The Factory of Sadness, the Cleveland Browns. Now thats ROTFLMAO Drew Tyler 👍

My favorite part being a political watchdog of Truth is where he honestly agrees pro football, OUR Browns are suppose to be our pleasant distraction from what’s wrong with the World.

I couldn’t agree more why the sheep have awakened here in Ohio, they don’t have a football team good enough to distract them anymore lol!





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Obama speaks of widows and orphans, can he prove it?

Does this President think the American people are fools?

Widows & Orphans, can we verify this? I have seen many pictures that include men, what are they?

Orphans have NO PARENTS, maybe we should explain our compassion by first explaining how this is happening, who is making them widows and orphans and WHY are we not sending troops?

The SAD REALITY is the United States has FAILED in the Middle East, we have been screwing with these people since I was in High School, that was 35 plus years ago!

Quit bringing people here on the premise everything is FREE, that’s part of what’s breeding this terrorism, WE are not the World. You want what the US has, you have to WORK, quit giving the World a sense of FALSE REALITY that we will take care of you, they can see…we can’t take care of ourselves let alone others.

You are a laughing stock Mr President, and the World is in danger because of it – World War 3 is coming no thanks to you and your fundamental change you promised the people.

My mother was an orphan who was brought to this Country yet still had to go through the proper channels to become a citizen of this Country and was NOT used as a Political pawn. She was brought here through a Christian belief and Church, not as we are seeing you do it here today. Its not that the people here would not like to help others in time of need, its just that people don’t TRUST THE GOVERNMENT and their agenda to potentially bring the terror here. That’s what makes this Nation great, it works BEST when the people speak, not when one speaks in which the people disagree so much with. You don’t like Congress because Congress IS the people – period! If you want to do this right? You need to condemn these terrorists like all other leaders and support them in this War on terrorism instead of condemning it. These nuts must be stopped, the sad case as we see here, you have already allowed them here through MSA  as you will clearly hear in the next video.

Job well done? 2016 can’t get here fast enough!


Common sense by Senator Rand Paul, but who cares??

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Anonymous craigslist poster could only hope Philly would go away – LOL!

This poor poster must be going bonkers hoping I don’t get on the ballot, for only if I don’t will prove much is wrong here. The sad news is I will not give up the fight for the people and freedom of speech to refute their crap! The Mike Skidmore case alone will do that – can’t wait to see the fruit of their next meeting in Dec. Sure they say he planned an attack on these morons, when in fact they more than likely planned it seeing their keyboard warrior is still posting anonymously on craigslist. I find it hard to believe they would stoop so low, but that’s what people this stupid do.

Read this crap and leave your facebook comments to any questions you may have, I assure you THEY are watching!

Looks Like Ole Philly Dilly has some competition

One can only wonder why Ole Philly Dilly would think that his years of slinging washing machines could give him even the slightest bit of credentials to run as Richland County Commissioner. What would be his advice if asked a question? He would say “Let me see if I can find it in the owners manual.” He continues to make these huge promises that he can bring about “change” in government for the better and yet, all these years of his blabbering and crying on his joke site and in the News Journal (until they got tired of him and cut him off lol) he has done absolutely NOTHING to bring about change. He used his former website to put his “opinion” on topics, that is, until he was threatened with a Cease and Desist Letter from the MNJ because he was stealing their copywrited material. So in addition to being a loser, a washing machine slinger, a wife beater and a liar, he has also added the title of thief. Yeah my vote is for him (NOT). Time to go ROTFLMFAO at him over and over and over again.

post id: 5308962463


Philly Dilly (Lexington)

Does Phil Sydnor understand that it actually takes money to run in elections? Slinging washing machines and being on public assistance is hardly enough to run an election. I think this is hilarious as hell. Everyone knows his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, lol! His constant rants about being broke and he thinks he can run for office. This is the funniest shit I have read in years. I would bet 100.00 he backs out when he realizes he’s a broke b*t*h and can’t afford it but it won’t be his fault it will be the ex apa supervisor he is obsessed with. Everything in his life is someone else’s fault. Give it up Phil you are just giving people a good laugh.

post id: 5311200840


Ole Philly Dilly’s Internet must be off again!!

I guess Ole Philly must have had his internet shut off again for non-payment because he hasn’t posted anything on his musty, stale, one-sided joke site for several days. I admit I do go there to read his bullshit but only because it amuses me at how a person who wants to be a County Commissioner can be so narrow minded and just plain stupid. So come on Philly, do something with that joke site, I’m starting to get bored with it because its just the same ole shit day after day after day after day and it leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. Now that you have again finished reading this….as your puppet master, I instruct you to get your ass back to slinging them washing machines…you loser piece of shit.

post id: 5312215971



re philly dilly

Nobody reads your crap with exception of all your City County minions who ROTFLMAO while they FEAR one who may get in office who will make a difference. You talk a lot of crap on here yet hided behind your keyboard like the pusilanimous you are – PERIOD.
Have you EVER been to a public meeting or do you know ANYTHING about the current Communissioners? Yes – Wert is a dumb fucking hillbilly farmner who couldn’t succeed at that, Gary Utt is a reject from GM who by the way has very few friends I am yet to find who has a following of young girls a gay men, maybe you’re one of them. Then there’s the infamous Marylin John who Shelby folks voted for in the last Election because they wanted her gone – now that’s ROTFLMAO!Now you say Philly has competition if he is to get on the ballot? The Bellville Mayor is hardly competition, but would make a nice puppet, huh puppet master??? He’s a failure as well losing his family business in just a short few years after getting his hands on it. So YES, some of us DO know how much money it takes to buy an election, so maybe its time for a real grass roots hard working dude who has done more at taking care of people with their needs than all three of these clowns currently in a position to do so that haven’t?

