John Kasich is who we need to settle the case of who attacked who in a public meeting July 9th! – The local media is sure SPINNING it????

No, this is not photo shopped - My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

No, this is not photo shopped – My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

Mansfield needs justice to Mend Mansfield

I have plenty of votes still John Kasich, we helped you become Governor and we can help you become President. You want to be the Commander in Chief here is your FIRST Federally needed attention that could put you over the top! – TELL IT LIKE IT IS – you say? Well my friend its time to put up or shut up, are you one of THEM or one of US? No, I am not saying a group that needs to change its tactics or one of which THEY call a “CULT”, that is ludicrous – we are Americans, NOT ISIS like we have seen taking over our local Government. Yes, THEY blamed us for what happened when in REALITY IF you have watched the clear unedited video you will see that is a lie, just as many other things that have been said and done that proves they are diligently trying to cover up what THEY did wrong. FIRST AND FOREMOST trying to block citizens from speaking out on their issues on the record.

Let’s Talk John Kasich, this is your chance to prove to the masses like you did me you are for real when you came to Mansfield. Yes, I yelled and you responded at your campaign here when you asked what I wanted to know, that was personable and would like to share my issues then are STILL my issues now. PLEASE HELP MANSFIELD – This small town like many others are under siege by tyrants who believe we have no rights to protest PEACEFULLY. I assure you there is more to this story than what can be believed being regurgitated by our long pal local news to corruption here. IF Mansfield is to mend and get back to work, it starts with its leaders where most believe there are none!

I got a call from the Sheriff who said has NOTHING to do with this secret security in OUR building, so who is in charge of this secret regime? If we are to have peace here this security needs to know it works for the people who need to be protected equally – read these blogs, you will surely have questions, maybe an open forum here in Mansfield on the square for all to hear, this is the leadership we need today, leadership for ALL, not just a select few – Constitutionally you owe it to us. So, IF you want our votes – HELP Mansfield NOW!!!!

Call me crazy, yes one has to be they say to speak out here? Do you know how many say I am lucky to be alive??? Now that’s CRAZY! – Quite frankly I am sick of hearing that NONSENSE!!!

That’s INTIMIDATION and  FEAR – both of which I am not for the record. Crazy?, I don’t think so!

Man faces felonious assault charge in courthouse fight, but who started the fight?

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Skidmore indicted on six counts, hearing canceled, and media does it again – (smh)


Michael Skidmore is in jail again. – Really? Yes, lets make the hero sound like a repeat offender shall we? Typical MNJ – SMH…

Skidmore indicted on six counts, hearing canceled


Mike Skidmore – Photography is not a crime correspondent.

Skidmore, who is accused of striking the two guards July 9 while they were attempting to detain him during a commissioners meeting, was indicted on six counts and arrested Wednesday after a special session of the Richland County grand jury. His case was presented to Judge James DeWeese and special prosecutor Margaret Tomaro of the Ohio Attorney General’s office, according to Richland County Court’s website. – Can someone tell the people WHY we need to hire a Special Prosecutor for a simple assault? I thought our hand picked by Commissioners Prosecutor would be more than sufficient, hmmm? I wonder like the rest of these replacements that there’s something in writing where she asked to be replaced? Do the people really understand what this simple assault will cost them for covering up what REALLY HAPPENED? What really did happen – ROLL THE TAPE SHALL WE… IT REALLY DOES SPEAK FOR ITSELF! – – Notice @ the very beginning people, Scott Kyler known friend of our fair Sheriff introduced this as a Richland County Common Law Study Group Event, yet some how it has been spun to make you believe it was the Masfielders Perspective Group? Say what???? – I am the Mansfielders Perspective, you know the place I give folks to speak out against these types of articles put in our local paper? I am NOT SURPRISED because that’s how they roll. Yes, they can call us a watchdog group but can hold off on the “cult” crap some anonymous posters are allowed to put out there on hatebook aka facebook. 

Stay tuned just as I am real while my nemesis spokesman for our leaders under a FAKE ACCOUNT name Drew Tyler who has since been EXPOSED as such has since left facebook and resorted to my blog site here commenting has left their signature IP address that is will soon be sought out by the end of this. Please tag my TRUTH site that has kept those less than stellar folks who work for us in the forefront of the news who hope goes away soon will, not now, not ever! I will be them with the first amendment, not my fists unless its on my turf, like one of them said I was bringing to my own door step I say too – BRING IT! I am locked and loaded since this day I was fired upon by a goon with a gun in a building where one by law stated on the front door should not have been, in a public meeting! You want to charge someone with inducing panic, CHARGE THE GOON WITH A GUN! I am sorry to hear classmate Chuck Kochis was bitten, but that came after the first shot fired when can’t speak for him Mike Skidmore more than likely became you or me after seeing the first guard go for his gun when one was not needed. I am sick of hearing these one sided blow by blows and I hope Mike has his day to tell his side, UNTIL THEN I will be here to refute all the falsehoods and false witnesses as you can read yourself in the minutes of this July 9th meeting and compare to the 47 unedited video shared by PINAC – I want to thank PINAC for their quickly releasing this video or who knows how many more stories they would have told. The TRUTH of the matter these Elected Officials are NOTORIOUS for not listening to the public and are quick to call executive sessions to do just that. Can’t wait for the CLEAR RULES on public meetings to see who is right! If you listen closely you will hear Randy Shepherd CLEARLY tell them how it works while Tim Wert says “I don’t think so” – WELL MR COMMISSIONER, who is right? It was VERY CLEAR to me and others there PEACEFULLY this was the intent to start trouble, NOT MIKE, but YOU AND OTHERS who claim to be Commissioners? I am still waiting for the gentleman’s answer you were asked…Are you properly bonded to be Commissioner, BY LAW YOU ARE NOT SIR! 


