal for it does clearly depict under ORC that the Probate Judge (Phil Mayer) is the one who approves their bonds. We are SICK OF EXECUTIVE SESSIONS AND SECRECY, so lets go on the record here since we can’t TRUST anything filed by the Clerk.

Read their minutes for the July 9th meeting, read the fraud out of the prosecutors office, then watch the 47 minute video and tell me where you see ANYONE out of order prior to the thug with a gun entered this room un-announced (TRUTH) and tried to steal ones property in front of God and the World, can you give us YOUR Perspective on this? After all I am crazy and unbelievable because the media has helped spin the web of deception and truth in this matter.

What the people need to ask now it why non MP member Wayne McDowell is not allowed to have his 3 page letter posted in the paper? Can we get some donations $$$$ to allow room for NAACP Member to speak? After all the story has to side with corruption, and since it does not we should DEMAND that Mr DcDowell is heard. I am interested in seeing his Perspective FROM THE INSIDE, how about you?


Yes, Drew, I will get back to slinging those washing machines. The infamous anonymous’s famous words, now that’s ROTFLMAO.

Deception, Deception, Deception – it begins with taking away Mikes Right to a Speedy Trial – The mainstay of HOW Corruption here works, because the people here have SHORT MEMORIES.







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Do you know how to recognize spin, helpful sites 😉

This is a good website. I teach my friends about fallacies, critical & logical thinking. These fallacies are probably things you already know but I thought I’d pass this along just in case. There is a very powerful quote by Edward Bernays that should be worked into your blog site. 
Spotting Spin

The Lies Before Your Eyes

28 Tricks of the Trade

Media Spin D20a

Think of a spider spinning it’s web to trap it’s prey.   Would you be willing to be tricked into a trap that was likely to be to your disadvantage? Would you like to know how to recognize the almost invisible but very powerful spiders’ webs being spun to capture you each day?

Spiders web spin D20

Like the spider’s web, the type of “Spin” we are talking about today uses deception. Individuals, specific groups or the general public are the intended victims.

Advertising and public relations activities which are truthful and either do not use deception (or at worst use “white” lies) are not regarded as spin. See:

“Spin” refers to the forms of marketing  and public relations that use trickery and psychological manipulation. It developed out of military propaganda techniques. It refers to deceptive methods used to create a desired impression upon people; or to create a desired action (or prevent an action) by a person, group of people or the general public. Spin is spun in response to, or in preparation for something. The focus of spin-doctors tends to be on either promoting or covering up the actions of their employers (or doing both of these). 
Propaganda squealer pigs D20
Spinners of the “Spin” form of marketing and public relations are also referred to as “Spin-Doctors” (which sounds a bit better than spiders). George Orwell’s “Squealer Pig” in Animal Farm was a spin-doctor. Spin doctors commonly work behind the scenes – coaching politicians, managers of large organizations (including government) and big businesses; and they often deal with the media on their employer’s behalf. 
Spiders web D20a
The spinner’s of “spin” usually like to keep out of the limelight in order that their employer will appear to be acting honestly and spontaneously (rather than in a carefully orchestrated fashion). That’s a bit like spiders that tend to stay away from their web while they wait for it to catch a victim.  But sometimes spin-doctors do act as the “mouthpiece” for an individual or organization.

Spin-doctors are usually employed by others and what they do is usually on behalf of others. It’s a bit like a boss spider hiring another spider to spin or teach them to spin a web as a trap. While the spinning spider creates the trap, the boss spider consumes the prey. Individuals are also capable of spin-doctoring on their own behalf. Please keep this in mind when reading the rest of this post because I may refer to spin-doctors, spinners and the employers of spin-doctors in the same way because they employ the same techniques. Likewise, because spin arose from propaganda, these terms may be used interchangeably.

spoonful of PR propaganda D20

The objectives of spin-doctors most often involves  promotion. The audience is manipulated to: 

  • Buy a product or service, or
  • Vote in a certain way, or 
  • Support a policy such as a war, or an economic decision such as a tax measure, or a change in law; or, 
  • Not support the competition; or, 
  • Not take action that would prevent the spinner having something that he/she wants etc 

Spin-doctors are also commonly involved in damage control or coverups. In these cases the purpose of the spin is to reduce the impact of the negative event, deny it or distract the public away from talking about the problem; and consequently reduce the negative consequences. 

