May 6th, Let the TRUTH be told in the case of Mike Skidmore.

Well, anyone going that we can depend on to report the truth on what’s happening? What do we know so far besides the lie perpetrated on this community that Mr Skidmore was told to leave? The truth is he was never told to leave. Secondly he was not disorderly before being attacked for recording an illegal attempt at a private meeting, he was simply asserting the truth of this being a public meeting and the fact that the agenda the public received did not depict a private meeting aka executive session. Don’t believe the truth you will find here then look up the record THEY keep on the County website. Not one of the meeting minutes on THEIR site say a word that an executive session was scheduled for July 9th, evidence they are lying? I think so!

Not to be redundant like their spokesman Drew Tyler you can follow the link to Justice for Mike Skidmore for much of what’s not being shared with the public. Until we hear an update by their CONtrolled local media sources those of us who challenge will await for scrutiny as the trial sets to begin in June.

Justice for Mike Skidmore

Mike Skidmore – Independent Reporter
PINAC Mike Skidmore_TheFirstAmendmentMatters
Update as we see here is the case went from CLOSED to REOPENED, that’s odd don’t you think?
Comment below your thoughts on this and where it will go from here, rumor has it the folks who attended from the Mansfielders Perspective Group are being considered Co-conspirators in this attack on public meeting rules? As their spokesman Drew Tyler says…you have me ROTFLMAO!
Dollar to a donut Drew Tyler is a friend of the wanna be Sheriffs family, any takers? Another rumor is IF this attack was planned as some would like you to believe it was planned by this guy who round about said this would happen, watch video of that a month prior to this incident here. Its said the Youtube Mike made embarrassed him and his boss, you say?
Could this be Politically motivated, we all know it worked for his Prosecutor brother?
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Dr Andrew Moulden on Vaccines – 1-1/2 hr must watch!

Interesting NEWS about vaccines…

Comment below your thoughts


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Service member speaks; Patriot, Terrorist, or just Freedom of individual Perspective?

This guy serves our Military, sworn to an oath of the people yet has the balls to go National and Tell it like it is?

Are we seeing the TRUTH starting to unfold before our very eyes? Some like Drew Tyler call these men & women cowards yet hides behind a fictitious Facebook account, Interesting stuff coming to fruition.

If the military is now made up with women, would this not make them joining the military a woman, or a man? CONfused… you say?

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Got News about Banks spending over $46k for GOP Commissioner Candidacy!

He didn’t spend it, his special interests did! Did you not go to the debate?

Morgenstern CLEARLY said Banks bankrupted the family business and asked how much? How ever the questioner from the MNJ  quickly moved on with the show so the public that showed would not get an answer, hmmm?

Banks spent $46,779 on GOP commissioner campaign

Actually the GOP heard Philly was advised by Board of Elections he had to run as a Republican cause as an Independent he voted Republican in the last Major Election. Since Tim was no longer a viable liar for the GOP establishment they were scared and had to bring in another puppet as Drew Tyler says? Too funny! When you try to get people involved in the election process what they will do to not lose their seat? I am more interested if in recent years IF ANYONE has spent this kind of money in fear if an average Joe getting in office? This is certainly how they want this to appear, the GOP’s fear was not of long time comrade Tim Wert, it was of a citizen getting in there having NO TIEs to the establishment!

Here’s what you learned so far? Local Political are dirty! Your not part the club, your not getting in!

Disenfranchised Voters related blog a MUST READ & LISTEN!


Disenfranchised Voters hurt Botdorfs chances?

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Crime is down in Mansfield? Its only April folks, the projections can only get worse!

Richland Source reports decrease in Crime?


Its all about the Perspective!

Depends on how you read the data IF this is positive or not?

With Arson, Rape, Assaults, Burglary, Auto thefts and Arrests all up it appears Mansfield still has some serious frustration issues? After all Mansfield its only April of 2016? Surely those Juvenile numbers will skyrocket as well once schools out? Just a guess!

Not trying to be negative, just keeping it real! 👍

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Harriet Tubman; Iconic Figure or Subliminal message?

Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. What do you think about the change?


Harriet Tubman  Died: March 10, 1913, Auburn, NY , and the Federal Reserve ironically started  December 23, 1913.

You know, that system that prints paper with NO VALUE & loans it to you for interest! 19 Trillion Dollar Debt and your not a slave? How many of you could quit your job today and would keep everything?

Yes my friends, YOU are a modern day slave to money unless you are one of the many who have stole their riches along with the Banks behind this Reserve. Who are the fools, those who will be divided or fighting over the crumbs not in the know of what’s transpiring!

Once again…United we Stand, Divided we Fall?


Wake up sheeple, just another media hype being used to make you sick!