REALLY? - Where's Chuck Kochis's stretcher? - Drama Award goes to the 1st security guard who fires weapon while the 2nd security guard takes the brunt because a gun just went off!

REALLY? – Where’s Chuck Kochis’s stretcher? – Drama Award goes to the 1st security guard who fires weapon while the 2nd security guard takes the brunt because a gun just went off!

Kochis was bitten on the cheek during the incident and Norris was struck repeatedly in the head. The attack led Norris to fire his gun, which struck a wall. – Once again, watch the video closely…some say Mr Norris was knocked out, that was a lie. Then you will see him taking photos and prancing around later to be seen taken out on a stretcher – what a freaking joke! You people are drama children at best. I hope we can get off on a better foot the next time I appear before our meeting, that’s IF I feel safe being they have guns and I do not! None the less I can continue to beat your minutes here, call you out, and surely not get on the record cause when you show you don’t anyways as once again…watch the video, the minutes are EDITED! Could that be because after the room was sealed Tim Wert came in to steal the recording, then to put it back? What the hell was that about, and why is nobody questioning tampering with EVIDENCE? That’s because that’s the norm here in Richland County and WHY people are afraid.

Put NEW LIGHT on Scott Kylers latest e-mail – FEAR, HMMM?

                                                             SCHEDULED FOR 8-6-2015
                                                                       by Scott Kyler
  The next Richland County Common Law Study Group meeting is scheduled forThursday, August, 6th, 2015 at The Waterford, 1296 S. Trimble Road, the corner of Lexington Avenue and Trimble Road, starting at 6:30 pm. We are now meeting in the private dining room.
  One of the topics of discussion will be the selection of ground rules for our proper, profitable, behavior when interacting with our public servants in public meetings. This discussion is, regrettably, now necessary if we are to have any future, public meetings with our public servants. (Actually, it’s rather amazing to me that this subject even needs to be addressed.)
  Unfortunately, because there were 3 other groups, represented, that had joined our group for the Thursday, July 9th, 2015 County Commissioners Meeting, whose individuals had not been fully vetted by myself, behaviors ensued at the meeting that are against my personal philosophy concerning interactions with public servants at public meetings. Actually, there was only one person present at that County Commissioners Meeting, who arrived with our group, whose behavior, in my opinion, was out-of-line when attempting to interact with a largely ignorant, or, not, Board of County Commissioners. (All meetings must proceed in an orderly fashion, including the hearing of public concerns, even in light of the public meetings, including the meeting of the County Commissioners, being meetings of the people of the county. This MUST be kept in mind at least until the active consensus in Richland County changes to that of historical Patriot. If this general rule is not followed, then, any excuse can be used to increasingly shut-down public interactions with and access to our public servants.)
  In all of the previous meetings I have held between our patriot people and our public servants, including, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, the Richland County Commissioners, and, the Richland County Board of Health, there have never been any negative incidents occur, especially like that which happened at the July 9th, 2015 Richland County Commissioners meeting. In fact, we have had only positive results from our meetings, including the Proclamation signed by the County Commissioners declaring clear support for the Bill of Rights in Richland County, Ohio.
  So, if we are to proceed to take-back and secure our liberties in a peaceful fashion through interacting with our public servants, we MUST proceed in an orderly way in these meetings. To not proceed in an orderly fashion only allows opportunities for conflicts to occur, which, undoubtedly, will be used by our “public servants” and, or, “the media” to further demonize our Patriot Movement which is standing for the protection of our unalienable rights under God.
  Hopefully, such a damaging conflict has not already happened which will be used to progressively solidify the establishment of a “Police State” right here in our own Richland County, Ohio. Obviously, the political trends across the country do not appear to be good.
  Please come out to our meetings and bring patriot friends. Only through knowledge and action can the tide be turned. We have the numbers. We just have to organize and stand up, so, that we will not have to ever “load-up”. “Fear is the mind killer.” – from the movie DUNE. Fear is also the freedom killer – it is the liberty killer, when concerning mortal men. However, the fear of YHWH God is the beginning of wisdom. – And the knowledge of God’s Revealed Law continues the path toward maturing that liberty yielding wisdom. Hosea 4:6-7.

  The Richland County Common Law Study Group meets the first Thursday of the month at The Waterford, at 6:30 pm.
  See you at our next meeting!
Scott Kyler
Richland County Common Law Study Group


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What the local media should be investigating but don’t regarding the Mike Skidmore incident?



Just over a year and this Security System already has INSIDE issues. Remember what they told the public? It would be run by retired Deputy’s?

First we found John Mayer the fired APA Supervisor who did the impossible, got fired by the State, now we have a hired gunman bringing a gun into a room where by law there should be none!