Spin is not limited to any one political party or type of business. Spin-doctors (and those who need spin) make extensive use of all forms of media. Consequently, we are exposed to “spin” on many matters in the media every day.

The lies that were spun to continuously lure people into investing in financial institutions – when their managers knew they were bust – is just one example of the negative consequences of spin. 

blinky nuclear reactor fish D20

Stephen Stockwell, in his article:Spinning the fabric of reality” gives a short insight into spin-doctors in his review of a show from the cartoon serial – The Simpsons – where “Blinky” the three-eyed fish is found near a nuclear power plant. This is from his article:

“When a three-eyed fish is found near Mr Burns’s nuclear power plant, he becomes desperate to roll back health and safety regulation and decides to run for governor. His campaign team boasts not only a spin doctor, a joke writer and a make-up man but also a muck-raker, a character assassin, a mud-slinger and a garbologist. It is the politics of the bottom-feeders.

In the end, despite the spin doctor naming the fish Blinky and coming up with a sterling defence of the creature as an evolutionary necessity, Marge Simpson out-spins them all by serving up the three-eyed fish for Mr Burns’s televised dinner the night before the election. It is a spin doctor’s nightmare when Mr Burns spits out the fish and destroys his credibility on live television.”

Media propaganda D20Stockwell’s article also includes a summary of the modern history of spin – introducing some background on the father of public relations – Edward L Bernays. Bernays  worked as a military propagandist for Woodrow Wilson during the first world war. He started using propagandist techniques in advertising and political circles after the war. 

In the 1920s Bernays began to tutor politicians on the use of the media and the “Engineering of Consent.” It was the birth of the non-military use of propaganda (which subsequently became known as “spin”) on the general public. Owing to the negative connotations associated with the word propaganda, Bernays  introduced the term “Public Relations”. “Marketing” became a strong and powerful influence on the general public.

Controlling the masses D20

Bernays (like despots and authoritarian rulers) felt that the public’s democratic judgment was:

“not to be relied upon” and he feared that “they [the American public] could very easily vote for the wrong man or want the wrong thing, so that they had to be guided from above”.

Bernays argued in Propaganda (1928), one of his first books.

“If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it” 

Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Born in Vienna of Jewish parents, it is ironical

that Bernays believed that manipulation of the masses was necessary. In his 1965 autobiography Bernays recalls a dinner at his home, where he learned that Goebbels (who 

was in charge of propaganda in Nazi Germany) had been using Bernays work as a reference in designing his propaganda campaign against the Jews.

Nazi propaganda D20

“Karl von Wiegand, foreign correspondent of the Hearst newspapers, an old hand at interpreting Europe and just returned from Germany, was telling us about Goebbels and his propaganda plans to consolidate Nazi power.

Goebbels had shown Wiegand his propaganda library, the best Wiegand had ever seen. Goebbels, said Wiegand, was using my book Crystallizing Public Opinion as a basis for his destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany.

This shocked me. … Obviously the attack on the Jews of Germany was no emotional outburst of the Nazis, but a deliberate, planned campaign.”

The Nazi views on propaganda focused on repetition of a simple message:
“But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and important requirement for success.”  
Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. VI (1925)

Hitler was a believer in the power of the “Big Lie” (and believed that other politicians used this technique too.)