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Mansfield Jurors find Officer Garn “GUILTY” on 25 Counts, but one question remains…

Prosecutor: Send Garn to Prison

GarnGuilty14MANSFIELD – Richland County First Assistant Prosecutor Cliff Murphy didn’t hesitate when asked about a sentencing recommendation for Mike Garn.

“Prison,” he said.

A former Mansfield police officer, Garn was found guilty on 25 of 34 counts Friday in Richland Common Pleas Court. He could receive up to 21½ years in prison when he is sentenced at 3 p.m. Tuesday before Judge Brent Robinson.

Officer Garn some say you can Indict a Ham sandwich in Richland County!

Some are STILL wondering and have not forgot who was behind the murder of Rebekah Leicy?, did Garn escape Murder or his knowledge of it?


Questions still surround Rebekah Leicy’s death


We are getting CLOSER friends & community! – One less thug on the streets and there’s NOTHING their mouthpiece Drew Tyler can do about it! Tick Tick Tick, as we know with Drew baby there are many more out there, it’s just a matter of time THEY start listening more after what happened here. THEY call these people trash and un-credible witnesses, the TRUTH is the ones who are NOT credible witnesses hide behind fake accounts like our friend Drew Tyler!

We the people are coming Drew Tyler, TICK TICK TICK – your time is running out here, the GOOD people here are sick of your kind, it’s time for you to LEAVE!


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Spread the word about these symbols on toys etc., you may be getting targeted?

This is a much watch, sick pedophile symbols being used on products sold here in the U.S.

Please comment where you may be seeing this, sick!

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Sandy Hook Hoax makes you wonder about July 9th 2015?

Sure appears these shootings are staged, just like July 9th Public Meeting where Mike Skidmore was attacked by a crazed Security Guard who pulled a gun during fist fight in a Court building in which by law no guns are allowed? Can’t wait to see this discussed in the upcoming Trial in June. May 6th will be interesting to see how the media covers without any citizen journalists there? I would go, but word has it those of us who were there are being CONsidered CO-CONspirators, so not sure that’s a good idea when cameras are CONsidered such a threat? Besides, I don’t feel safe in a building where idiots can simply draw weapons on unarmed citizens at will. Thank God nobody was killed that day. Watching how this ordeal unfolded you would think we have actors of our own, especially when they depicted Mike was told to leave? The 47 minute video surely proved that incorrect, a lie if you will?

I digress, back to this issue at hand – The Sandy Hook Hoax, give it a watch and let me know what you think? I you would like to see the 47 minute hoax from last July here just leave feedback below. Thanks!!!

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Officer Garn some say you can Indict a Ham sandwich in Richland County!

Others will say by reading all of this that they not only indicted a ham sandwich, THEY indicted a REAL PIG???
Garn Arrest Photo


Mansfield police officer on leave during investigation

Mark Caudill 5:18 p.m. EST December 5, 2014

***** Here is where it all began…

Mansfield police officer indicted on 40 counts

Mark Caudill 5:32 p.m. EST February 12, 2015

***** Here some say they can convict a ham sandwich, interesting! I believe I have heard this before, hmmm?


Details emerge in indicted officers case

Mark Caudill, Reporter 4:56 p.m. EST February 13, 2015


2015 in review City cop indicted

Mark Caudill, Reporter 2:08 p.m. EST December 29, 2015



Couple file federal lawsuit against Mansfield officer and city

Lou Whitmire News Journal 6:30 p.m. EDT June 7, 2015

***** City settles, Garn doesn’t? – Could be trouble for him?

Mansfield police Officer Garn going on trial April 4

Mark Caudill, Reporter 7:01 p.m. EST January 6, 2016


City settles Garn civil suit for $25,000

Lou Whitmire, Reporter 12:18 p.m. EST February 10, 2016

***** This can only mean the witnesses are willing to deal, could save this man from going to prison and being labeled a sex offender for life?

Mansfield police officer Garn’s trial to start Monday

Mark Caudill, Reporter 6:32 p.m. EDT April 2, 2016


Mansfield cops trial starts with opening statements

Noah Jones, Staff Reporter Apr 4, 2016


Prosecutor Garn preyed on women

Mark Caudill, Reporter 5:24 a.m. EDT April 5, 2016

***** Being there are more than one coming forward you never know? How ever it’s a well known fact others do this! The Prosecutors brother got away with it?

Jurors hear Garn admit destroying evidence on FBI tape

Mark Caudill, Reporter 7:46 p.m. EDT April 5, 2016

***** Admission is NEVER good, but will help his deal?

Witness says Garn wanted sex after getting rid of heroin

Mark Caudill, Reporter 5:15 p.m. EDT April 6, 2016

***** If there’s no Heroin?

Woman claims she performed sex act on Garn

Mark Caudill, Reporter 2:31 p.m. EDT April 7, 2016

***** This cannot be good?

MPD officer Garn indicted on 40 Counts, see what they are saying here!













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