Mike Skidmore appeal goes quiet, the goal was a complete success?

Yes, in the case of Mike Skidmore the goal was achieved!

The goal was certain to drag the appeal out until time lapsed to file complaints against Richland County Commissioners for derliction of duty and endangering citizens lives when an armed court employee who resigned instead of facing charges for discharging their weapon in a public meeting July 9th 2015.

What did hapeen resulted in the inprisonment of Mike Skidmore who was exercising his right to record and speak holding officials accountable for questions they refused to answer on the record.

Now we wait for the answer on Mr Skidmore’s appeal that was filed October 31st, 2016. The latest update as of June 8th, 2017 on the docket is a request for this Judgment Entry in which time has elapsed with no answer to the Clerk of Courts to the outcome of this meeting. That’s interesting as some claims are this is where the fraud begins and ends in many cases IF not properly followed like we have here the result can be silence of wrong doing while people soon forget?

Well friends, we have not forgotten in this group and just like the citizens who attended this meeting for answers we are left once again with none. Beyond popular belief this is NOT right, the people should DEMAND answers, but after seeing how easily it was to lock up an innocent citizen using the media I get it! Yes, this is why people are silent and now hopeful the NEW President and his Attorney’s will about face the higher archy Judicial system to right the ship of prosecutorial misconduct we see in MANY cases, not just this one.

Sure there was much wrong in this case beginning with a cover up to justify discharging a weapon in a public meeting by one who is to serve & protect, on that day there was no protection rather than intervention by God where this crazed County employee’s gun jammed or who knows what would have happened?

Mr Skidmore was NEVER told to leave, the 1st of many lies to justify this court employee discharging their weapon. Evidence gained proves there was NO justification for deadly force, why this man was allowed to resign than face his accusers of endangerment is beyond me! So our ONLY RECOURSE is calling them out publicly here, and thats sad being an attack on one is an attack on all. Another falsehood shared by the media was Mr Skidmore planned is, huh? That was never proven either, so trump up the charges so something sticks? Yes, we all know that as how deals are made and crap like this simply fades into the sunset, but not here!

It has been 6 days since this oral hearing was to take place and so far no answers to public records requests to the Clerk on the outcome. One would think no news is good news when the truth is nothing good comes from silence.

Let us pray Mike Skidmore and his family are united soon, this case has been ugly from the beginning and sadly as a witness to this incident the media has been led to misconstrue their readers. In the end I am hopeful the truth will prevail as the voters did by assuring all involved in this case were joyfully removed from office or entering into it. Marilyn John is the sole political survivor in this incident with her re-election bid coming in 2018. I hope the voters do not forget her plea that started all the hostility in this incident, with that I am hopeful she too is removed to no longer impede the peoples voice in their own meeting. Another falsehood was said this is a Commissioners meeting, not true! This is a public meeting, and now after this incident with MORE rules to further restrict the public from being assertive in their arguments. I am guessing our officials need their safe place while the citizens are left in disregard, interesting perspective huh?

If this is your first hearing of the case you can play catch up here on my website page Justice for Mike Skidmore or read the many refutes to the local news here on Tell it like it is page associated with the Mansfielders Perspective Group here!

Yes, since I have publicly refuted the media in several cases I have been wrongfully attacked by the media & local politicians Mouthpiece Drew Tyler, who yes once exposed for certain will blow your mind on local deception.

You can find more hate for the TRUTH here on the Who’s Drew Tyler page, proof of tactics used by these political turds. Yes, there is also a copycat wanna be Mansfielders Perspective page designed to deceive you just as our local media is used, interesting to say the least. Its not about the truth, its about deterring you from it!

Tick tick tick, the TRUTH shall prevail, another thing Drew hates, the possibility of their fraud exposing who they really are behind their fake account which recently has been exposed here either as Drew themself or once again identity theft to misconstrue their readers, you decide, could it be?

Finally Drew Tyler shares the Truth?