“…in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

Adolf HitlerMein Kampf, vol I, ch. X (1925)

tricks of propaganda D20Joseph Goebbels was appointed Hitler’s propaganda minister in 1933. He also was a believer in the power of lying big and repeating the message:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels

who pulls the strings D20Bernays also used “Freudian Theory” to deal with the public’s conception of communism. He believed that the American government should not be easing the public’s fear of communism, but rather promote that fear and play with the public’s emotions of it. This theory and his influence was so powerful that it became one of the weapons used during the cold war, and not just in the US.

Bernays coined the term “engineering of consent” to describe his technique for controlling the masses. The “Engineering of Consent” (which is just another name for the the propaganda processes involved in spin) and “Spin” are about manipulating how the public thinks and what they do. 

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society,” Bernays argued.

Intelligent manipulation D20“Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. . . . In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

When consent is successfully “engineered” the audience/victims are tricked into agreeing to do something (or not do something) by means of deception and psychological manipulation. It is questionable whether or not the audience would have “consented” if they were aware of the fact that they were being deliberately manipulated and were aware of the whole truth. 

What lies straight to our faces D20

In an age of of the right to “Informed Consent”, the hypocrisy of this is rather striking.

While the consequence of marketing spin on consumerism has been dramatic over the past 80 years – so has the consequence of financial and political spin. We are subject to staged “spin” in the news media on a regular basis, and it’s not just in the advertising. We have certainly seen spin implicated in the downfall of the banking system and financial institutions around the world – the victims hooked with lies hidden by spin.  We have also seen it used in the rationalization for actions related to wars, and the rapidly evolving oppressive practices of countries spying not only on the enemy, but upon their own people.

We are also seeing it today in so-called democratic countries where politicians are manipulated to act on behalf of the wants of huge corporations and politicians from other countries – rather than acting on behalf of the general public in their own country. Like the other farm animals in Animal Farm, “spin” is required to manipulate the general public to agree with the government carrying out policies that benefit big business rather than benefit ordinary people.

Propaganda D20

It may be argued that there is a war by stealth going on at present. Terrorism may be a symptom (and is also being used as an excuse to implement oppressive, intrusive and authoritarian measures.) The toppling of banks and financial institutions the world over is also a sign. The related dependence of affected nations on help from huge banks (share-holder owned by huge corporations) and dependence on other countries puts those countries at risk of losing control of their own economy; and following on that loss of job opportunities for it’s citizens and loss of control of natural resources. When these things are lost; loss of independence, and eventually loss of democratic rights and freedoms can be expected to follow. Do not underestimate the importance of this. These matters are of global concern – and the consequences for ordinary citizens in democratic countries is great.

Do what you are told D20
The public must be fooled to agree with these processes (or tricked so they do not actively object to them.) 

Spin (which is actually propaganda from a military perspective) is making us blind to what is happening. Being blind, we let our governments and big corporations get away with doing things that are unjust and to the detriment of the economy of the ordinary people and detrimental to democracy. Spin has been and continues to be used to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public.

The deceptive misinformation and misleading actions of spin-doctors (and their employers) are a major threat to democracy, justice and the economy the world over. 

We need to avoid being tricked by “Spin”.

Spin propaganda D20

Spin Techniques 
(Note: These apply to circumstances where deception is used)
See if you, your family and friends can spot the use of these impression management techniques in marketing, government communication or the various media you use for news:

1. Truthiness (or Half Truths)

  • People who want to deceive do not want their deception to be detected.
  • Although truthiness may be described in different ways, the truthiness we refer to in the context of spin is not the truth but deception. It involves the use of various techniques to hide the deception and create an impression of truthfulness for a person, group or the general public. Truthiness may contain various amounts of truthful facts or no truth at all. 
  • It involves various types of techniques used for “impression management”, some of which you will find below.

2. Dumb down the news (Denials and Avoidance)

  • This technique involves denial and other methods to  avoid answering questions from
    Denials D20

    the media and concerned public. If an issue is not reported, and the general public does not know about it, it’s like it never happened. (Fortunately, good journalists tend to recognize denial spin when they hear it. We should too.)