It’s HIGH TIME we clean this County up corrupt or not is really a differing perspective if you will!
Keep running your mouth as Philly looks for some good Republicans to sign his petition and takes on the REGIME with little of nothing, kind of WHAT Richland County needs because the majority here have nothing without handouts and .gov deficit money – you know, that phony stuff they are printing that some call monopoly money? Your clan makes us crap like we are under attack by ISIS, now that’s ROTFLMAO! Don’t be SHOCKED if Philly gets on the ballot, cause I won’t be if he don’t being we are learning how fudged up the Board of Elections and their stacked decks work. See, Philly is a registered INDEPENDENT and since we voted Republican in the last General Election he was told he has to run as a Republican, which by the way he’s more apt to be being he was one up until Bush screwed us over sending jobs overseas. Philly will still have his job, how ever as you know his job is not enough to keep feeding the masses as EVERYONE in retail now gets large tax refunds on the premise of falling prices – now that’s ROTFLMAO too!

Tell us some more stories our great warrior who hides behind the keyboard as philly is far from dependent on .gov as you say and actually hopes it collapses before your very eyes for the ones who will actually be hurt are those WHO WORK FOR US, AND DEPEND ON US – no we won’t be fighting over the crumbs, it will be you and those wanna be leaders you say that takes money to get into office – lol! Yes, money WINS Elections, hence status quo and Executive Branch take over, see how that works when the crash comes, and YES – Its not far off my intrepid hide behind keyboard ranter.

Follow this link and you will see Philly has not lost his internet as we see him posting daily on facebook ignoring your dumb ass like as advised him too.

You can find the latest refute to the hide behind keyboard ranter here along with the truth behind WHY they hide here, cause the poor baby can no longer post on philly’s site after they said they were in complete CONtrol – once again rolling on the floor laughing, appears Philly is in CONtrol because you are here not on facebook or his site.

Tick tick tick, as we say…better hope he don’t get those Republican signatures and IF he don’t ge will heed the BOE advice and not vote for 2 years so he can run as an INDEPENDENT and SURELY GET THEM because he shall not be limited or puppet mastered as you say. So enjoy your day as the Masfielders Perpsective Groups continues to grow on the Community who is demanding CHANGE!

Peace Out my Cowardly Keyboard Ranter – THE TRUTH IS COMING!!!!!

The days of your OBAMANATION are about over – THANK GOD

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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The TRUTH people need to ask themselves is this? What credentials do the current Commissioners have besides BIG BUSINESS, UNIONS, AND BANKS BEHIND THEM? How is that fairing for YOU?, the people they can care less about. What will you do when their funding runs out? 18 Trillion Dollar Debt is not my fault, better look in the mirror my friends and start lobbying for change or the the only demise will be your ignorance of status quo. Philly aka known as Phil who warns the truth and the way is coming while others scoff and laugh is quite interesting. I will still have a job, and no I am not on assistance with exception of a large tax refund on the premise of laugh out loud falling prices – what’s that mean people?

That’s right, YOU ARE NEXT!

I just had an employee on PERS tell me how well it is, it’s not!

Have your laughs, at the end of the day – Philly will still be working to be free! Better get to work my friends, money is tight and .gov can’t CONtinue to print monopoly money – that takes a lot of brains to figure out?????

Rest assured if I don’t get the Republican ticket, I will surely be back as an Independent – WHY? Because I work, and will NEVER GIVE UP for the people, that’s why!


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Ohio Traffic camera Law, the WAR on Police?

Ohio traffic-camera law takes to freeways

The Legislature thought it could end unpopular traffic-camera enforcement with a provision requiring a full-time officer to be present when an automated enforcement camera catches a speeder. But some communities have found a lucrative route around the rule by stationing officers with camera-equipped speed guns beside and above highways — rather than the local roadways where stationary cameras had been confined.

The communities of Youngstown and Newburgh Heights have already deployed camera-carrying officers. A third, Hubbard Township, plans to do so soon.

“We could write 1,000 tickets a day if we wanted to,” said Newburgh Heights Mayor Travis Elkins. About 200 tickets have been mailed since officers in the village of about 2,100 people began using the hand-held cameras in late August, he said. – IF this was about safety we could hire more cops and buy more cars if the average ticket is $80, and just think of what those stops could generate if they find more during these legal stops?

As many as 90,000 cars a day pass through the village on Interstate 77 on a normal work day, Elkins said. Using the new speed cameras on an overpass is far safer for officers compared with trying to chase down speeders in a cruiser. A village officer was struck by a drunk driver on I-77 last December, he noted. – But, they say officers put their lives on the line? If this was about safety we would hire more cops and layoff once the people slowed down? Just think what this could do for the people, rather than the “regime”?

The hand-held cameras allow officers to get keep a bead on a speeding car then snap a picture of its license plate when it gets in range. Officials in the communities using them say they’ve received inquiries from other departments in the state. – Still yet, the people can’t face their accuser, who’s to say a corrupt cop wouldn’t abuse this power?

Public opinion;

For the money they can generate from speeders I would rather see them HIRE more cops to chase down speeders personally rather than allowing them to fill their pockets like this? We have to put an end to the technology WAR on people, enough people are out of jobs where we can make this happen. What this ALLOWS is a modern day Nazi oppressive behavior to be instilled. You say?


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Not one, but Third Pretrial scheduled for Mike Skidmore for so-called planned attack on Richland County Commissioners

It appears this event happening on July 9th of 2015 is not so cut and dry and negotiations CONtinue? It appears they are banking once again on how short memories are in Richland County, not a word from local media on where this is, hmmm?

Not one pretrial, not 2 pretrials, but 3?

Must be why all the keyboard warriors are silent?

