City of Mansfield settles lawsuit for one of their finest?



“Garn was placed on administrative leave in November 2015, after citizen complaints about him prompted a police investigation.”

I believe the above administration leave actually started November of 2014 if you read a prior blog below written in February 2015, that makes more sense. I wonder since the City paid out in admission of guilt if they are still paying this officer on leave? Appears with dates being incorrect that he has now been on a paid leave for over a year? Can that be correct? Read the below blog with links to when this first started, simply amazing!

MPD officer Garn indicted on 40 Counts, see what they are saying here!

More on the Wall of Shame, when will it end?

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Donald Trump on youtube, Make America Great Again!!!

Trump Tells it like it is!

They say he has no plan, taking care of Vets and Declaring he will be the best jobs President ever sounds promising.

Taxes are the least of our problems if there’s jobs!!! – Now all we need are local leaders with the same mindset as Ontario, its where most of the jobs and people are going, hmmm?

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Johnathan Gentry Tells it like it is Mansfielders, #DoubleStandard

I like this guy, a TRUE Partriot of the US and its foundation. Why can’t we all get along? The TRUTH is this Country can’t be defeated United we Stand, for Divided we Fall. Join together my friends and once and for all lets defeat this style of tyranny!

Tell me what you think?


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Just a smear campaign or are these valid questions our career Sheriff needs to answer?

Now this is some interesting stuff, it appears things only an insider would know? I would like to hear comments on this for it surely sounds to me like the Sheriff has real problems he is not addressing?

I personally hear stories like this all the time, where is our Investigative reporters? If this is accurate and the Sheriff is covering misdeeds our community is and will not be safe for anyone telling it like it is. It appears there needs to be an investigation or the people when they go to the polls this spring take matters in their own hands!

Had enough of hiding the Truth, or simply waiting for who’s next?


In November, 2015, Joe Masi drove his county SUV to the site of his son, Gio Masi’s car accident in Ontario Police Jurisdiction. He was not on duty. Gio was in his back seat prior to Ontario PD’s arrival. He was drunk. Ontario PD case 15-09715. A deputy drove by and saw this happening….

Joe Masi’s son, Gio, is currently in the police academy. He is commissioned by RCSO but they deny they are funding the schooling. They are. There are numerous blanks in the line item budgets of the Sheriff’s Office. There were several qualified deputies to hire due to a severe shortage, but they passed on all of them waiting for Gio to graduate the academy in April, along with Capt. Sweat’s step-son. Gio participates in ride-alongs with the deputies and engages in police work while doing so: searching vehicles, questioning people, etc. He is not a certified law enforcement officer. He has been seen by numerous people around town wearing his uniform claiming to be a deputy. Any complaints to Masi will result in a personal target on the complainants back.

Joe Masi’s neighbor had his house broken into last year. The dayshift Sheriff’s patrol is outrageously short on deputies. That day, an early Saturday morning, Masi ordered half the shift to his residence on State Route 546. He ordered the deputies, on foot, to knock on EVERY DOOR OF EVERY RESIDENCE on state route 546, waking people up, to question them if they had seen anything suspicious. Does every other burglary victim in this county get this kind of service? Absolutely not. This also put the few remaining deputies at risk with no back up officers. He doesn’t care.

Joe Masi was sued in 1999 for ordering the strip search of a female corrections officer, Janet Virgili case 272 F3d 391, and again in 2009 for firing a black corrections officer, Byron Patrick, Complaint No. 9147 Ohio Civil Rights Commission. In 2011, Masi ordered the searches of all female corrections officers in the Richland County Jail and had numerous complaints filed. Considering the recent EEOC complaints, it’s clear that Joe Masi likes to target specific genders, race, etc.

In December, 2015, Major Joe Masi and Lt. Jimmy Myers of the RCSO Jail–a non-sworn position, attended a bomb training school in Las Vegas for an entire week at the taxpayers expense. When there is a shortage of deputies, a lack of reliable vehicles, and low morale, how do you justify approving this? What does a non-sworn Jail Lt. need a bomb training school for? Do you agree that looks a little nefarious to the county taxpayers? A fully paid trip to Las Vegas??