  • Characterizing the issues as just “rumors” or dismissing the charges as old news and using these as excuses not to comment are other techniques used to put the media and concerned public off the scent.
  • The opposite ploy is claiming the issues are too complex to discuss, and the truth unknowable (with the intent to prevent further pursuit of facts and the truth) and using this as an excuse to avoid the topic.
  • Spinners should be challenged when they use denials and avoidance.
3. Creating a Diversion
  • Changing the subject may be as simple as ignoring the relevant question and changing the subject; or may go so far as to involve creating and publicizing distractions (good or bad) to divert attention from the matters the spinner wants to cover up.
4. Proofiness

Proofiness D20
  • Proofiness is lying with numbers or using incorrect logic deliberately to mislead. 
  • Proofiness can involve: outright lying about numbers; quoting statistics out of context so that they mislead; distorting statistics; or using incorrect logic in order to mislead the audience.
  • Proofiness with numbers or incorrect logic is not just used by unscrupulous spinners in governments, big business and marketing. 
  • Proofiness is unfortunately also used deliberately in some instances in science and medicine (often in the interest of boosting or protecting interests of big businesses etc). As with the censoring of contributions in mainstream media, in some instances editorial and advertising processes in scientific and medical media can inadvertently facilitate the spread of false conclusions arising from proofiness.
5. Using Fallacious (false or incorrect) Logic. 
  • Logical thinking may be correct or incorrect. Incorrect logic (fallacious logic) is common and does not necessarily mean there has been an intent to deceive.
  • When talking about incorrect logic in terms of spin – once again, the intent and the consequences matter.

Logic and Mr. Spock D20

  • Fallacious (incorrect) logic may involve using misleading comparisons (which may have some irrelevant similarities) resulting in a false conclusion. 
  • If the incorrect logic is part of a “spin” then usually the spinner will assert that the logic is correct and true, whereas it is wrong and misleading. 


Snow is white.
There are no calories in snow.
Sugar is white.
So there are no calories in sugar. 

  • Or fallacious logic may involve incorrect backwards reasoning (inductive reasoning) – where you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the (preferred by the spinner) evidence that leads to a false conclusion. Incorrect inductive reasoning can also be used by a spin-doctor to create a misleading illusion of cause and effect for the audience.
Example of incorrect inductive (backward) reasoning:

All of the swans we have seen in New Zealand are black
Therefore all swans in New Zealand are black.

6.  The “Straw Man” Argument Technique 

Straw Man Technique D20

Things made of straw are fairly easy to tear apart. 

The Straw Man Argument technique involves ignoring the opponent’s actual position. Instead, the spinner or propagandist creates a “Straw Man” argument – and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of the opposition’s position and attempts to make the opponent’s stance appear ridiculous. 

Then the spinner attacks the distorted “Straw Man” argument the spinner has created, rather than the opponent’s actual position.
Straw Man Instructions D20
The objective of this technique is to distort the opponent’s argument and hope the audience will not see that this has happened; and mislead the audience into thinking that the opponent’s position is off-the-wall.

The spinner also wants to create the impression that he has won the argument – and that this has been shown by the spinner having torn apart the (non-existent) “Straw Man” which was crafted by the spin-doctor or propagandist (rather than their opposition.

7. How Dare You?

  • This is a variation on the “Straw Man” gambit. It involves avoiding key issues of an opponent’s position and trying to link some side issue in the opponent’s position so that it appears insulting to a given group. This is often accompanied by wrongfully attacking the motives of the opponent.
8. “Hit and Run” 
  • In any public forum the spinner may make a brief attack on the opponent and then disappear before the opponent can reply.

9. Mud-Slinging and Name Calling

  • This is an evasive spin and propagandist technique whereby the spin-doctor side-steps their expected response in an argument or discussion by making a personal attack on their opponent instead of responding to the argument:

eg: “Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he.”