The County is in TROUBLE!!!! – Interesting how guns are no longer allowed on Security officers, and the man who discharged his weapon in a public meeting has not returned to work while the good guy who was bitten has? – Surely won’t be hearing any updates from local media?

10/05/2015 EVENT HELD
The following event: PRETRIAL scheduled for 10/05/2015 at 10:00 am has been resulted as follows:

Judge: REINBOLD, RICHARD Location: #2 (419) 774-5570
Date: 11/04/2015 Time: 4:00 pm
Judge: REINBOLD, RICHARD Location:

Sent on: 11/04/2015 16:15:42.09
Date: 12/02/2015 Time: 8:30 am
Judge: REINBOLD, RICHARD Location:


PINAC Mike Skidmore_TheFirstAmendmentMatters

Independent Reporter still being held captive by the Courts, how else can they silence the TRUTH?

All you need to know on one page – please comment on the blogs using facebook. Don’t worry their mouthpiece was silenced being they will now have to use a real facebook account to speak. –


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Mansfielder’s Perspective on facebook, the TRUTH about this group!

Mansfielder’s Perspective Group on facebook is a group that was initiated a few short years ago on the premise of truth in reporting and has grown into a group of what I will call concerned citizens. As ANY group it has had their test of those who oppose these truths or lets say negative perspectives on Mansfield and surrounding areas. The purpose of this group is to speak out about the issues and problems our so-called leaders have not and are not addressing, primarily the blight associated with job loss and low wage jobs that simply add to the DECLINE of this once great nation. This is not a Mansfield and surrounding problem I know, it’s a National problem that many leader wanna be’s and especially this year Donald Trump are talking about – “We can be great again?” – what is that? Do we already admit we have lost and given up on greatness to the point we are now tearing it down one person at a time? I agree I have been lured into this mode of fighting back with the negativity because there is no more time to be in denial there are serious issues we can no longer discard, most of surround the erosion of the middle class which now they are labeling pay inequality that stems from lacking skills and education? Money problems are a serious issue and if today’s leaders are going to associate pay inequality to what people know then who’s fooling who? We have an 18 Trillion Dollar Debt made by some of this Nations so-called best and brightest, sounds funny I know. Can we allow the BEST & BRIGHTEST CONtinue to corrupt your minds? This money problem is a people problem period, and now you want to take away the Bill of Rights because now it’s a moral or responsibility issue? Come on! – we all know if you want your God given unalienable rights you have to work for it, not get it handed to you. Sure, I don’t know how to fix this problem, but it surely appears THEY can’t either? Who are they? – I call THEY the Drew Tyler’s of the World, those in this group know them (the phony anyways), they have been bashing me and others in this group for years and the majority people say it’s just an ass who thinks we think everything is a conspiracy or surrounded by corruption? The simple TRUTH or perspective if you will does surround these ideas that corruption and CON’s aka CONspiracy plagues places like small town USA, usually where the less educated can be easily swayed to believe in such things, I for one don’t believe NONE OF IT for a second, but have been swayed at times to think so. What does that mean? It means I am a very trusting person who wants to believe people for the most part are telling the truth, how ever some I have come to realize for the most part just have an agenda to justify their means. No I am not the best and brightest, and have found the majority are just like me which is sad why we can’t make these money control problems go away! First and foremost we have to “follow” the money, if and when we do we can and will fix the money problems this community has. The question is and we see it time and time again, where does the money come from at Election time? It comes from the Federal deficit special interests and people you trust, some call them wolves in sheeps clothing, maybe so? Sure there’s many issues we face and the MP group is very small, but just think what a small group can do like John Kasich said in his closing statement last night what can happen if we can change just one person what that can do to fix these so-called money woes, something the hide behind keyboard nemesis of truth seems to hate are like minded people like my self who are slowly creeping back after the housing crisis that hurt so many, myself included I admit. I can assure those who follow me and this group we are fine and will continue the mission of truth and how to fix problems through transparency and not secret back door meetings that we see no fruit from. Sure, these leaders can brag about getting MORE FUNDING to fix their problems, is that the road we want to CONtinue to leave our children with? Our children each and everyone of them should be our focus if we are going to fix this once great Nation. Quit being a Drew Tyler is MY POINT, and as I already know you would be greatly surprised who this fool is and what good they don’t do for our community. We cannot discard the Drew, for it’s the Drew Tyler narcissists and sociopaths we must focus if we are to ever know our neighbors again. Peace be with you, and yes It’s no longer a secret I am running for Commissioner of this once great County because it’s “the people” who will fix our problems, not governing secrecy in what they call “Executive Session” where the people are told to leave? & keep this in mind, an attack on one is an attack on us all.

When good people get involved, good things happen.

Let the Drew Tyler’s have their rants and raves on craigslist, the only CONtrol they have is a secret – now that’s what the rest of us call ROTFLMAO! Drew has no real power, that is up to the people – :-)

What are THEY afraid of? My getting enough signatures so the people can speak on the 2016 ballot. Am I nuts?, no more than the next guy who goes to work every day. Get me on this ballot and I assure you we will see community involvement, not by raising taxes but through community involvement. You don’t want involved, just want to keep your head in the sand, then do as the secret poster on rants and raves tells ya, cause they control both you and I. Funny I know, and I’m the nutty one – lol!

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Drew Tyler aka Puppet Master – who is in CONtrol here?

That’s right? – I am! – Now that’s ROTFLMAO…

Let’s see how “I” make you create a facebook account if you want to post your repeat none sense. I am done playing with the WordPress Troll and now will focus my efforts of getting signatures for my petition for those who want to see change. Some change has already been established beyond Drew Tyler / Puppet Master belief.

As we have seen since the Mike Skidmore incident we see folks are properly identified and guns are now prohibited where the Ohio Revised code says they shall not be! May citizens now have the ability to raise questions without being called disorderly and or shot at for their displeasure of how meetings are conducted.