This Thursday after reviewing the video that’s gone viral I hope ALL who have perpetrated a lie get arrested for attacking this PATRIOT! – Yes, I said Patriot! He saved lives on this day as I have not noticed what Randy Shepherd told me from his sitting perspective. He advised over the weekend that Mr Skidmore fought off his non speaking assailant who tried to steal his camera in a public meeting, once he fended him off he noticed the so-called thug with a gun reaching for it so he went after him again before he could draw the weapon. None the less all who were there myself included all know what happens next. Security Kochis comes to his aid and a shot rings out nearly shooting Tim Wert and nearly hits a teenager video recording the event from the other side of the room.
This is when the lies began to ring out for it appears this was a staged or planned hit on Mr Skidmore for exposing top to bottom how awful Richland County is ran as you can see here with his recording of questionable video’s he has shared with the public here –


The MNJ reports on Mike Skidmore – let the normal COVER UP SPIN BEGIN!!!!

July 9th –

July 12th

July 15th

July 16th

July 17th

July 22nd

The start of the planned attack on citizens coming to their public meeting began with the tale of two agenda’s as you will see here!

The first agenda is what the media received along with others who normally attend these meetings.

E-MAILED AGENDA  – Maybe you can ask those who get the agenda IF they got notice of the change?

CHANGED AGENDA – Ooops, you people will have to leave Stacy says – we are starting with Executive Session, basically saying we care less about your schedules and lives. The 1st PROBLEM!

Sorry, I have taken great interest in TRUTH IN REPORTING since the firing of John Mayer in 2008, as you will see here they don’t take to kindly to those who refute perpetrated lies. So much they used intimidation tactics, yet this MP group needs to change theirs?





  1. (in US copyright law) the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.

***Funny how one of my MAIN nemesis extending from the MNJ site still frequents periodically depicting ROTFLMAO for my copy and paste tactics of refuting this crap! – Drew Tyler, if it takes until the end of time – I WILL GET YOU – That’s when WE prove it – lol!

Now I am questioned for mentioning in the MP Group, regurgitated actually what I hear the public in general says that this paper is a rag. I want to believe they are not biased, how ever once again we are NOT SEEING Investigative reporting. Nobody, or shall I say non public employee has been asked about comments being reported by those who were not there, I assume they still believe we are co-conspirators in Mike Skidmore’s plan? – What plan???? – That’s BS!

Funny how it actually looks like “their” plan being their mastermind calls it a plan?

Mike Skidmore and his legal team need to take this to trial, THEY have done too much wrong to turn back now – time to end tyranny once and for all! Time to answer the questions these people have once and for all! I now have plenty of my own as I tried to help these people fight the media giant. Surely as the day is long if Mike gives up now those who have been trying to get answers may never get them as they will surely be harassed and intimidated like the many others who have already left the community in fear of this leadership. I still find it amazing how people say this is a good way to get killed! – I say what????

Sounds like a threat to me, a threat like the one we heard on October 16th meeting in which we were told you bring trouble to your own doorsteps????

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Mansfield gets ATTENTION from World Star Hip Hop – Currently has 622,691 views – WAY TO GO!!!!


World Star Hip Hop shares the 5 minute video going viral here!

HOW EVER, you have to watch the 47 minutes uncut to get the FULL picture of how it all began – PEACEFUL, until guns were brought into a meeting room where BY LAW none should have been! – Here is that youtube –

Here is THE LAW!!!!

2923.1212 Signage prohibiting concealed handguns.

(A) The following persons, boards, and entities, or designees, shall post in the following locations a sign that contains a statement in substantially the following form: “Unless otherwise authorized by law, pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance onto these premises.”:

(1) The director of public safety or the person or board charged with the erection, maintenance, or repair of police stations, municipal jails, and the municipal courthouse and courtrooms in a conspicuous location at all police stations, municipal jails, and municipal courthouses and courtrooms;

(2) The sheriff or sheriff’s designee who has charge of the sheriff’s office in a conspicuous location in that office;

(3) The superintendent of the state highway patrol or the superintendent’s designee in a conspicuous location at all state highway patrol stations;

(4) Each sheriff, chief of police, or person in charge of every county, multicounty, municipal, municipal-county, or multicounty-municipal jail or workhouse, community-based correctional facility, halfway house, alternative residential facility, or other local or state correctional institution or detention facility within the state, or that person’s designee, in a conspicuous location at that facility under that person’s charge;

(5) The board of trustees of a regional airport authority, chief administrative officer of an airport facility, or other person in charge of an airport facility in a conspicuous location at each airport facility under that person’s control;

(6) The officer or officer’s designee who has charge of a courthouse or the building or structure in which a courtroom is located in a conspicuous location in that building or structure;

(7) The superintendent of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation or the superintendent’s designee in a conspicuous location in all premises controlled by that bureau;

(8) The owner, administrator, or operator of a child day-care center, a type A family day-care home, or a type B family day-care home;

(9) The officer of this state or of a political subdivision of this state, or the officer’s designee, who has charge of a building that is a government facility of this state or the political subdivision of this state, as defined in section2923.126 of the Revised Code, and that is not a building that is used primarily as a shelter, restroom, parking facility for motor vehicles, or rest facility and is not a courthouse or other building or structure in which a courtroom is located that is subject to division (B)(3) of that section.