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Finally Drew Tyler shares the Truth?

Yes, this admission could  just be another one of their many lies, so lets take a deeper look into this fictitious character shall we? The good news is…If this troll is hiding behind another identity theft they will have not one, but two looking for them. Tick tick tick, I had faith the squirrel would eventually come out and play, so now lets play!

The fake Drew Tyler page


Yes, my deceiving stalker now reveals themself rather using my pics on their profile, kudos to him. Now everyone can see and know this ass on a more personal level. Interesting!

This is Drew Tyler in provoking mode lol! or ?

Yes Drew Tyler an education is a good thing, animal science is important in your field of goat farming, or is that BULLSHIT???

The admitted real Drew Tyler page  https://www.facebook.com/drew.tyler.71

Drew Tyler is a gamer alright, lost at this one.



She should be so proud to be married to such a nimwit?

Now we ALL know what the moron behind the Drew Tyler – It all makes sense now, its a young punk.

Meet Drew Tyler of hate on their very own “Who’s Drew?” page. Now we know?

Other links:

Drew Tyler copycat Mansfielders Perspective called unsensored lol! – I am blocked from posting, but as certain as I am they are trolling here they will see this. Yes, Drew Tyler is famous now, famous looking like an ass.

The real deal Mansfielders Perspective, where they hate the media getting refuted of their lies.

Mansfielders Perspective Website


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John Mayer for TRUSTEE???

You first have to TRUST one who wants to be a trustee, right?


If he can’t follow simple orders from the State, how can he follow orders from the people he serves, its best we let him go back to being a Mall Cop, too bad he couldn’t do that either!

Memories are short we know, but this is where Drew Tyler got their start! Find out who Drew Tyler is you find the connection to everything wrong in Mansfield.

Read the story!



Drew Tylers family friend…

Tick tick tick, I told you the MP will NEVER let the community forget who you really are, NEXT…Drew Tyler!!!!!

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Donald Trump & Philly know fake news when they see it!

Yes, President Elect knows all too well about fake news, and so does “Philly”, the administrator of the REAL Mansfielders Perspective on facebook, Tell it like it is blog, and website used to refute “fake news”.

Its great that we now have a President calling it out as well, dont bode well for the Drew Tylers of the world flip flopping to the point even those who read their crap are now seeing the false claims like this one for what they are!

Yep, Nancy Drew Tyler claims the MP is in cardiac arrest when in FACT “fake news” like we saw reported in the Mike Skidmore incident voters have been awakened! So much they saw thru the lie that Mike Skidmore was told to leave that they voted out 2 commissioners (Wert & Utt) in 2016 along with their hand picked prosecutor Bambi Couch Page who’s office was the first to report the lie in a media packet all the while trying to protect another buddy involved in the incident they were trying to make Sheriff, Matt Mayer. Yes, the people are seeing the fake news yet their spokesman Drew Tyler claims we are in cardiac arrest when in fact fake news reporters like Drew have been checked!

Yes, we know who is in cardiac arrest and its certainly not the Mansfielders Perspective, the real one anyways!

Want fake news in Mansfield, then the copycat page here is what you want. Want the real deal you can visit us here, Mansfielders Perspective Group not page on facebook here, this is fake news copycat wanna be news…Mansfielders Perspective Unsensored?

Tick tick tick, stick around, the TRUTH is coming and there is only one real deal, “Philly”.





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Drew Tyler twists the TRUTH again…

Drew Tyler lays claims on their copycat Mansfielders Perspective that the blogs are dying here. Slow coming yes, dying of course not. Some of us have busy positive lives going on unlike this Drew Tyler character who hates facts.

The fact is the MP does not steal material for personal gain, but to rather promote and/or question, something they especially dont like is questioning them. What do they have? Nothing more than a page of hate, oddly enough not just hating the philly, but also resorting to attacking the philly in hope of provoking something that will never happen being the character nobody knows will ever face their perspectives to phillys face! Not because of fear of violence, but as fear of who’s behind the Drew Tyler mask.