  • This includes belittling opponents by calling them derogatory names or making sarcastic comments about them while avoiding the issues. It may also include questioning their motives (once again diverting attention from the topic of the discussion).
  • This is also what’s going on when a point in an argument or discussion is side-stepped by the spin-doctor by attacking the group the opponent may be associated with, instead of addressing the argument.

10. Appeal to Misleading Authority

Quack Ad for medicine D20

  • We often rely on expert opinions when drawing conclusions about technical matters where we lack the expertise ourselves. 
  • An Appeal to an Authority may bemisleading under the following circumstances. 

  • The authority cited is either not an expert (or is an expert but in an unrelated area), or
  • The person is an expert but has a bias or conflict of interest, or
  • The person may be an expert, but the views he holds may not be representative of the majority  in the field of expertise.

11. Fear-Mongering Appeal to Fear (and Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt)

  • This is a propaganda technique that capitalizes on fear.
  • Fear by-passes the rational parts of our brain. It makes us more susceptible to overt or hidden messages in media that are designed to induce fear and anxiety.
  • Multiple forms of lies and deceptive techniques are used to spin fear-mongering stories.
  • This technique psychologically prepares the audience for something that is going to happen that they won’t like; or forces the audience to do something by causing them to fear something bad will happen to them if they don’t do it.
  • It is used in politics (particularly when military action, additional taxes or other policies that the public might object to – are planned); and it is also used in marketing.
  • With the Appeal to Fear – the spin-doctor usually also presents a solution (their solution) to cope with the fear they have induced.

“Voting for “Mr. A” for [some claimed reason – commonly untrue] is the same as voting for terrorists. Vote for our guy, Mr. “B” – Security for Sure.”

“Don’t lose friends due to your bad breath. Use Brand X for fresh breath for 24 hours.”

12. Bandwagon Effect

Bandwagon D20
  • The Bandwagon technique attempts to persuade the target audience to take a course of action because “everyone else” (or a given percentage) is taking it or doing it. “Join the crowd.” 
  • Statistics are presented (which may be partly or entirely made up) that imply that the majority of people support a certain government policy or a certain product that is for sale etc .
  • The subconscious psychological manipulation that occurs with this technique is to convince the audience that a program (or product) is supported by large numbers of  people (whether it is or not) – and that it is in the interest of the audience to join in because if they don’t they may lose out.
  • There is also an unspoken psychological message that the majority of people will follow the winner. An invitation to “inevitable victory” (by joining the majority) lures those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to apparent success. This type of spin also serves to reassure those already, or partially on the bandwagon – that staying aboard is the best course of action. 
Lemmings jumping off cliff D20
  • When confronted with bandwagon spin, we should weigh the pros and cons of joining in – independently from the numbers of people who have already allegedly joined the bandwagon. As with most types of spin, we should seek more information.


“Everybody’s doing it. Buy Brand X exercise DVD and dance those pounds away.” 

“85% of people buy extended warranties.”

13. False Choice (The Either/Or Conundrum) 

  • This reflects a deliberate attempt to eliminate the middle ground on an issue. This technique involves presenting an issue as consisting of 2 extremes or a limit of only two choices. One choice is typically portrayed as having negative connotations.
  • Relevant details are often withheld and other options are not offered.
  • It is often used by politicians. 
Either Or Choices D20
  • This technique is used to force the audience to make the choice that the spin-doctor wants or to accept the choice the spin-doctor has made.
  • Simplification is a technique related to false choice. With simplification, favorable and simplified  generalities are applied to complex social, political, economic or military problems – and the spin-doctor stacks the information provided so that you believe the spun story and proposed action is good and the only alternative is bad etc. 
  • Card-stacking (selective provision of facts favorable to the spin-doctor’s preferred decision) is often also used in this technique.
  • The lesser of two evils is another technique used to influence the audience that an undesirable action is OK, because it is not as bad as the (only presented) alternative.

