Another Drew Tyler buddy resigns, this time from children services.

Children’s Services spokesman resigns amid allegations of improper computer usage.

Doubt he was looking at Facebook when they assure it’s nature did not involve children, leads one to believe he was surfing porn? Being he resigned I highly doubt we will hear anymore. Kinda like the idiot who fired his gun in a public meeting who also was allowed to resign, now in Florida they say cause he sure can’t find work here! 👍👍

“It is unfortunate that this has occurred,” Harrelson said. “I can assure the residents of Richland County, that while the images and activities I noted were inappropriate for a county or state computer systems, I did not note any child-related pornographic material.
“However, theft of time and improper use of a computer system may be criminal charges; however that is for the county prosecutor to determine.”

Tick tick tick, can’t cover for those wasting time on the taxpayers dime.

Drew Tyler is next!!!! – Posting every day on the taxpayers dime.


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Mansfields own, Artist Frank Medley writes a catchy tune about a serious problem in our area that needs addressed!

Thank you Frank Medley and everyone who helped put this together, put the puppet master Drew Tyler in their place. Now we know what their secret successful business is that turns people into puppets? Now you know why they hate the Philly, can’t be CONtrolled by a substance or fear. Yes, we all have “Struggles” in our lives, keep moving on cause Drew especially has no power here!

Never give up, hope you get the message friends. You are loved regardless what your Drew Tyler says…tick tick tick.


JUST SAY NO TO DREW TYLER, a fake, a fraud, and certainly not puppet master.

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Ex Free Mason exposes cult, could be right here in Mansfield Ohio?

Give it a listen, you can relate it to my childhood hometown we have since moved away from. Mansfield Ohio.

Some call it the good old boys club…

We have a Masonic Temple on Middle Bellville right next to one of the most popular Churches loaded with local business powers. Interesting!

Churches are “normally” open to the public, not so when it comes to one of their important members of the club. Remember when the prosecutor mysteriously shot himself? That was a weird secret invitation only event that makes this story that much more compelling!
Hmmm, the haters that used to troll this group aka Drew Tyler puppets like Spognardi claimed the Mansfielders Perspective group on facebook was some kind of cult, naturally that was deception from their cult cause the group exposes it’s leaders?

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Independent Reporters expose Walmart on Youtube

Yes, you will love the waste, are you surprised? It’s how they destroyed mom and pop, with low wage subsidies and waste.


Now, what’s .gov gonna go about it?








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Mansfield ready to Target more drug dealers, aka Drew Tyler gang!

Yep, Drew Tyler’s afraid to tell us all about their successful business here in Mansfield, I wonder why? 

According to the METRICH Enforcement Unit, investigators seized over 2.2 pounds of cocaine, roughly 550 grams of heroin, over 2.2 pounds of marijuana, 12 firearms, and over $12,000 in U.S. currency. These numbers are only preliminary as there are still searches taking place.

Not saying this wasn’t a good effort, but for planning 2 yrs these numbers have to be disappointing to drug enforcement as well? Let’s hope this just opens the door to round up the ringleaders aka masterminds, or could that be puppet master as indicated by Drew Tyler. I wouldn’t be surprised someone in the Drew Tyler gang tipping them off why more drugs weren’t found.

One life saved is worth it they say?

More on the story here…

TICK TICK TICK, I told Drew Tyler they would eventually get caught.

Nah, what’s dying is Mansfield with the likes of Liberals like you.

Tick tick tick

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What defines Affordable Healthcare?

If you are paying nearly $90/wk just to have insurance, a $10,000 family deductible and making the average $42,000/yr anything beyond glasses every 2 years, and 2 dental cleanings a year per member is scary!

Right out of the gate your income is $37,320. Take $9600 yr/food, $12000 yr/shelter, $2400 yr/utilities, 10% entertainment & charity another $4200 and what do you have? $9120, and that’s not including taxes and auto/home insurance. Just think if your one of the many making $10k less than average.

These are ALL averages found on the web, anyone finding it worse?

The kicker today is healthcare IF you cannot afford a procedure instead of payments you must take out a loan, yes loan! Recently we found with our $10,000 deductible to have a $6,000 procedure done you either pay for the work upfront, or you take out a loan, mind you the healthcare provider has their own at a gouging 14% interest.

Getting ill is far from affordable, say you, what’s your experience?

Forced to live paycheck to paycheck without a savings with this kind of inflation is nuts.



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Shelby Law Director’s admission should be Political Suicide?

Can’t wait to hear how he is human lol!


Shelby law director, judge candidate Eyster charged with OVI in motorcycle crash

Brittany Schock, Staff Reporter / Richland Source

“There is a significant amount of misinformation in the officer’s report, and a significant number of things we take issue with,” McKown said. “Gordon is planning on admitting through no contest pleas of a charge or two he doesn’t deny he did; he doesn’t deny he didn’t have a motorcycle endorsement, and that he didn’t have a helmet on,” he said. “Everything else is strongly denied.”