With that said I “share” not stolen articles of heath for my dysfunctional friend, maybe they can find this information helpful?

Yes, Philly shares what could be important, thats not stealing my fictitious friend. What really seems to be dying is your page NOBODY visits unless I post, now thats ROTFLMAO!

This next nutrient could help Drew with their dysfunction????

Looking forward to the Drew Tyler review on the hate page. 👍😄👍

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Mike Skidmore appeal goes to oral argument July 11th 2017, 11am.

Can’t wait to hear how this turns out!


The rubber meets the road? Finally!

Let the argument for self defense stand, along with the many more issues surrounding this injustice!


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Drew Tyler, one of the same?

Recently the Drew Tyler of Mansfield self proclaimed puppet master and hater of truth has been blocking comments that refute their poppycock copycat page.

Funny thing! – This liberal flip & spin con artist has been stealing my pics to poke fun at, big whoopee right, sticks and stones. The curious part is why this fake account has gotten involved with trying to deceive readers down to stalking my family when giving details my wifes breaklight didnt work on one side, downright creepy right? So I blocked the weirdo and made another account to refute their uncensored page to prove they too censor like local media was doing in the past, not so much now. None the less I then blocked this Drew Tyler with both accounts just to find they unblocked by their secondary account making it visible to me, this is the 1st time I have ever encountered this other Drew Tyler account, could it be the real deal, could we now have the face of the idiot behind these years of slander and deception, makes sense now!

Lets take a look shall we???

Here is the Drew Tyler account we all knew… Note from Westerville

Now the Drew Tyler I have never seen before blocking their stalker account. Note once again Westerville, whats the odds we have 2 Drew Tylers, and by their latest rant shared below whats the odds they both went to Ohio State?


Now that Drew Tyler has been called out, lets see IF either comes forward to prove otherwise? Drew says “prove it”, yet I sent their secondary facebook a message, lets see if the coward responds?

Well Drew Tyler, you said I didnt have the balls to find you or would meet my day of reckoning if I ever tapped you on the shoulder, well not here’s your chance my keyboard warrior. Respond or CONsider yourself the con you are and push on before getting exposed for what you really are…Nothing more than a narcissistic sociopath with a degree??? or 2, or 3????? Bla bla bla, I dont know many well educated folks that act like you behind a keyboard, its good reason you stay there. The first puppet master ever that cant prove anything in their current situation, now thats rotflmao!

I am continued to be flattered by your copycat of the cease & desist going no where original. Thank you!



Now back to your liar hate page Drew Tyler we the people not hiding from who we are or where we work have more important things to do than waste time arguing with years of repeat, so get some NEW material while we await the answer on the Mike Skidmore appeal in which once again you spin! Tick tick tick, you cant stop the truth or the perspectives of others, so I leave you with this last meme I left on your page.

Have a great day Drew…tick tick tick

Time is on the side of good, while your time has ran out.

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The Clock is now ticking in Mike Skidmore’s appeal, the briefs are in!

Attorney William Norman Brief  pdf.filed 4/24/17 – Plea of Self Defense ignored.

Prosecutors Brief   pdf.filed 5/15/17 – Plea of CONspiracy theory Mr Skidmore planned this event based on his need to be a PINAC correspondent?

Public Records request, brief filed by Prosecution, now let the Appeals Judge rule! – 30 days tick tick tick. – NOW WE AWAIT THE JUDGEMENT ON APPEAL, IF denied I am certain there shall be another.