14. Card Stacking (Selective omission)

Cheating at cards D20
  • This technique is often used on its own. It is a well-known propaganda technique.
  • It is a form of spin that is very commonly used by politicians, government bureaucrats, big businesses, lobby groups, organizations of all types and marketing.
  • The term comes from cheating at cards (stacking the deck in your favor).
  • It is used to slant a message.
  • In using this technique, facts are selected and presented in such a way as to most effectively strengthen and authenticate the point of view of the spinner. It involves selective omission and is related to censorship, lies of omission and truthiness.
  • First the spin doctor chooses what to present (and what to omit) so that information is presented to the audience in a manner expected to get the desired reaction. Then, these crafted facts (which are half truths or worse) are used as a basis for conclusions – leading the audience into accepting the conclusions as a consequence of their accepting the stacked facts.
  • Success or failure depends on how successful the propagandist is in selecting facts or “cards” and how they “present” them or “stack” them, and whether or not the audience is gullible enough to accept the story on face value. 
15. Cherry Picking 

Cherry Picking D20

  • “Cherry Picking” is also a propaganda technique, somewhat like “Card Stacking”. 
  • Rather than selectively omitting data as occurs in “Card Stacking” – “Cherry Picking involves selectively including data. 
  • It involves selectively pointing to individual cases or data that supports a particular opinion while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that opinion. 
Blue Cherry Picking D20
  • Cherry picking may be unintentional such as when a person uses anecdotal (personal experience) as a basis for conclusions without the intent to deceive.
  • But, with “Spin”, cherry picking is intentional. The objective is to manipulate the evidence to the audience so they come to the conclusion that the spinner wants. 
Cherry Picking Pseudoscience D20
  • “Card Stacking” and “Cherry Picking” are often used together to create a “truthiness” story by spin doctors.
16. Lesser of Two Evils

  • This technique is related to False Choice. 
  • The Spin-doctor acknowledges that the course of action being taken is  undesirable but that any alternative would result in an outcome far worse. The trick here is that the audience is led to believe that the choice is limited to one of two choices. 

Lesser of 2 evils D20

  • This technique is generally used to explain the need for sacrifices or to justify the seemingly harsh actions that displease the target audience or restrict personal liberties. This technique is often implemented during wartime to convince people of the need for sacrifices or to justify difficult decisions. 
  • This technique is also used in relation to government policies made in peace time to persuade the public not to act against a policy the government wants to implement.
  • Other options are withheld and part or all the truth is often hidden by officials. 

17. Glittering Generalities

Glittering Generality D20
  • Glittering generalities are intensely emotionally appealing words so closely associated with highly valued concepts and beliefs that they carry conviction without supporting information or reason. When these words are used, they demand approval without thinking, simply because such an important concept is involved. 
  • Though the words and phrases are vague and suggest different things to different people, their connotation is always favorable. Glittering Generalities appeal to such emotions as love of country, home; desire for peace, freedom, glory, honor, etc.
  • When we come across an idea that is being spun with glittering generalities, we should look beyond the emotional call of the words and consider the merits of the idea itself (and the facts related to the idea) – and not be way-laid by our emotional reaction to the words.
18. Weasel Words

  • Weasels suck the contents of birds’ eggs through a small hole, leaving the eggs
    Weasel with empty eggs D20

    appearing in tact – though actually empty. In other words what is left is an illusion that the egg is a functional egg.

  • Weasel words are qualifying words tacked on to other words that reduce the overall effect of the words and make the statement ambiguous. 
  • The use of weasel words results in statements that have the appearance of the speaker having said something meaningful, important and to the point – but they have not. The weasel words serve to obscure the fact that claims which may have been made are ambiguous and assertions unsubstantiated – making the overall statements actually vague and misleading, not meaningful.