Complete disregard for the LAW and is a Law Director? Richland County area does not need yet another Judge that can’t be TRUSTED! It’s time we start a WALL OF SHAME to include Political wanna be’s we can’t trust! – I think it’s great in this case the hospital infringed on this mans right (HIPPA) to hide any chance of hiding the fact he was also driving impaired by LAW! Making it tough for voters this election season, we can only hope there is a better choice? Here in this County where birds of a feather flock together that’s a diffiCULT task.

Let the man know, you won’t be VOTING for anyone who disregards the LAW!

If you see this man in public, shame him as he is NOT worthy of the position…

LAW DIRECTOR?, as surely he’s a friend of Drew Tyler…ROTFL!


Police: Shelby law director may have left motorcycle crash scene

Of course, this paper NEVER has information, like Drew Tyler it’s usually misleading. tick tick tick

Cease & Desist, this is not the public’s CONcern Drew Tyler would say?

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Joshua Paul Knight Obituary Tells It Like It Is…

A parents worst nightmare comes true. Why, cause the self proclaimed puppet master uses your weakness to destroy you! Don’t be deceived by these Drew Tyler’s, United we stand against these tyrants, divided you will fall. Read, this is what happens when Drew Tyler thinks they know what’s best, successful they are? I think not! If you agree, then do your part and start writing those letters!

Tick tick tick, get enlightened and eventually we will win this fight!

A very touching obituary that explains the sadness of a broken system, and proof bureaucrats only want you dead!


Joshua Paul Knight
June 29, 1995 ~ September 28, 2017 (age 22)
Guestbook & more

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Service Details

Joshua Paul Knight, 22, from Canal Fulton, took his last breath suddenly in the early morning of Thursday, September 28, 2017 cause of death is suspected to be a drug overdose, but as of now the cause of death has not been determined. Joshua Knight was born June 29th, 1995, Akron, Ohio. He graduated Northwest High school and resided at home with his parents and 5 siblings until his heroin use took him on a different journey. Joshua was a kindhearted, giving human being, that loved to laugh. He had a gentle spirit, and loved his family with all his heart. He loved to watch The Office over and over and over again as he continued to laugh at the same jokes. He also thought he was a movie critique, which resulted in him ruining a lot of movies for the rest of us! Josh loved animals and they could sense his gentleness. If a joke could be made in any situation, I guarantee you it would be, he was not lacking in sarcasm. Josh loved his siblings and more than once went to battle for them. He also loved his parents, he respected his father immensely and loved his momma with his whole heart. Josh was the peacekeeper of the Knight clan. He grew up loving Star Wars, playing baseball, and riding his bike. He was the the second eldest of 6 and he was always caring for one of the littles, or helping his mom around the house. Josh didn’t have any enemies because there was not a mean bone in his body. Unfortunately Josh also had an addictive personality, and when heroin came into the picture after high school our lives as we knew them would never be the same. Josh wanted more than anything to just live a “normal” life. To get a small apartment, work a job, spend time with his family. He tried so hard to beat this monstrous demon known as heroin. He willingly went to several different rehabs and did very well until trying to find the aftercare/transitional piece. That is usually where we would lose him again. The battle in his head never stopped. Addiction is a chronic brain disorder. The brain becomes the person’s worst enemy. Addiction causes distortion in how a person thinks and behaves, it is not a choice. 2.1 million Americans suffer from addiction right now. The closest Josh came to this normalcy was a few months back in Columbus, Ohio, after an overdose, Josh entered a detox, and then rehab that he was very successful with. He then began the transitional piece which in the past was always the hardest for him, but he was successful yet again. He was staying at the sober house affiliated with the rehab. He found a full time job and was working every day, attending IOP in the evenings and feeling very excited and proud of himself, and so were we. Our private insurance paid for the rehab and IOP, and Josh paid the rent portion for the sober house. He was finally making it, He was beating this, he found something that was working! During this time Josh was on probation from charges he received from another overdose. The counselor was working with the court and sending over weekly reports of his success and also taking him to the Summit County court for any needed appointments. He was assigned a new judge after the 1st of the year and this new Judge said and I quote “If you can stay clean there than you can stay clean here” She ruled that he come back to summit county and complete a year long county program funded completely by the taxpayers. He was devastated, I was outraged. How and why would the court take a successful person working a successful program completely funded by him/and his insurance and force him back into the same city where he was not strong enough to yet be. His probation officer and public defender were even shocked at this decision. He had to quit his job and find a new sober house and start all over in the city he didn’t even feel strong enough to drive through, let alone live there. He knew the triggers there were too much for him. This was the last time Josh had a substantial amount of clean time, and it was gone within a matter of days after being forced to leave the sober community he had been able to find success at. The judge, and our broken system ripped him from a healthy environment, so that he could come back to his hometown, forced to live as a homeless person, and start all over again. It was not long after that, that Josh chose to leave the state. He was using again and he did not want his family to see him that way, nor did he want to face prison charges. He was stuck in a broken system. He felt he was toxic to his loved ones and should stay away until he could find sobriety again. He felt so much guilt for not being a better role model to them, but the truth is they each loved him dearly, and unconditionally. Josh can not be brought back but changes can be made so that other lives are saved. Drug overdoses kills more people than gun violence and car accidents. I beg of you to write your congressman and demand change. I feared the knock on the door, yet I never thought it would actually happen. I thought he would beat this monster, but in the end he lost the battle, and we lost our beloved, son and brother. You and your loved ones are not exempt from this epidemic. Please make calls, write letters, and demand change! Josh spent the last few months of his life, homeless and living out of his car. I ask that you soften your heart, show kindness, and empathy to one or many of the lost souls you see struggling every day. They are more than what you see. They are a lost soul with a story, and a family, trying to find their way back home. I hope that many will be touched and saved through our sweet Joshua’s story.