Its interesting how they are standing with the defense against harassment to Mr Skidmore that his recording somehow justifies attacking him when he made Clerk of Court employees uncomfortable when recording a public records request? Yes, this CONspiracy theory that they believe Mr. Skidmore was not a reporter in their mind is laughable, cause we all know here that’s exactly what he was, a reporter. The fact that they don;t recognize him as one changes nothing in his defense against being harassed on that day or the attack in a public meeting on the record that would have exposed this if he were allowed to speak? The facts ARE clear why Mr. Skidmore is a political prisoner as it was never PROVEN beyond a reasonable doubt that HE planned this conspiracy theory? My differing opinion or perspective if you will is THEY planned this event because Mr Mayer and Leitenberger were embarrassed by the youtube that went viral therefor the plan was for this group to silence Mr. Skidmore once and for all being its their belief independent reporters don’t exist being they CONtrol all media? The fact is they do when the MNJ and others repeated the lie that was proven thru due diligence of anyone who watched the video that Mr. Skidmore was never told to leave.

Tick tick tick – now we await to see how the appeals Court reacts to these briefs before this is taken to yet a higher Court.

Read & Question 👍😄👍 funny how the prosecution didn’t mention this group is where Mike was alleged to make the statement I will share snapshot of this from the attached brief you can download from link.

Boy, IF that’s not stretching it a bit there, WOW! Almost as disgusting as the Judge telling the family this Marine is a dishonor to his service, REALLY????

This message typed on facebook is a matter of opinion only and does not in any way prove Mr. Skidmore planned to get attacked for a 3rd time? If this is TRUE, then would that not prove citizens are not welcome in their own public building, they already proved they don’t like being recorded and scrutinized in public. That’s what the following videos depict, something funny going on for sure, especially when the Sheriff hopeful at the time appeared to have something to hide, like did he really speak to the Prosecutor, or a Commissioner for that matter, he sure didn’t want to divulge that information now did he? Don’t take my word for it, watch the alleged videos they said the jury watched and YOU decide if you see anything funny other than focusing on the few seconds Mr. Skidmore defending himself. You will definitely see in the end when the room was closed where they allowed Commissioner Wert re-enter to tamper with recording device, the device they use to record public meetings to later be written into minutes shared to the public. Go to July 9th meeting minutes to see anywhere Mr. Skidmore was told to leave? I was there, NEVER happened, nor did Mr. Norris aka Court Security say one work before grabbing Mr. Skidmore’s camera. That’s when Mr. Skidmore had enough, mind you this was his 3rd time being harassed recording public officials all of which come off as they have something to hide. That’s why the rest of us were there, as witnesses to these guys being lied to and harassed just for asking questions our servants are required to answer. The basic answer would be identifying themselves, badges backwards????

Watch the following video’s, you decide IF you agree with the jury?

Above video Mr. Leitenberger puts hands on Mr. Skidmore, could be considered Disorderly Conduct? The same as his employee who came into a public meeting with a gun, then fired it without just cause. Proof is the letter pulled during investigation of this mess that shows reprimand for using deadly force. Funny how Mr. Norris resigned as a result yet was ALLOWED TO TESTIFY? I believe the Appeals Attorney has more to appeal than just self defense, you watch you decide.

In the below video you will see a different perspective and we could construe this as the reason Mr. Skidmore was assaulted for recording a public meeting, which by the way is perfectly legal, or was?




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Is FREE SPEECH under attack in Mansfield?

I assure you some believe so, lets take a look shall we? This really happened!

Its under attack in Mansfield, dont you DARE call out corrupt politicians or try to protest without a “permit”.
Mansfield City Safety Director advised we needed a permit to Protest the shooting of an unarmed man, Brian Garber.
Who were they protecting by making claims and attempting to deter free speech? The permit oddly enough was not needed for a protest, the one they referenced depicted the permit was for a parade, not folks legally protesting!
Oddly enough the Mike Skidmore incident was considered a protest when a court employee said peaceful protest my ass shortly after silencing the assertive citizen telling commissioners how a public meeting is held.