weasel words D20

  • Words with attached weasel words have the appearance of being truthful. But weasel words are often used to mislead; to coverup something or to create an impression in the absence of facts (or at least in the absence of facts the speaker wants to acknowledge).
  • Weasel words effectively protect the speaker from being definite or from specifically admitting or committing to something.
  • Weasel words are popular amongst some politicians and officials of various organizations including government as a method to avoid telling the truth without outright lying. They particularly tend to be used when the spinner is questioned on matters liable to draw criticism, censure, loss of a benefit, or punishment of some sort etc. They are also used to mislead by creating an impression that may cause others to believe or do something the speaker wants.
  • Weasel words are also common in advertising and marketing spin. In marketing spin  weasel words are used to suggest something that will hook the audience to buy-in without risking outright lying. The goal is to create an illusion of truth and a false  impression, so that the audience “fills in the blanks” and make presumptions to the spinners benefit (without the spinner having to lie outright) .


The classic: “Mistakes have been made… 

“Questions have been raised…” 

“People say…” 

“Designer shoes from as little as $20 pair…” (The “from as little” are weasel words that make this a best case description, but the buyer sees Designer and $20 and is inclined to be hooked).

In defense of Weasel Words: 

  • The qualifying words and phrases that are weasel words in a certain context are not bad words in themselves, and they are commonly used. 
  • It’s a bit like that funny bank ad on TV where the concluding statement is: “Money isn’t bad.  It’s what you do with it.” 
  • Words (including those that can work as weasel words) are not bad in themselves. It is how they are used. 
  • As with lies in general, it is the context, intent and consequence of the usage that let you know when a weasel is at work.

19. Euphemisms (Words that are easier to swallow)

Euphemisms D20
  • A euphemism is a word or expression often used instead of another word that may be found offensive or might suggest something unpleasant. 
  • Some euphemisms are intended to amuse but mainly they are intended to downplay what the actual more applicable word or term means. Most euphemisms are used to protect the hearer rather than to mislead.
  • When part of a spin performance, euphemisms are usually used with other spin methods. With spin, euphemisms tend to be used when the intent is to manage the impressions of the audience so that they will not react to bad news in a way the spinner does not want.

Examples of euphemisms:

“an environmental hiccup” (a large oil spill)

downsize / rightsize / agreed departures / terminate / deselect / lay off / release / made redundant / let go” (fired or otherwise lost jobs)

“job flexibility” (lack of job security)

“human resources” (employees)

“improving productivity” (making people work harder for the same salary)

“incident” (crisis)

“undocumented workers” (illegal aliens)

“campaign contribution” (political donation)

“pro-choice” (wanting abortion to be legal)

“pro-life” (wanting abortion to be illegal)

“improper / questionable” (wrong, wrong-doing)

“air support” (bombing)

“neutralized” (killed)

“collateral damage” (missing the target, causing civilian deaths or damage)

“friendly fire” (weapon fire coming from one’s own side that causes accidental injury or death to one’s own forces)

20. Assertions

Marketing Assertions D20
  • These frequently stand alone as an audience manipulation technique; but also get used in  association with weasel words and other spin techniques.
  • Assertions are positive statements presented as fact. They imply that what is stated is self-evident and needs no further proof. Assertions may or may not be true.
  • (Remember we are talking about spin. Spin involves deception. When assertions are true and not presented in a manner to mislead they are not spin.)
  • Any time an advertiser states that their product is the best without providing evidence for this, they are using an assertion. The unspoken object of the spin-doctor is for the audience to simply agree to the statement without searching for additional information or reasoning about it. 
  • Assertions, although usually simple to spot, are often dangerous forms of propaganda because they often include falsehoods or lies.
21. Plain Folks or Common Man: 

Common man D20
  • The “plain folks” or “common man” approach attempts to convince the audience that the spinner’s positions reflect the common sense of the people. It is an old propaganda technique.
  • It is designed to win the confidence of the audience by copying the common manner and style of the audience in order to convince the public that the spinner’s views reflect those of the common person and that they are also working for the benefit of the common person. 
  • The spin-doctor will often attempt to use the accent of a specific audience as well as use  specific idioms or jokes. 

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