(B) The following boards, bodies, and persons, or designees, shall post in the following locations a sign that contains a statement in substantially the following form: “Unless otherwise authorized by law, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 2923.122, no person shall knowingly possess, have under the person’s control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into a school safety zone.”:

(1) A board of education of a city, local, exempted village, or joint vocational school district or that board’s designee in a conspicuous location in each building and on each parcel of real property owned or controlled by the board;

(2) A governing body of a school for which the state board of education prescribes minimum standards under section 3301.07 of the Revised Code or that body’s designee in a conspicuous location in each building and on each parcel of real property owned or controlled by the school;

(3) The principal or chief administrative officer of a nonpublic school in a conspicuous location on property owned or controlled by that nonpublic school.

Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile No.128, SB 316, §120.01, eff. 1/1/2014.

Effective Date: 04-08-2004; 2008 SB184 09-09-2008


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Now Judges can take a time out for Executive Session, what about Court dockets & legality?


Some are saying this can’t be, Judges meeting in private with executive branch employees? The minutes of this meeting reflect they did, so what’s the big deal others say, can we get some answers please???? –

In Lorain County there appears to be a similar issue, can we get some answers here to who is right? –

Oh Stacey crawl you lying *****. No judge entered into your den of aniquity on July 10th. they had duties in their respective court rooms not the commissioners office and certainly not in any private secluded secret executive session with the squatters.
Sorry folks but I had a panic attack this morning from reading this lyin ***** publication as records.. As Marylin John Would say I think I am suffering from intentional infliction of extreme emotional distress… I need to file a court action but wait, there is one pending allegging racketeering agaIsint this lyin ***** default judgment no less for 96 million dollars plus 7 years of interest and court costs. . 2008cv0294. I am certain that due to my afge and health, this one will be a lot more but I have two years to bring said action agaisnt squatters in office .
Yo Marylin and stacey look up I.I. E.E.D. cause your are being named as defendants in at least 9 cases one being the NAACP guy that you damn near had killed. Oh before I go, would you say this was an intential act to commit murder or was it a accidental discahrge of an illegal gun you brought to the court house??

Please refrain from picking on our disabled neighbors dyslexia, you get the jist of what he is saying! So lets get some answers to the rules shall we? Randy has been calling these people out now for months yet we are still getting no answers. Yes, if you watch the 47 minute video he and others have a valid dispute that needs addressed and with each meeting passed there seems to be more, now we have this concern of blame, once again can be seen in and pointed out even in this condensed version here on youtube –

Blaming the people for what happened is SHAMEFUL, maybe so shameful it may warrant a spot on the “Wall of Shame” – with others who were hired by the County in positions of trust, both of which are investigators now who were fired for their lack of integrity, yet there’s ONLY A FEW who are concerned? Myself, I think it’s CRAZY! – wish someone could tell me why this is ok? John Mayer and Bob Ball have both been since removed for lacking integrity, yet our fair County have found employment for them? John Mayer recently hired after budget cuts to be a Private Investigator for the Prosecutor and Bob Ball still holding position of Investigator for the Coroner? These are VERY questionable to say the least, so can we get an answer without being attacked? We could have settled this in the July 9th meeting, how ever an executive session was called once again to silence the people from the record. If you review these meeting minutes and once again watch the full youtube video you will also find discrepancies the LOCAL MEDIA REFUSES to address. Interesting to say the least!

Can we get some answers please?????

Come on LOCAL MEDIA, prove the MP WRONG!

They have been abusing Executive Sessions going ALL THE WAY BACK to when the Prosecutors Office called one a week before our fair Prosecutor committed suicide. Did he kill himself because he didn’t want to represent this regimes illegal activity or was he killed? There are still many questions not answered from this death, like where did all his secret case files go kept privately in his office?

There are RULES and LAWS people on how these sessions are called, and certainly one is THEY CAN’T call an executive session on the same day the public is scheduled to attend! This is not a philosophical or differing perspective, this is by rule not allowed! Executive Session in a public scheduled meeting can only be called or driven by a QUESTION asked in this meeting, or they schedule another day when the public is not scheduled to attend. This is how it works UNTIL one of those who keep breaking the rules GOES ON THE RECORD either in a meeting or here to say otherwise. See meeting minutes from July 9th – THIS DOES NOT CUT IT AND IS BY FAR AN ANSWER SIR!!!!!

Randy Shepherd believes the executives should leave for their executive session and not the public. Commissioner Wert stated he does not believe that is the way it is done. – CAN WE THE PEOPLE GET AN ANSWER PLEASE!!!!!

The Obsequious ones...

The Obsequious ones…


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Anyone else CONfused on this County Budget? I noticed, did you on how the numbers keep changing???


In this earlier report…

Commissioners: Planned budgets need trimmed

Departments have turned in a total of $33.1 million in spending requests for next year, which is about $6 million short of current revenue estimates. Officials say County Auditor Patrick Dropsey recently provided updated revenue figures that do not include any estimates for money that will come in from a sales tax increase that will go into effect next month.

Commissioners voted in April to enact an emergency one-quarter of a percentage point sales tax increase that will take effect July 1 and run through June 30, 2016, to raise an estimated $3 million to help pay for general operations. Although collection begins next month, revenue from the increase will not come back to the county coffers until late this year.

It also was pointed out that most budgets included 3 percent pay raises for employees.