Friends and family of numerous members of the Richland County
Sheriff’s Office have stated that the employees refer to Major Joe
Masi, Capt. James P. Sweat, and Capt. Donald Zehner as Tyrants,
Dictators, and Micro-Managers to the highest levels. How do you expect to move forward as a functioning Sheriff’s Office when your employees are suffering from such low morale?

Regarding Major Joe Masi, the Northern District Federal Court in
February, 2015 ruled that Masi’s actions in interviewing and
testifying in the Glenn Tinney case (in which an innocent man was
imprisoned for 25-years) Masi’s actions “…shocked the conscience…” That Masi’s actions were “outrageous, extreme, and uncivilized.” Former Capt. Eric Bosko was placed on the Giglio list for much less. How can you justify having someone that a Federal Court ruled untrustworthy and borderline criminal running your day to day operations? How can you justify having someone like Masi instructing new officers in investigations?

Recently, Major Joe Masi sent a citizen complaint of 2 officers to the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office for review of criminal charges. They were declined as there was no basis to the complaint and the complainant is no longer cooperating. Major Masi then ordered a junior sergeant to serve the officers paperwork and secretly record them in hopes of garnering evidence that would be suitable for criminal charges. No Miranda was read and no warrant was signed by a federal judge authorizing him to make that order.The sergeant did not comply with this order, knowing it was unethical–bordering criminal, and received a 1 day suspension. You were aware of this order and signed
off on it. Can you explain.

Sheriff, do you feel that Joe Masi’s marriage to a member of the
Richland County Prosecutor’s Office has risen to the level, by their
actions, as unethical? To be clear, is it fair to the deputies to say
“A complaint has been filed against you,” when in fact it was his wife complaining to him at home about certain deputies?

Sheriff, it is widely known throughout the law enforcement community that Major Joe Masi, Captain James P. Sweat, and Captain Donald Zehner are untrustworthy. Other law enforcement agencies simply want as little dealings with them as possible. How can you possibly move forward as Sheriff of Richland County and regain the trust of its other law enforcement agencies and work together in the future?

Lets see if the incumbent can and will defend any of this in a public forum, or IF once again they will simply send Drew Tyler to spin, deceive, and rotflmao? Drew Tyler will say prove it even though they are a fake account used by public officials to defend with deception. Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

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The Richland County Sheriffs race is heating up, you say?

Facebook pages have popped up telling us, we the people what the candidates are all about, or do they?

Incumbent Steve Sheldon


Republican Challenger Jerry Botdorf


Democratic Challenger Matt Mayer


Who is Matt Mayer you say? Back just before the July 9th attack at a public meeting on Mike Skidmore nobody knew! How ever we have later found here this man told Mike Skidmore if he brings his camera back into this building he could be charged with disorderly conduct or worse? The Sheriff hopeful speaks for the Prosecutor’s office, yet would not say which one? Is this a man we want in office, one who can’t be a straight shooter or tell us who he is, what’s the secret(s) they are trying to hide from the public?

It appears only their mouthpiece aka MP puppet master Drew Tyler knows, or is that the legal mastermind who is the one behind all the deception and spin here in Richland County!

***Please comment via Facebook or register through WordPress and comment anonymously below, you might as well being that’s what the fake account Drew Tyler will do! Yes they will say they are real because they can post, how funny! ha ha…

As the MP Admin on Facebook I believe this is a 2 man race that will be settled in the Primary, cause the one getting a free pass here after seeing this Youtube shows us what he’s about, deception. Still shaking my head!


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Drew Tyler, the E-Mail series – Get a load of this crap!