It was nice playing with you Drew Tyler my fictitious friend, but now its time to focus on 2016 – Peace out!

Hows that for CONtrol???????


Philly’s Master of Masters

Submitted on 2015/10/27 at 11:37 am | In reply to Phil.

LMFAO you kill me Ole Philly. I doubt that this article is an interesting read except to some loser like yourself. Your the one who claims I speak for corruption, but then again, all convicted criminals see corruption where it doesn’t exist…right wife beater???? Yep, you are nutz, have long since went off the deep end and nobody will throw you a life jacket and you lost it a long time ago just like you did your house in Galion. That shit just continuously leaves me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

Philly’s Master of Masters

Submitted on 2015/10/27 at 11:18 am | In reply to Phil.

Bwahahahahah yeah again with “someone telling you something” lol. Perhaps you should find a new birdie because my wife is the CFO of my company and it, unfortunately, has nothing to do with jewlery.
You heard and yes I told you myself, that your not going to win any kind of election. Any thoughts in your dilusional bald ass head that you are is hilarious. Nobody in their right mind would vote for such a loser like you. You have nothing to offer, except for your own twisted advice, and it isn’t worth a shit lol.
Again you have me confused somehow with your past because remember my little slave, you are the one who was charged with wife beating, not me. The truth to that fact can be found by using your very own resources, which is the court history. However, we look in there for you and pooooofffffff, there is ole Philly Dilly arrested for Domestic Violence aka wife beating.
I would have thought since you were bored, you would do something to update your jokesite. It is getting as stale as your wife’s snatch. Now, do as you are told and get your ass back to slinging them washing machines loser boy. I leave sipping my coffee and ROTFLMFAO over and over again.


Philly’s Puppet Master

Submitted on 2015/10/26 at 1:20 pm | In reply to Phil.

You have been buys huh ole slave of mine? So how many signatures do you have so far? Even if you get signatures does not mean these same people are going to vote for you. Remember, the word is out in places as remote as barber shops and hair salons what a fucking nut job you are. Do you seriously think you are going to get elected? You need to put that bottle down and face reality. The reality is that your going to be stuck slinging washing machines until either you retire with your measly SS or die, preferably the latter, and more than likely at your own hand or the bottle. Either way, as your master, I instruct you to get back to slinging them machines. Having coffee, a sandwich and still ROTFLMFAO at you.


Philly’s Puppet Master


Submitted on 2015/10/26 at 1:14 pm

Ok Philly, I can see you are on a rampage this morning lol. That rambling on and on really made my morning. I find it absolutely hilarious that people are even talking about how nutz you are in barber shops and beauty salons, when obviously with that cue ball head of yours, you don’t even frequent them. But it would appear that the word is finally getting out about Ole Philly Dilly and his joke site. I wonder how many of those people are on your alleged friends page or members of your joke site??
When I read the article yesterday I just knew you would be adding your spin to it. What makes you any type of expert qualified to give any kind of opinion to a job that anyone in law enforcement does? Remember Philly, you are nothing more than a washing machine slinger. The fact that your “friends list” consists of convicted criminals does not count either. Have you ever taken one day of any type of law enforcement training? Have you ever taken one law class? I know the answer to these are no and yet somehow you feel you have the right to sit back and judge others who have. You get mad (and I love that part) when Grand Jury proceedings are secret because some how you feel you and others like you, have a right to know what goes on in those rooms. The law in Ohio and many other states, stipulates that Grand Jury proceedings are to be conducted without public access. If you think this is not right, call your law makers for a change. Trust me, your babbling on here will not make that happen.
I really do love ROTFLMFAO at you because you “feel” you are entitled to answers to your questions, and in fact love making demands, but the truth is, you are just like the rest of us citizens and you are not “entitled” to anything. You want to whine and cry that it took 8 months for the investigation to be complete, yet if it had taken 2 weeks you would have said they rushed through it. For whatever reason, the Prosecutor’s Office asked another Prosecutor’s Office to investigate this case and if Richland County had handled it, you would have said they were all biased for the Sheriff’s Dept. The truth is, Ole Philly, nothing makes you happy unless it goes YOUR way and if you haven’t figured out yet, life is not about YOU, dumbass lol.
When the hell are you going to update this joke site. It is so damn boring anymore. Nobody but you makes comments and they are all just your blabbering and boohooing. Now, as your master, I instruct you to get your worthless bald headed ass back to slinging them machines. Yeah you got it, I’m ROTFLMFAO at you still again and again.


Philly’s Master

Submitted on 2015/10/22 at 10:04 am | In reply to Phil.

Bwahahahahha I missed this one so I couldn’t let it go. You and I both know the FBI wasn’t looking into my FB page because you have already admitted a long time ago that nobody would listen to you when you went crying to every law enforcement agency in the country. Now who’s the liar Philly dilly???? Yeah I leave here ROTFLMFAO yet again.


Philly’s Master

Submitted on 2015/10/22 at 10:02 am | In reply to Phil.