“That’s not what’s happening in the private sector at all,” Commissioner Marilyn John said. “Companies can’t afford 3 percent raises, and neither can we.” – That’s funny – June 30th meeting minutes I presume under the guise of “executive session” they pulled the wool over those eyes that don’t PAY ATTENTION? 

Copied directly from their recorded minutes…

Discussion: During executive session the Board reviewed requests for salary increases for administrative personnel. The increases will bring their pay more equivalent to other employees in the County. The three positions appear to be under paid based on comparisons.

Motion:  Commissioner John moved to approve the following raises: Administrative Assistant/Operations from $13.25 to $15.00-3%=$13.65, Food Service Manager from $16.50 to $17.50-3%=$17.00 and Assistant Director/Operations Manager $23.08 to $25.00-3%=$23.77 to be effective the first full pay in July 2015 seconded by Commissioner Wert.

Other Comments: None further.

Vote: Mr. Wert, yes; Mrs. John, yes. Motion carried.



Dayspring leader Bill Cunning steps down

Yet tucked in this little jewel the numbers mysteriously changed, or am I missing something once again???

In other business, Commissioners:

Approved a 2016 planning budget that includes nearly $4.4 million more in spending requests than the $28.7 in certified revenue estimates. Commissioners said they will work to eliminate the figure before appropriations are approved at the end of the year and plan for when emergency sales tax revenue ends.

Notice the subtle change or play on words? 

which is about $6 million short of current revenue estimates.

Approved a 2016 planning budget that includes nearly $4.4 million more in spending requests than the $28.7 in certified revenue estimates

6 Million short to 4.4 million more – are you CONfused yet?

Al Lawrence of coarse will say this is all protected under the Sunshine Law – Now that’s where Drew Tyler gets their ROTFLMAO! – People not paying attention to their informant and how the news changes????? – The PROOF?, it’s in the RECORD – LOL!  Some call this a CONspiracy, I call it SPIN!!!!!

Are you dizzy yet? – No wonder folks get a headache trying to keep up?

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Another Perspective by another Citizen in the July 9th public meeting where a Security Guard recklessly discharges his fire arm without just cause.




Subject: Please read from Robin

I am asking for everyone’s help in pushing this news nationwide. During our public meeting at the Richland County commissioner’s office in Mansfield, Ohio, we witnessed an unfortunate and horrible turn of events when a court security guard tried to forcefully take a reporter’s camera and remove him from the meeting without issuing any kind of verbal warning. It all started when the commissioners did not give any notification of their desire to go into executive session. The commissioners rolled their eyes and snickered when pressed to answer the questions put forth, which I thought was disrespectful to all attendees. We did not treat them with disrespect and we were all peaceful. Ironically enough, many of the people attending the meeting were there to ask questions regarding governmental abuses. Mr. Skidmore , the correspondent for PINAC, Photography Is Not A Crime, asked questions about why county employees do not have name/identification tags and put their hands on the public, which is inappropriate. The commissioners claimed not know what he was talking about which has happened to him previously during a records request. A woman then told the commissioners that if the employees do have a badge on it is turned around so that no one knows their name. The woman who records the minutes of the meeting told Mr.Skidmore that he was welcome to see her name badge. When he leaned over to photograph her badge, commissioner John over-reacted and stated that Mr. Skidmoreinappropriately touched Stacy. Mr. McDowell, who was sitting directly in front of Stacy, said in a press statement, that Mr. Skidmore did not touch her and if he did it certainly was not sexual or inappropriate, maybe he brushed her shoulder. Commissioner John summoned another county employee to fetch the guards. Mr. Norris, court security, grabbed and yanked on Mr. Skidmore’s camera that was attached to a lanyard around his neck. This provoked Mr. Skidmore into an attempt to protect his personal property, who then punches the guard, and in my opinion, a bit hastily. Having been provoked and in this situation previously, could be the reason for Mr. Skidmore’s reaction. A woman and myself were sitting next to the fight. Neither Mrs.Garber nor myself wished to be tangled in fists, we stood up. When I stood up, I turned to witness the security guard pulling his firearm from his holster, put his finger on the trigger and fire a shot nearly missing Mr. Skidmore and my son, Hunter, who was also recording the event from across the room. My son heard the bullet whiz by his head, striking the wall just inches away from his head. If he would have stood up, he would have been shot. An agent from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation told my son after reviewing the video that he is very lucky to be alive. There is a great deal of misinformation or “sanitizing” in our local media forcing us to announce the truth. If it were not for my son’s camera there would not be any proof released to the public. Not one person, aside from the Sheriff, asked if my son and I were okay, nor any of the other attendees. We are now seen as kooky people for asking questions of our elected officials who work for “We the People”.  The commissioners now have armed sheriff deputies to protect them?  From whom, their own security? And the commissioners were too traumatized to go back to work until Monday. What about my son?  What about the safety of everyone in that room? Here we have an incompetent security guard, a former peace/police officer, whom by the way, is still employed and my attempts to contact his boss for his dismissal, have been ignored. As a former peace/police officer, he knows that you never pull a firearm in that situation! I can not tell you how many rights have been violated.   We are asking for justice.    Below are links to the Fox 8 news interview my son and I did along with Phil Sydnor’s blog that is keeping track of what has been going on in our county. 
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Drew Tyler is back! – Let’s have a little History Lesson from the hide behind keyboard ranter shall we?