Yes I know it sounds hard to believe so here I share the permit Mansfield says is “required” to peacefully protest downtown, keep in mind a legal protest needs to permit if you are not blocking sidewalks or roadways. This was simply an attempt to stop freedom of speech & expression. A clear violation of the United States Constitution. Sadly today what Attorney would fight for you on this without bilking you out of hard earned money?

Theres a differing perspective and CONfusion on what constitutes free speech. Oddly enough the tyrants spokesman Drew Tyler believes what they are doing is free speech when in reality its a hate for it and the same tactics many are facing in this youtube above. Its clear this anonymous Drew Tyler character does not believe in free speech or they wouldnt fear going public with it? Instead they use a fake facebook account to manage a hate page on facebook called Mansfielders Perspective unsensored (spelling) a clear giveaway they are not as bright as they portray!

Next there was this July 15th 2015 meeting with County Commissioners that went bad after a court employee came into our meeting to squash once again a mans ability to speak and record a meeting in which officials attempted to call executive session to keep citizens with questions off the record. Yes, these meetings are recorded and made of public record with minutes of meetings recorded on the County website. Why do they not want citizens holding them accountable on the record is the question that remains. Mike Skidmore seen in the following meeting being met with force is currently serving a 16 month sentence in prison for defending himself, others, and his personal property. The clock is currently ticking on his appeal and right to defend himself in this situation not initiated by him. Marylin John was the first initiator or accomplice of the crime, then there was the court employee Tim Norris as you see here not instructing Mr Skidmore to leave as earlier depicted in their lies shared by local media. Watch the entire video, you decide whether it was lawful for Mr Norris to lay hands on Mr Skidmore without just cause? Yes, Skidmore I believe as a witness and another independent reporter Skidmore had every right to defend himself under these conditions. If not, as a Country we are in SERIOUS trouble! Mr Skismore was a Marine and 30yr retired public employee who certainly knows the difference between right and wrong, the difference here depends on your understanding of law & rights. Lets take another look here shall we?

Pay close attention to the BLAME put on citizens by former Commissioner Gary Utt seen sitting here in the light blue shirt advise after the incident to the old guy Randy Shepherd who didnt move during the whole fiasco claiming its people like this who caused this mess?

Yes, no free speech in Richland County. The good news is the public responded by voting out 2 of the 3 commissioners, their hand picked Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page who’s office declared Skidmore was told to leave was also voted out. Then Matt Mayer another combative court employee seen in one of Mr Skidmores videos that exposes their hate for recording public records requests a month earlier than this incident also lost his bid for Sheriff.

In HONOR of free speech I advise the MP is going no where and will continue to be a watchful eye on local politics, corruption, and media misinformation that these Drew Tylers hate.

Join us on facebook, the closest to the truth you will find. Compare the Original Mansfielders Perspective to the copycat, here you can decide for yourself who’s dying on the vine. Truth vs Hate, thats the bottom line and difference to free speech as protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Yours truly, philly as depicted by Drew Tyler trying to avoid charges of stalking, harassment, and spreading of misinformation to defame the MP.

Comment anonymously or use facebook login, your choice how you comnent. All I ask is keep it real!

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Drew Tyler claims to live in Mansfield, but evidence proves otherwise!

Yes, we already have proven many lies behind the fictitious facebook account of Drew Tyler from Mansfield. Now we have uncovered yet another lie leaving the cant prove I am Drew Tyler stalker and hater of Independent reporting, hmmm?

 Check out the article yourself here, it appears Drew Tyler likes to post under dual personalities being it appears they like answering their own posts.

Here we find Drew Tyler claiming to be a taxpayer in GALION, yes Galion, not Mansfield.

Yes Drew Tyler, your lies are slowly catching up to you. Tick tick tick


It appears this fake character has a problem with the truth or any perspective that differs from their own.

Interesting Find dont ya think?

Tick tick tick, the truth is telling on Drew!

 Find Drew Tylers dual personality here…https://m.facebook.com/Mansfielders-Perspective-Unsensored-576126515903297/posts_to_page/?ref=ts

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