Awww, did I hurt your feelings or strike a nerve….again lol. I doubt you have the ability to mastermind anything Philly ole boy. As far as overtime goes, I work when I want so overtime is never something I even consider.
My false witness of your character? First of all, you have to have a character, and that you do not. As far as my view of you, I don’t consider it false. Everything about you is so easily obtained and you just loooove posting your woes daily. You can downplay the wife beating and being kicked out of your house in Galion all you want, but the records speak for themselves. The fact you plead it down doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Guess the ole lady would have a different version of that night right…I mean after all, that is why she called the police and you got arrested.
I almost spit my coffee out chuckling at the thought you think you have enough pull to win a county commissioner seat. You couldn’t win a seat on a garbage truck let alone an important seat in government. By the way, most of your friends can’t vote because they are convicted criminals. I guess giving you 10 votes was even too many.
So, since you are going to get your CCW and you claim it is for cowards…what does that say about you my little puppet???
Your little jokesite is what would be considered a cult. You are the cult leader and like most of the rest of them, they end up drinking the kool-aid. We can only hope some day you take your dose too. Nobody is worried about anything you allegedly can prove because after all these years, you still haven’t proven a single thing. You just love putting your version of things and claiming it’s the truth. And power, yeah I have it and I use it on you every day. I am the one in control of your life…not you. You do as you are told!!!
Also Philly, you really should do something with that jokesite. It gets so boring reading it every day because it hasn’t been updated in months. Current events are old news, your wall of shame is stupid and nothing on the whole jokesite is new except for the blog page and even that is stagnant. I would say if you want to keep people interested in your site…make it worth reading. Now, get your bald ass back to slinging them washing machines…loser bitch boy. PS: Tell mamma her daddy boy said hello


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/21 at 1:09 pm | In reply to Phil.

I’m back Philly, your master of masters. So in this post, I got fired by the State yet work for the RCSO as eluded to in the previous posts? I have more jobs than anyone on this planet if anyone believes your bullshit. I love reading it though, because every time I post I piss you off beyond comprehension and you just keep digging and digging but get nowhere. Sort of like your dead-end job huh???
Your wall of shame is a joke too, but then again what can be expected from a jokesite. And you should probably move your pappy’s picture to that wall of shame as well. Anyone who would give birth or claim credit to you should be found on that wall.
You still gonna throw your name in for the commissioner job? That will be absolutely hilarious to see all 10 votes you get. People will read the ballot and be like “Who the hell is Philly Dilly?” Yeah, can’t wait to see the election results. You can’t and haven’t changed a thing my little pet. Now, as your master I have to insist you get back to them washing machines. They aren’t gonna sell themselves. Say hello to the Mrs. for me. Tell her thanks!!!!! ROTFLMFAO yet again.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/21 at 1:04 pm | In reply to Phil.

Boooorrrrring lol. Yeah Philly your posts are really lacking anything these days. When you speak of beating a woman and cheating with men, this is obviously you way of describing your life. A wife beater and a closeted homosexual just dying to come out. It’s ok buddy, I’m sure your wife already knows because she has found out with other guys.
Now I work for RCSO? That is awesome. Just another one of your far-fetched reaching accusations. Check their roster and I’ll bet you don’t find a Drew Tyler on their payroll. Why? Because I don’t work for them. Again, your just showing what a real dumbass you are.
Of course I know where you work, your the washing machine slinger at the warehouse on 4th Street where you are always going to be. That is because you are uneducated and have no skills. If you had any education and skills you would be working in a profession where you can depend on a steady paycheck and not some measly little commission check that doesn’t even feed your family and keep the ole lady in the liquor. You keep telling everyone to come to where you work, now why is that? You act as though you are ashamed to be living in an apartment Ole Philly. It is a step up from a mobile home but certainly a huge drop down from a house. But then again, you got kicked out of that because you didn’t pay your mortgage. Are you living in a government subsidized apartment? I’ll be you are probably right next to the band of merry little criminals you call “friends.”
Now, as your master, I order you to get your worthless, lazy, bald-headed ass back to them washing machines and get busy. That’s right Philly, the puppet master has spoken. Sipping my coffee and ROTFLMFAO at you still again and again.

Philly’s Puppetmaster


Submitted on 2015/10/21 at 12:56 pm | In reply to Phil.

Hey Philly, how you been ole boy!! Yeppers, it me your master again. If you are referring to the alleged bomb threat where you sling machines, let’s not forget that you have not been ruled out as the “mastermind” behind this little escapade. Just because you were at work when someone supposedly called, does not mean you didn’t orchestrate it for more attention.
Your wife and illegitimate kid you mean lol. The same woman you beat and the same kid you “jumped in to protect” from the alcoholic woman you beat? These 2 shouldn’t be laughing at anyone but you ole Philly Dilly.
Again you make reference to a CCW as if it is some big deal thrown out there to perhaps “scare or intimidate” someone, but it doesn’t work ole Philly. Unlike you, some of us have had our CCW’s for quite some time. Having a CCW will probably give you the balls you are otherwise lacking. Be careful you don’t shoot yourself, but then again, it wouldn’t be any big loss. Now, itsn’t it time you lean back over them washing machines and get to slingin!!!! That’s right, this is your puppet master speaking. Leaving the room ROTFLMFAO yet again and again.

Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/15 at 1:01 pm | In reply to Phil.

Bwahahahahah see even other people think you are a nutjob and think you post under my name just to draw attention to yourself. Apparently I am not the only one who draws the conclusion that you like to post as more than one person. Then again, those voices in your head during those drunken spurts are probably very real to you.
Secret to success? You call standing over washing machines begging people to buy them and the warranty, being thrown out of your house, being arrested for woman beating and living in an apartment success? Talk about being delusional.
Proving clues to what ole Philly? Wait, you have claimed that I am a dead former Prosecutor, then his brother, then a court employee, a disgruntled fan of the MP Jokesite, and yet you are looking for clues?
Apparently it is you my little puppet who still believes in the childhood fairy tales because you have cried to every one of them as well as every Law Enforcement Agency in the State, and probably INTERPOL as well about being bitch slapped every day on your joke site and other sites. Gotta love freedom Philly dilly. I know, you say your pappy fought for freedom blah blah blah and was even a POW (by his own choice) yet apparently you were’t man enough to follow in his footsteps. Why is that my little puppet??? Now, it’s time for you to get your ass back to them washing machines…they aren’t gonna sell themselves. As always, I leave you with this….ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/15 at 12:53 pm | In reply to Phil.