Joshua Paul Knight is survived by his father, Shawn; mother, Kimberly; brother, Jackson (24); brother, Lucas (20); brother, Matthias (18); brother, Samuel (17); sister, Rebekah (16); paternal grandmother, Eva; maternal grandmother, Marilyn; maternal grandfather, Dallas; Uncle and Aunt, Dan and Shelia; uncle and aunt, John and Cindy; uncle, Larry; aunt, Pam; uncle and aunt, Kevin and Donna; cousin, Sarah; cousin, Anna; cousin, Eden; cousin, Conor; cousin, Silas; cousin, Emily; cousin, Caleb; cousin, Jonas; cousin, Carly.

The Family will receive friends on Saturday, October 7th 2017, at Highpoint Christian Church, 2545 W. Comet Rd., Clinton, OH 44216 from the hours of 12-2:30pm. The service will begin at 2:30 pm with the burial at Canal Fulton Cemetery to follow after.

Friends and family can gather at Occasions Party Centre, 6800 Manchester Rd, New Franklin, OH 44216 following the burial service.

In lieu of flowers we request that a donation be made in Joshua’s name to Life Upcycled. This is a new sober living home, that will fill in a much needed gap in our recover system. It will provide a sober living environment, while the individual also learns a skilled trade to make transitioning back into society a success.

Life Upcycled

1010 S. Water St.

Kent, OH 44240
Charitable donations may be made to:

Life Upcycled
1010 S. Water St., Kent OH 44240

Service Information
© 2017 Swigart-Easterling Funeral Home. All Rights Reserved. Funeral Home website by CFS


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Deputy Scott Kotterman calls Donald Zehner a LIAR according to story here!

***Former Richland County sheriff’s sergeant to contest firing

Scott Kotterman on Facebook

Interesting Perspectives Telling It Like It Is, Who’s the Liar????

***According to transcripts from an internal investigation, Kotterman said he never threatened, touched or meant any harm to Zehner and said there was “nothing” inappropriate about the interaction. Zehner said Kotterman called him a liar and said he was going to get back at him. The captain said he felt threatened enough by Kotterman that he called his wife to warn her.

Also present for the incident were Sgt. Brad Henderson, Sgt. Steve Boyd and Erika Spicer.

Henderson said Kotterman told Zehner to “stop lying” on him. Boyd said Kotterman called Zehner a liar. Both sergeants guided Kotterman away from Zehner to prevent the matter from escalating, according to the investigation report.

Spicer, a sheriff’s office employee, called Kotterman’s behavior “disturbing” and “completely inappropriate.”

“inappropriate” seems to be the “catch phrase” like used in the Mike Skidmore incident, hmmm?

Kotterman said he will pursue the matter to federal court if necessary.

“I look forward to getting my job back,” he said.


Donald Zehner is a known liar, good luck!

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Can Mifflin Township really TRUST John Mayer as Trustee?

November ballot full of contested races

Township trustee races


In Mifflin Township, Tim Applegate, Matt Cook, John Jaholnyckyj, John A. Mayer and Timothy Senter all filed for two open seats.

Can Mifflin township TRUST John Mayer as a TRUSTEE?

The State certainly can’t trust John Mayer being he is known to disobey orders and dishonest before the Ohio State Personnel Board of review. Read the following Day 1 and Day 2 transcripts – Day One,   Day Two

Witnesses Dave Leitenberger and Bambi Couch Page involved in this incident hired John after his firing by the State. John Mayer was hired into Court Security under Leitenberger and Secret Service private investigator for Page after the passing of his Prosecutor Brother James who Ms Page replaced. Strange enough his brother Matt Mayer also a Court employee as security also was known to harass people in the County building as we saw in the following videos…

These videos were later used in the Mike Skidmore incident that resulted in his false prosecution and conviction based on a conspiracy theory that Mr Skidmore planned to be attacked when in fact I am sure they attacked him for this! Yes, Ms Bambi Page lost her bid to be elected as Prosecutor, just as Matt Mayer seen above lost his bid for Sheriff. Can Mifflin township not be uninformed about this gang? I call them Drew Tylers for they are certainly behind the account that attempts to deceive the readers on a page I manage called Mansfielders Perspective 

John Mayer is on the MP Wall of Shame, as he should be!

Can’t be TRUSTED as a public servant period!!!!!!



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