Here’s the latest blogs in which the MP nemesis has posted.

Drew Tyleer says:


Another Comment for his/her buddy!

Drew Tyleer says:

Just some History from my nemesis…

Phil Sydnor

Drew Tyler our successful non-convicted wife killer, he thinks just because he’s NEVER been caught that he’s not a criminal. Keep up the good work you do my friends, the day is coming when this career criminal is caught up in his/her owns lies and deception. I am looking forward to them pulling the plug again on their account long enough to clean their tracks then to arise again. Drew says I am in control of what’s allowed here, and they are right! – But, for one second do you believe I have anything to hide?. Those who know me, know I hide notta, and Drews intimidation and exposure means nothing, maybe they’ll resort to threatening my employer and associates?. No, that’s already been done, so what can they be plotting now?. Only a criminal mind knows, so tell us Drew…what’s next on your agenda?. Would you like to kick my ass?, it sounds like it, but the truth is…this is why you hide like a little terrorist, your not big enough, and your super powers because of this site has been taken away!. The GREAT EQUALIZER?, the TRUTH!. Looking forward to another long winded twist – lol!

Reference –!/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/

Well friends, here is what we are up against…

Drew Tyler Wow Phillip, you sure do get your dander in a twist over little things don’t you lmao. Unlike you, I have a life, friends and things to do besides play “god” behind a screen all day. It will take more than a loser like you who slings washing machines all day for a living to get rid of me. See, you can block me from your facebook page and you can delete my blogs from your stupid website, but you have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over my personal email, and I know that just kills you but hey, what don’t kill us makes us stronger right Phillip?

Drew Tyler ahhhhhhhhhhhh bwahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Drew Tyler Wow Phillip calm down before you pop a gasket lol. You know, you get so emotional when you are called to the front of the class for the real loser that you are. You compare me to some nut job who kills kids, and yet lets take a look at some in history who are like you. David Koresch, John Lundgren, and Jim Jones. These people all thought they were “leaders” and actally had other people thinking like they did. Their rants and raves, irrational thinking and behavior, paranoia, self-centeredness, all led others who had no mind capacity to think for themselves, just like you try to do. You want everyone to think you have all the answers with your cut and paste website and when anyone disagrees with you, you block them. As I stated before, you might have blocked me from facebook, cried to the MNJ so posts can’t be left there, but this is coming from my personal email and you CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT IT!! Your life has been that of a non-existent
person, probably got beat up quite a bit in school, probably was made to dress like a girl in the secret confines of your childhood home, and the way you relate to sex offenders, hmmmm one could surmise that perhaps you were a victim of abuse as well. All of this has contributed to your overwhelming desire to be someone when you were all grown up, but that didn’t happen did it Phillip lol. You got kicked out of your trailer in Lexington when you got arrested for Domestic Violence, you lost your house in Galion because you weren’t man enought to take care of your business and the bank took it back, and now you are a washing machine salesman barely making ends meet and getting government assistance. So….on a brighter side lmao…you create a cut and past website…control what is posted on it and who can post on it…and claim you are making a difference. Again, I ask you to name just five things you have accomplished with your cut and paste
website that has made a difference in Richland County or Mansfield…the place you claim you love and call home. Remember Phillip these things have to the be the result of something your website or you did that was not actually done by someone who knew what they were doing. I’ve asked time and time again and yet you have produced exactly what one can expect from Phillip Sydnor, nothing.

Drew Tyler Phillip, take it easy boy….your ramblings have gotten worse and worse. Before long you will be tipping that bottle again or reaching for the straw. I didn’t give you the title of anything, and quite frankly I don’t think even you have given yourself a title, except for administrator, however, it is very clear that your position is one sided, and those who oppose what you say are blocked, or accused of things they didn’t do. I love how you have accused so many different people of calling your store lmao. First is was me, then it was the two women who defected from your little group because they finally saw how you were, then now its back to me again, but hey that’s ok. In your feeble little mind you can think whatever you want. You claim you have made a comeback and feel this need to defend youself about your bankruptcy, foreclosure and everything else, wonder why that is? And yet, you still have not given any examples of anything good you
have accomplished with your cut and past website. That I’m still waiting for but I will probably be long gone before that ever happens. In fact, that will most likely never happen. You keep talking about how John Mayer is my friend, and in fact he must have a lot of them, because anyone who disagrees with your perspective must be a friend of his, or Judge DeWeese, or someone in a positon of power in Mansfield/Richland County. Perhaps your just jealous of this man and your issues are more personal than anything else? That would be my guess, but then again, I don’t quite frankly care. As always, your angry, long-winded replies leave me ROFLMFAO

Drew Tyler OOOOOhhhhhh I’m shaking in my boots lmao. And you think they are going to do that why? They are responsible for investigating criminal activity and guess what, unlike you, I haven’t committed any crime so make your call and let us all know what they tell you.

Drew Tyler wow, your panties really are in a wad today lmao

Drew Tyler and what did they tell you Phillip

Drew Tyler Thats because, like me they are roflmfao

Drew Tyler a smart man never bets on something he can’t win….perhaps you should rethink your bet and what your gambling Phillip

Drew Tyler Sorry Phillip, your the one who jumps up and yells, “SEE I TOLD YOU SO” lmao. As if you already predicted what was going to happen.