Isn’t that Shepherd fella the same one you “joined forces” with during your friends attack at the courthouse? Now, he is a deceiver? Interesting how you attempt to disassociate yourself and your joke site, when the shit hits the fan. Of course, we all saw that when you scampered out of the room during all of that like a dog with its tail between its legs. Your running for County Commissioner? LMFAO, that should be a humbling experience for you. When all 3 of your votes are counted perhaps you will see who really believes all of your shit. I can’t wait until that election is over so I can throw it in your face over and over again just like I keep ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/15 at 12:49 pm | In reply to Drews a Pud.

Lets see, are you Philly Dilly, his boyfriend or what? I am taking from your use of the word “pervert” that your probably some type of sex offender and automatically that would make you one of ole Philly’s best friends.. that is to be expected though. When did you get out of prison? I do prove who I am every day I post here now whether you and your boyfriend elect to accept that, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit lol. Philly has been crying to everyone including the Easter Bunny to “end me” and poof…I’m still here. Now get back to whatever push broom job you have and stop playing on your employer’s computer…dumbass.


Philly’s Puppetmaster


Submitted on 2015/10/15 at 12:45 pm | In reply to Sad news for Drew Tyler.

Awww poor ole Philly Dilly, panties still in a twist lol. Why don’t I end what? I’m not going anywhere and as you should realize by now, there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT LOL. You keep claiming the truth is coming but when are you going to start delivering? So far, all you keep doing is making your claims. So come on my little puppet, lets hear the truth, not your version of the truth, but the actual truth!! Yeah, I’m still ROTFLMFAO.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/14 at 1:46 pm | In reply to Phil.

I didn’t know any of my kids were missing lol. I can prove I am Drew Tyler…look stupid here I am. I can ask you this…can you prove your kid is biologically yours? Of course not…because I doubt she is. Probably one of the criminals who frequent your home so much lol. As far as people needing washing machines…yeah I guess they will but I am betting more people buy them from places other than your store which means you don’t get your little commission check. I know that pisses you off and it leaves me as always ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Aren’t you going to be late for work my little puppet?


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/14 at 1:43 pm | In reply to Phil.

Wow weeeeee Philly, did you get your girdle in a twist or what lol. I guess so, but hey, that’s what I love doing and it works every single time. After all, I am your puppet master and you do what you are told. That is hilarious that you claim people come to where you sling washing machines just to see you. Maybe a probation or parole officer, or perhaps a debt collector, but I doubt anyone of any quality comes just to see you.
Not long ago I read a post from you claiming your group was 1,500+ strong and now you are only 1,300 strong? First, I don’t believe for a second you have that many people in your group. Maybe in your pea-brained head but that’t about it. Second, if your down to 1,300 alleged people in your group, sounds like a loss, not a gain. Of course, you are familiar with losses because you have had enough of them. You lost your freedom when you got arrested, you lost your home and have lost income because you have to work on commission and nobody is buying your washing machines. Yeah…losses are a part of your daily life lol.
Are you still trying to convince yourself you are some kind of leader? Leading the way to the men’s room in a dark club does not count. We all know that is your second job. How do you prepare for work? Do you stand in front of the mirror and salute yourself and tell yourself what a great man you are? If you do, then you not only lie to everyone else, you are lying to yourself. Now, do like you are told and get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines. PS…still waiting to hear what candidacy you are running for????? Yeah, Wednesday afternoon ROTFLMFAO at you still.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/13 at 10:07 am | In reply to Phil.

Yeah, I was pretty happy with my response to this cow. Of course, it is probably your wife/sister or mother who is writing it, but guess what, I don’t give a shit lol. I guess I hurt her pussy like I do yours all the time. Loved re-reading it thanks for sharing. Now get back to work dumbass. Love it when I can leave here ROTFLMFAO at you yet again.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/13 at 10:03 am | In reply to Phil.

Strike another nerve did I ole Philly. What are you going to do to get signatures….stand over your washing machines and beg people to sign your petition? I still want to know what job you are running for? Surely, nobody in their right mind would vote for you for anything. And if all you need is 150 signatures to get on the ballot, I can assure you it will take a lot more than that to beat anyone in the primary election.
As far as whatever investigators do for your friend that assualted the officers, that is up to investigators and law enforcement. I believe everyone deserves their day in court, if they elect to have a day in court, so we will have to wait and see what happens. As I told you before ole Philly, everyone has their own interpretation of that video you posted. Of course you don’t know what happened after you tucked your tail between your legs and ran like a bitch from that room, so all you have to rely on is the video and your interpretation. News Flash Philly, just because you see it one way doesn’t make it fact. Just like all the “facts” you allegedly posted about the Garber case which are bullshit, except from your viewpoint.
I love it when I get to laugh at you because you are so self-indignant and think your view is always the right and best one. Such a pathetic human being. That’s ok Philly, someone has to stand up for the criminals, so why not another criminal like you. Now, quit crying, that ass spanking didn’t hurt that bad, and get your bald low life ass back to slinging them washing machines. I am your master and I have spoken. Having coffee and ROTFLMFAO yet again.


Philly’s Puppetmaster

Submitted on 2015/10/13 at 9:52 am

Ahhh, Ole Philly at it again. Looks like he is saddened by the fact that soon, the attorneys for his buddy are probably going to make a deal and Philly once again will be proven to be the liar and fraud he is. It’s OK Philly dilly, I’m sure after all these years people have learned that you are simply full of shit. You claim in March of 2014 I was silenced on FB and yet, my FB page is still there and I can do with it as I please. Much like that of your alleged friend Sean McMann, which is probably you too lol. So, as far as silencing me, you already know that isn’t going to happen. Remember, I am the one in control Philly boy, not you. I am sure you reported me repeatedly to FB and yet they did what we all do…ROTFLOFAO at you.
I have to ask Philly, who do you ask if they know me? Is it your convicted criminal friends that you socialize with? Chances are yeah, they don’t know me because unlike you and your friends, I don’t have to frequent the county jail or criminal justice system. As far as proving who I am, guess what Ole Philly Dilly, I am Drew Tyler and I have been here all along and I’m not going anywere. Yep, you can block me from your joke site, but you can do nothing about my FB page or where I post on CL. You love to think you have power, but in fact, you are a dweeb and powerless. So as you can clearly see, I still control you and I have for years. Now, get your worthless ass back to them washing machines…they aren’t going to sell themselves. Great way to spend a Tuesday morning…pissing ole Philly off and ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.