Once again Mr Drew Tyler super sleuth investigator relies on fraud documents in the Court system. Since he/she once again has been proven to be a liar once again by saying I can post on their page, not when I am blocked so I will share a little of what they “think” is proof US Bank foreclosed on my home in Galion. None the less happens to folks all the time, but in this case I actually filed protection through the Federal Courts as you will see in the following threads that prove somebodies not on the up and up here, surprised? I’m not! – None the less it appears US Bank may have used foreclosure for a bailout? Something I can’t prove, yet the FBI could IF they were to investigate? Also in part this segment will also PROVE Mr hide behind keyboard warrior a fraud is the FACT this home was not sold as previously noted via Sheriffs auction, that is UNLESS the Sheriff of Crawford County is not CONducting auctions thru Williams & Willaiams online auctions? Yes, ALL the proof we need is the TRUTH and yes can be found right here, nothing, I mean nothing absolutely to hide.

First E-Mail from my stalker buddy!!!!

From: craigslist 5400696928
Date: Sat, Jan 23, 2016 11:15 AM
Subject:Re: Nice post, or was that an email?

Working man lol, is that what you consider yourself?  A guy who stands slumped over washing machines all day and begs people to buy washing machines just so he can make a few bucks? Well if that is your definition of a working man then I guess you have to be tops of the list loser boy.  You used your right to give back your house in Galion, perhaps you should take a look at the court docket there dumbass lol, the bank foreclosed on your sorry worthless ass and you didn’t give shit back, they took it back. Quite a difference, but then again, you like to spin things to make yourself the victim.  You like it better being stuck in a government subsidized apartment complex because nobody would be dumb enough
to give you a mortgage loan.  You may be a renter in life, but me, I look at the big picture and realize that my life is good because I have worked hard and made it that way.  I didn’t do as you and so many of your criminal friends do and stand there waiting for a handout and believing that you are entitled to what I have from working my whole life.  We can only pray that your “short life” is much shorter than even you expect.  Since you sooooo love stalking my FB page, I left  a post there just for you Ole Philly Dilly.  By the way, if you can scrape enough money to go to the slopes, I can only hope that in the next edition of the MNJ we see some small article where you fell and broke your neck and are dead.  That would be a great read. Now, get your ass back to slinging them machines, I am your master and I demand you obey. Your still a loser and I’m still ROTFLMFAO at you over and over and over again.  By the way, next time your on your knees praying to the coward of a father of yours, ask him why he left his men to die. – I wonder since when is it stalking one who stalks using a fictitious facebook account? lol! – Calls one a stalker yet actually steals pictures from a REAL ACCOUNT and posts them on craigslist? Too funny!

On Sunday, January 24, 2016 6:26 AM, Response to the moron!
Struck a nerve huh? I write a few words and once again you repeat your poppycock, now that always makes my day ROTFL!
First you say the bank foreclosed on me and once again can’t prove what I can, I have my paperwork where I filed bankruptcy protection! Quite proud of that FACT for I got the last laugh there, or thought I did? Perhaps the Courts or Clerk in that County to committed a fraud just so US Bank could fraud the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for a bailout? I mysteriously had a friend try to buy the home when it was auctioned online and funny enough the auction shut down when they realized a real buyer was posting bids, maybe I can speculate here too that the one who won the bid was also a fraud and a friend of the bank, hmmm? Its funny you say you posted on your page yet NOTHING here? Maybe we are not on the same page, if you are not this Drew Tyler maybe you can direct me to the real one? How ever the stories you have been telling now for years how could
I believe you? Not one damn thing you can prove other than the pusillanimous that you are! Intrepid friend you are not, once again your silly a$$ leaves this working man ROFL as I leave for another great day in the field. Lets see what you say now, or better yet respond to on the latest blog? You are free to use your Facebook you know, WordPress don’t censor Facebook comments being you do have a real account, right? See you soon 😄