Drew Tyler So basically, what your admitting to is that since your FB page and webpage has been created and all the names you used on the MNJ pages that were eventually blocked, you have accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Its ok to be a man and step up and admit it…everyone already knows it.

Drew Tyler Sure you do. Are you aware, and you are obviously not, that the State Highway Patrol only investigates crimes committed on State Property such as prisons, colleges, etc. So unless you moved your cardboard box onto a state highway, in the parking lot of OSU or NC State or the prison, the State Patrol isn’t investigating anything for you. Another lie you tell lmao.

Drew Tyler And the BCI investigates criminal activity, hence the title B = Bureau C=Criminal I=Investigation. I’m not playing games Phillip, but is sure is funny to watch you get your panties in a wad because things don’t go your way. Let me make a prediction …when the BCI, Attorney General, Sheriff’s Department, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and whoever else you cry to tells you that since no crime has been committed that your on your own, you will say something to this effect, “I knew he had connections thats why nobody will do anyting” Might not be those exact words but to make yourself look good, you will sure say something like that. What do you mean by “one way or another” Phillip? Am I to take that as a threat lmao. My posting in my email is my business, you posting it on your cut and past website is yours. If you don’t want to read it, don’t post it duh lmao.

Drew Tyler The US Marshals have no direction over the State Highway Patrol. Perhaps you can go to the library, you do know what that is right? It is usually a big building that has books. You know what book are right? They are usually hard cover or paperback and have many pages inbetween them that are paper. Anyway, if you can find a library look in this great little book called the Ohio Revised Code and look up the State Highway Patrol and it will explain their duties. If you don’t understand what you have read, perhaps the little kid you might set next to at the library can draw you stick figures

Drew Tyler Ohhhh so you admit you are intimidated? I thought the great Phil Sydnor could not be intimidated? Isn’t that what you preach? Yep lets see you trip over that one. Do you even know what ingannation is lmao and defamation is not a crime Phillip lmao.

So yes, Drew Tyler has had their fun hiding behind and defending these squatters and liars of public information, don’t you think its time for LAW ENFORCEMENT to once and for all INVESTIGATE who this is? They should see this person is on the side of corruption knowing this crap can and will be covered up until the end of time or God sorts it out?

I cannot expose on my own, and as you see nobody else will either, weird how this person can be so protected knowing they are here to intimidate, some of whom have called my employer with threats even local authorities say they could not trace? scary yes!!!!

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Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight, or was it the other way around????


Michael Skidmore suspected of planning courthouse fight


That’s an interesting Conspiracy theory!, appears they are grasping at straws after the 47 minute video surfaced from this meeting on July 9th – can’t wait to read the minutes, they will be as interesting as this I am sure?

“MANSFIELD – Authorities believe Michael Skidmore’s attack on two courthouse security guards earlier this month was premeditated, according to a search warrant affidavit.” – I wonder if anyone else has done a public records request? –  “FOIA”

Here’s ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE… I believe it was a setup of sorts to stop the TRUTH in reporting and teaching folks how to do public records to find the truth, often like you will see below the public records are not as what they are, appears my name was used without my knowledge in this search warrant package, and I assure you if I find any inaccuracies a complaint will be filed! Yes, I have a gopro copy of my conversation with BCI agents so maybe they will come for my video as well to stop from sharing the truth about what appears to be a lie in this report?

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday, the people might find it interesting? Then again people around here have blinders on!

My reponses in BOLD.

Hey Phil, I obtained a copy of the search warrant used to access Skidmore’s home, and I was actually quite surprised to see your name listed in the affidavit. According to the report, you described Skidmore’s behavior toward the clerk “as being very close in proximity and his actions could be construed as sexual in nature.”
Interesting, who’s report and can I get a copy?
Was this the Sheriffs report or BCI?
It’s the search warrant and affidavit BCI wrote up to secure the search warrant to search Skidmore’s home. It’s public record, kept in the county clerk’s office. Just ask for a copy of the search warrant and affidavit. It was filed July 10.
Thanks, I will be following up on this hopefully Thursday.
These people crack me up. The good news is I recorded my statements to the BCI and if what I find they used is off base there’s gonna be issues. Since you can’t copy me on this, can you tell me if they forged my signature, because I didn’t sign anything. This should be real interesting to see what they said I said.
No signatures. It’s the summary BCI wrote up, not your actual statement
They can use crap like that for a search warrant? I thought this was an affidavit? Sounds phony to me?
Close is proximity yes, sexual in nature no! smh???
Notice how the conversation went from having an affidavit and a summary report once I advised I had a gopro video of this to reference. They had better make that record disappear before I get my hands on the lie,
Half Truth; According to the report, you described Skidmore’s behavior toward the clerk “as being very close in proximity and his actions could be construed as sexual in nature.”
I would have NEVER signed this, that’s why they used their summary i.e. “hearsay” – an affidavit sounds better because it’s signed and notarized.
Here lies the PROBLEM people, when you have no signature or a badge there’s no reliability on that record, can we say here that a Judge invoked a search warrant based on a CONSPIRACY THEORY & A LIE? – Sure sounds like it!
The TRUTH is they have been watching my MP Group on facebook for months, Law Enforcement, County Employees, and maybe even a Judge under a fake account I am told. Funny enough, the SAME JUDGE Mike is going before in what one would say is the WRONG COURT? Maybe we can get the Prosecutor to elaborate one day on this?
I can’t wait for this to go to trial and I am one of the star witnesses for IF they ever come for my computer all they will find are intimidation tactics by the MNJ and many others who are tied to this fraud. They can have mine just like they took Mikes, his videos were backed up with copies shared all over the Nation, so if they were trying to make them go away they are certainly behind the times of folks having backups???? I have everything backed up offsite as well, surely all they found was more damning evidence of the truth were they don’t like Mike as exposing which is fraud in the public record, if we can call them that. As you seen above I need to check on yet another potential fraud found in what another private citizen found that I would not have know of without looking, hmmm? – SO YOU TRUST THE RECORDS? – After all Mike has done, surely people are seeing that our Clerk of Courts has been compromised being told to file everything, even fraud. Many of which I presume can be found here! –