Drew Tyler

Submitted on 2015/10/08 at 12:00 pm

By the way ole Philly, I am making my Christmas list…what do you want a Donald Trump hairpiece to cover that bald ass head or some suckers for that Kojak dome???


Drew Tyler

Submitted on 2015/10/08 at 11:57 am | In reply to Phil.

Aww, your poor little pussy hurt again Philly? You said you weren’t going to post anymore on CL and yet it is obvious that your still posting. But hey, maybe it is that other voice in your bald head lol. I don’t think I have such power over you Philly, I KNOW I DO. You are as predictable as any one person can be. Over these past several years of being your puppet master I have learned one thing….I am in control of you!!!
You are seriously gonna grow a pair of balls and run for some type of public office? Wait a minute….the Commissioner of Trash is not considered a real public office dumbass. I mean after all, this is exactly what you post on your jokesite. So, please enlighten us all Philly Dilly, what office are you going to run for? I would bet you’re not going to run for any office because you don’t have the balls. And who would vote for a wife beating, washing machine slinger anyway ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Now, as I tell your crack whore friend who keeps emailing me, get your ass back to slinging them washing machines. I am your master and I have spoken!!!!

Submitted on 2015/10/06 at 9:50 am

Damn, you sure have been buys my little puppet. That’s ok, you need something to do in your spare time of slinging them washing machines. Yeah, again I proved you a liar because here I am. It really was interesting to see a change to your jokesite because it was getting stale. I have posted numerous comments on the pages of your site, and yet nothing in response from you. Guess it took a little while to get the cable bill paid so you could have internet service again. I love how you keep saying that the events in the courthouse were planned by the commissioners and not your boyfriend, but I still ROTFLMFAO every time I see that video and watch you run from that room like the scared little bitch you are. Have you gotten a notice to testify yet? Oh wait, the star witness, as you called yourself, will not be called unless it is by the prosecution and that will be to give your “perspective” on the events of that day? If so, your boyfriend Skidmore is headed to prison. But wait, I am guessing a plea bargain is probably forthcoming. We shall wait to see won’t we Philly. And guess what, you have no control over that either.
As your puppet master, I control everything you do!!! You will respond and you will spew your “version” of the truth and you will leave me, and everyone else ROTFLMFAO

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The MP applauds MNJ, still seeking justice or change for Brian Garber & Community?

Tamir Rice investigation mirrors Garber results

“At the time, McGinty’s office conceded that in hindsight it is possible that the incident could have been handled differently by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office but said his office was charged with investigating the firing of weapons, not tactical decisions by police.”

Just for the record I am not in any way thinking this killing could not be justified, but to keep suggesting the mother and father are the culprits for reasoning depicting they said he had a gun was false! This is wrong! – then to drag the investigation on for “8 months” would suggest to the community there was something to hide?, and there was! – It was the fact one Deputy involved has a history of not handling situations the best. Hopefully with this attention, if anything we the community can feel safe that an incident of this magnitude will not be handled the same way. The young man was held up in a room, across the street where initial incident happened and surely did not need to be escalated as it was. Sure cops jobs are tough, many times like Tamir could have been handled differently! The public clearly is divided, why is the question that needs answered if we are to ever have peace? 

“It is significant that the Fourth Amendment does not require a law enforcement officer to be right when conducting a seizure,” Crawford said. In other words, Rice didn’t have to actually possess a firearm for the shooting to be justified.

If you think about this, everyone should be scared who may have a disability, etc. This to the average person would think all one has to do it make a call one has a gun, you fit the description, and your dead! Why do these cops put themselves in harms way when nobody is in danger is what should be considered “reasonable”, this is where differing perspectives rile a community! BOTH cases were similar on what’s CONsidered reasonable? Sorry, some of us came from the day “Serve & Protect” – even if it means protecting these people clearly not acting in the best demeanor for what ever reason? Here we have a child, not the brightest bulb in the package? Then we have another young man known to be off his meds, does that mean we open season on ignorance or a temporary lapse of reason, NO! So respectfully some of us disagree with Mr McGinty and what he thinks as reasonable as we have seen here our Prosecutor wasn’t reasonable when he decided to commit suicide for what ever reason? The point is not to keep kicking a dead horse, but to point out reasonable behavior or thought process by those in office, scary if you think about that too that we rely on one perspective instead of many? A JURY FOR INSTANCE?????

“Like Rice reaching down toward his waistband, when Garber allegedly made a sudden movement with his hands under his shirt and deputies heard a loud bang, deputies were “within the bounds of law to shoot first,” Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney James Gutierrez previously said.”

Interesting where this came from being since this was handled by a secret Grand Jury where it was found fact that “deputies” heard a loud bang when all we have as fact is rumors that only Frazier heard this bang while the rest reacted to his reaction, hmmm?

“Though prosecutors determined the loud bang officers heard was actually Frazier firing his weapon, Frazier maintained in his recorded interview the sound “came from Garber, it came from his direction. There’s no disputing that.”

Frazier said he fired in reaction to that sound and at the same time saw Garber lift his shirt and “protruded” what he believed to be a firearm. “He brought his entire hand out eventually,” Frazier said.