From: craigslist 5400696928  Drew Tyler aka hide behind keyboard ranter e-mailing thru one of his posts I responded to. Too funny!
Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2016 10:58 AM
Subject:Re: Nice post, or was that an email?
Bwhahahahaha you couldn’t strike a nerve if you will drilling a tooth dumbass lol.  And now lets take a look at your
bullshit lie as it pertains to the foreclosed home in Galion. You bought it in 2005 and paid $82,700 for it and you bought it from Robert & Charles Hodgson.  The address was 360 Bennett Drive. On March 19, 2009 (a mere 3 years and 10 months later) US Bank foreclosed on the home (Case # 09CV0158).  On May 19, 2009 the court affirmed the foreclosure and it was sold at Sheriff’s Sale.  By the way, Sheriff’s Sales on foreclosed properties in Crawford County are not, and  never have been done via internet, so your alleged claim that someone was attempting to bid on  this property online is a total lie.  Again, you have been caught fucktard lmao.  A man by the name of John Sackman bought the home for a mere $23,000 from US Bank at Sheriff’s Sale.  Funny how I have the court records to once again prove what a liar and a fraud you are.
You can keep claiming that you “gave it back” all you want, but the record of the court is what I would believe over some bald headed, restroom hopping park dwelling washing machine slinger.  As far as my FB page goes, you are obviously more stupid that even I could have imagined. I go to my FB page and all of my posts are right there.  Maybe because you sling washing machines for a living it is not required you know how to read lol.  Well, lets see how you “refute” the FACTS I have stated here.  Again, like the little bitch you are, I your master Drew Tyler, have spanked your ass and sent you home crying like the little school girl bitch you are.  Now that does leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

Well then my pusillanimous friend then I’m guessing you will say I made up the following e-mail correspondence from the online auctioneer?

Yes, this is a REAL email account, unlike your – BUSTED once again!

Thank you for your interest in Williams & Williams Online Only Auctions.

The profile and credit card information does not match or is incomplete. If you wish to bid on the property listed below please return to the registration page and complete your profile.

    360 Bennett Dr, Galion, OH 44833 Ends in 1h 6m 43s
High Bid: $19,000.00 — sakem66
Next Bid: $20,000.00

There is no charge to register for an auction. Each high bidder (Buyer) must make a 5% ($2,500 MINIMUM) non-refundable deposit per property at the conclusion of the auction. Electronic wire funds, credit card, check by phone and cashier’s checks are the only forms of payment accepted.

A credit card is required to register for bidding to ensure you are of legal age to purchase real estate, confirm identity and verify you have funds available for deposit ($1) if you are the high bidder. No charges will be billed to your credit card although some banks will hold the $1 credit in a pending account for up to 30 days. Please see your bank for details. The name on your credit card must match the profile information you provided during registration. An email will be sent to you to confirm you are approved to bid or if additional information is required.

Debit Cards are not recommended. The verification process debits your account $1 per registration for deposit but immediately reverses/voids the transaction. Most banks withhold these funds for up to 30 days before returning the funds to your account. Williams & Williams does not hold these funds and can not be responsible for your banks security policies. Please see your bank for details.

How to Bid
Bidding starts at the nominal Opening Bid(s) indicated and is open to all who registered and are approved. The Auctioneer will control any increments of bidding. The bidding occurs online only and will continue for a period of three (3) to seven (7) days for each property. The auction ends at a predetermined time with an Overtime Period if necessary, defined as follows: if a bid is placed within two (2) minutes of the close of bidding, then another two (2) minute period commences from the time of the last bid until no bids are placed within the next two (2) minutes. The last bid shall be made final.
Bids may be submitted by clicking the “Place My Bid” button on the bid page. You may enter the minimum for the next bid or the maximum bid (proxy) you wish to pay.
The electronic proxy will automatically increase your bid at predetermined increments to maintain the high bid. It will only raise your bid if you have been outbid by another bidder and will stop when you have won the auction or reached your maximum bid.

How to Pay
Terms of Sale

By registering for this auction you have accepted the terms of sale. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions stated DO NOT BID as you will be bound by those terms and conditions.

Good Luck and Good Bidding!