I find it odd how they are talking about Mike belonging to a group? He was a member of many groups just like others on facebook, that’s how you social networking works lol! I love how THEY point this out while having 3 fingers pointing back at them. Like I said, they have been following or stalking if you will my personal group which Mike was a member and used as a soundboard to get his youtubes attention, here you will find many who think otherwise being reported. Appears once again this 47 minute video points out many issues, while THEIR focus is on the fight they brought to Mike when they laid hands on his personal equipment, yet nobody is focused on REALITY, they have had enough of this! Surely THEY didn’t want this video out, but guess what? IT GOT OUT, and now they must explain it in their own little way.

Where’s their mouthpiece Drew Tyler now?

, that’s ALL I ASK!!!!




Just another ATTACK on social media if you ask me????

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What does Editor Tom Brennan mean by changing tactics?


The MNJ story in question here…

Courthouse fight could have been avoided

The MNJ speculates: “Most of the problems, however, relate to inappropriate behavior by individuals on both sides of the conflict that lead to a gun being fired.”

More speculation: “Skidmore and some other citizens were attending the meeting as self-proclaimed watchdogs on government activity. Skidmore was video recording the meeting and was accused of coming into physical contact with a clerical staff member as a part of his attempt to document the names and titles of officials present.”

“The brawl that followed when security arrived was strikingly similar to a would-be incident Skidmore described several weeks ago in a social media post. In that post, which followed an incident he was involved with in the Richland County Clerk of Courts office, Skidmore described what could happen if a citizen was confronted by security officers.”

“This post has gained the attention of investigators and creates the impression Skidmore was looking for a fight.” – THE TRUTH! – Mike had shared on social media an interview with the Sheriff’s mouthpiece Masi and Sweat on youtube that appears he was concerned about security posing as Nazi police – can be seen here, in the First Video you will see Head of Security Dave Leitenberger speak saying the “Commissioners said to leave” – they were doing a public records request video, and this very article says they are welcome, REALLY? – Watch as this self proclaimed head of security is reluctant to show his badge as he is asked if he is posing as a law enforcement officer, this angers him, yet we are the instigators? In the Second video with NEWLY HIRED PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATORS brother Matt Mayer he speaks for the Prosecutor, to me he is posing as an intimidating factor to scare off a lawful recording of a public records request because people who are working are uneasy about a camera – WOW! Are these the “tactics” you are talking about? Please watch ALL video’s here, surely this is what led to their having an armed guard attempt murder on an independent reporter who was truthfully EXPOSING THEIR TACTICS that need to change. Watch these video’s and PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK, there is nothing to fear if you believe they will not retaliate. If nobody posts comments you will see how the public fears their own local government tyranny that was recently exposed, that’s the TRUTH!

We defend the right of all citizens to attend public meetings, request public records and openly question governmental decisions. That citizen involvement must be done with the utmost professionalism and respect for the system and those working within it. – Where is YOUR video proof of your claims you so laid out in this rag of a news reporting agency? 

“If Skidmore and his colleagues are going to continue their watchdog activities, they must make dramatic changes in their tactics.” – Once you have procedures in place, especially those that surround this “Executive Session” in which Randy Shepherd clearly explains lawfully how it works in the following 47 minute uncut video of this days events may we have people with insight report their comments on what THEY saw and what THEY think needs to change. I personally believe the Commissioners, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the Highest Law Enforcement Officer – the Sheriff can sit down and come to an agreement on how these meetings will move forward. These Commissioners cannot CONtinue running executive sessions to shut the people out. Watch closely as Mr Shepherd explains how it works and THEY sit in silence of OH SHIT! – This is when ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

 Maybe IF the MNJ is going to say we need to change OUR TACTICS maybe they should change theirs? Do my followers remember this? “CEASE and DESIST”

Read these BLOGS – Maybe the MNJ needs to change THEIR TACTICS?


Mansfielder Tells it like it is in favor of Mike Skidmore

Pay close attention to Miss John, my view directly across the table I cannot say being there that I saw inappropriate touching. Maybe the gopro will show this IF the BCI or media ever releases? I know for a fact this poster says there was another view in the back, that camera unfortunately was NOT setup, so NO VIDEO there! We have to WAIT for Mikes gopro to see the appropriate touching IF ANY! I surely would not trust the media reports about this, especially after the initial lie that was perpetrated that we were told to leave?

See Mike Skidmore’s work here







No, this is not photo shopped - My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

No, this is not photo shopped – My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

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