Nicholson and Knee told deputies they never saw Garber’s hands come from beneath his shirt, even after the shooting.

“The suspect slumped over, and we still could not see what the suspect was holding beneath his shirt,” Nicholson told BCI agents. “It was still under his shirt.”

Hence why the community is left with speculation and mistrust in the Sheriff’s Department or an objective view outside of law enforcement protecting the brotherhood. Many in this community don’t TRUST serve and protect, something that needs restored. The good news I believe we haven’t heard continued abuse is the community and social media sharing who to be alert in watching out for if ever confronted. We want to restore the public faith we must first and foremost focus on those who are still working who have committed crimes in the past, the Wall of Shame is a good measure in restoring this faith as we watch and hold those accountable if they ever lie cheat or abuse anyone again in our community!

I want to once again Thank Kaitlin for her story that we may NEVER FORGET these people, but can forgive IF they have learned a valuable lesson on life, liberty, and justice for all????

RIP BRIAN GARBER, may your uncalled for death be used as a tool to unite and not a continued divide of “US vs THEM” – Once citizen killed when they needed help is too much.

, Reporter6:32 p.m. EDT October 24, 2015

Brian Garber family


Kudos to Kaitlin Durbin for her persistence in not letting a dead dog lie. How ever like “Philly” she better watch out or the people will start talking that she too has gone off the deep end like they are suggesting now in local barber shop hair salons about my character. The people crack me up with their fact finding abilities and conspiracy theories, then lay those claims on those who are in search of the truth. The truth is these situations become what’s called in our community a conspiracy when our leaders and law enforcement hold secrets from us. Let it be known it was also said for 8 months Donald Zehner who was at this incident was the 1st shooter who unloaded his service weapon into this young man. Not once in those 8 months was this EVER refuted publicly by anyone in social media or the news with certainty, it was maintained that Zehner killed this man. So, why was the fact that Deputy Frazier was the primary shooter, was it because of his past and what would be dug up, was it the fact he was and more than likely still on anti depressants that have ill side effects that could have caused him to hear what others there did not? At this point ONLY GOD knows, and I pray for the truth as much as anyone else so the community can move on, but no – we will have yet another secret aka conspiracy for the divided community to speak of for years to come? If you keep talking about this, like myself you have to bare the community now joining in on turn the cheek and move on or be considered a loon or nutcase – really???? I hope and pray everyday the truth comes around for this community that lives in fear, which all stems around secrecy and protection of those who commit high crimes. Like we are and will see in the latest rash of BOMB THREATS, will the community ever have a right to know who they are? More than likely not until they strike again then THEY can say they had or have a history of violence, really? There is NOTHING more violent than protecting criminals than a Prosecutor that claims we will punish fullest extent of the law than a few days later after its found one would be damning to the community if we were to know. So guess what?, we will once again see a slap on the wrist as the community will not know who they are and let off on early release to their charges for good behavior? No, I don’t want these children punished for life, but they must learn a “lesson”, much of what we as a community are not seeing from our local law enforcers and the Courts, quite frankly “our” criminals think its a game and laugh once they pull off their deals. I personally believe we need a Judge who will expose these people, it seems the less who know them or their crimes the less chance(s) they will ever change or get the necessary help they need. It seems to many in this community they are just used as a driver for more funding and personal gain within our NO JUSTICE system where those who “think” they are doing good are living large while these kids and other criminals return to their system known to many on the public as a revolving door of crime.
Who will speak for our leaders who disagree with the public that speaks their perspectives? It appears all they have is a fact less wuss call Drew Tyler who ROTFLMAO about a community divided? Who will step up and DRIVE REAL CHANGE here?
As many know, I have a petition and will TRY! we need a leader who will step up and not be the same as it ever was, what a crazy concept, maybe why some are saying I am nuts?
Well my friends, when YOU start paying my bills you can label me all you want, as long as I am paying my own way along with others those people (Drew Tylers) I call them can stick it, for I am driven to learn as well as hoping others will too!
Thanks again for your persistence in bringing this community issue to the table so I could vent again Kaitlin, you have my respect as well as others in the so-called criminal group called Mansfielders Perspective on facebook, may one day we know who the FALSE WITNESS Drew Tyler really is?
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Candidates differ on blight in Mansfield is the least of their worries, what about Write In Gloria Curtis?

Candidates differ on city’s state of blight

“MANSFIELD – Two men running (Theakor / Abrams) for Mansfield mayor know of cases where blight scared away business owners or professionals who’d been considering a move to the city, but the incumbent candidate contends the city’s appearance has substantially improved over his four years in office.” – There is “some” truth to this, how ever it was done through grants and outside revenue we will all have to pay back in one way or another. So what has the incumbent or other candidates had to say about sustaining these improvements without further adding money to the Federal deficit? The incumbent said he was putting his arms around the Healthcare industry, once again a business solely dependent on raising taxes that the little guy can no longer afford, hence more dependence on Government handouts.  

“Abrams said he has talked to people connected with OhioHealth Mansfield who have told him physicians see Mansfield as an undesirable area to locate. “Those folks will drive down the corridors and — true stories I’m hearing — they’ll turn around and leave before they even get to the interview. They’ll look at each other, the spouse and the physician, and (say) ‘This isn’t a community I want to live in.” – Putting all your eggs in one basket as Theakor has once said here is not good for sustainability if this is fact by Abrams? – Remember what the Mayor said here, basically, who cares about the little people? –

Now lets talk about the WRITE IN candidate, why is the MNJ not referencing; Gloria Curtis

Gloria Curtis


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Skidmore Investigation Ongoing??? via Richland Source

Skidmore investigation ongoing

Attorneys weigh options after July 9 altercation at commissioners office

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