Visit to see properties now!
Oh, Oh – The Sheriff of Crawford County must have changed his address? Actually I love PROVING you wrong! The above mentioned guy I assume is a friend of the bank? Why do I think this? The auction stopped when they saw another bidder, here’s the rest of the email from this Sheriff you say that auctioned the property!

Customer Service <>

To Phil Sydnor

10/22/09 at 2:05 PM

Thank you for contacting Williams & Williams.  We show that the system is working properly and that the auction ended after the originally scheduled time due to the 2 minutes extra that was added to the auction.  This auction has officially ended.  We will be more than happy to list you as a backup bidder, should something happen with the original high bidder.  If you are interested in doing this, please let me know.

Thank you,

Customer Service
p. 1-800-801-8003 | f. 918.362.6549

worldwide real estate auction

Some signs say it all. Real estate sales that are open, honest and result in real value.

This communication is intended for the sole use of the individual to whom it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law.  You are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication by anyone other than the intended recipient is a violation of state and federal law.  If you receive this communication in error, notify the sender immediately and destroy the communication.

—–Original Message—–
From: Phil Sydnor []
Sent: Wed 10/21/2009 3:27 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: 360 Bennett Dr, Galion Ohio 44833

I protest todays auction on this property on the grounds of your own terms that depict the following, I am sure it can be validated through others who participated that the sale price would have reached a much larger bid IF followed.

The auction ends at a predetermined time with an Overtime Period if necessary, defined as follows: if a bid is placed within two (2) minutes of the close of bidding, then another two (2) minute period commences from the time of the last bid until no bids are placed within the next two (2) minutes. The last bid shall be made final.

I started my bidding with 10 minutes to go, my bid was rejected and I had to sign back in due to getting withdrawn for some reason. This Auction ended as soon as time elapsed and in NO WAY was the 2 minute rule followed since it only takes seconds to refresh. Please advise if this auction is final or if there was technical issues beyond your control. I am very dissapointed in the way this auction ended as reading your terms it should have continued, advise if I am wrong.


Phil Sydnor – I added a $24k bid in plenty of time before auction should have elapsed by your 2 min rule?.


Maybe Drew Tyler should check Federal Court Documents as he would have found this! Yes, it’s a Federal case that was filed in 2008 – check it out bro, appears your friends in Crawford County have used what Common Law people know as…”LEGAL SHAM PROCESS” to fraud the Federal Government for a BAILOUT, while handing a cheaply purchased property to a buddy? Yes, the lady who bought it contacted me too, want her number being you don’t believe she has a pending suit against her seller? Yes, once again I leave you proven to not know what the hell you are talking about, which leaves me smiling.

Bankruptcy case number 08-63016_cropped

Have a Nice Day, I will await your poppycock response! –

I would say a Federal case closed trumps a foreclosure case a year later, hmmm?



Hey MNJ, it wasn’t SLANDER when these people posted under fake names, so why do you think I would slander under a REAL NAME?


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WOW! – Constitutional Attorney Krisanne Hall Tells it like it is!

  • What’s really going on in Oregon and is it Constitutional?
    KrisAnne Hall ~ Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host speaks.

Obama’s Nemesis for sure!!!  I wonder what the MP Groups nemesis Drew Tyler has to say about this?

Surely our current hand picked Prosecutor would have something to say about this, but certainly will not refute it here? Kind of like the hand picked Sheriff the Fed has under CONtrol in this situation!

Do I have that right Drew Tyler self proclaimed puppet master? Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Drew Tyler speaks too! Yet still hides from the truth? – see the latest poppycock here, unlike this bum I can PROVE what I say, and WHO I AM!

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Unedited Video of Protestor in Oregon Murdered being used once again with speculation while we wait for the TRUTH?

Once again friends we are left with a speculative video the mainstream media is depicting Robert “Lavoy” Finicum after CLEARLY having hands up and out to his side that he was reaching for what they thought was his gun? Come on people, are YOU that gullible? Who in their right mind being surrounded by assault weapons with only a pistol is going to do this? Does our Government think we will believe every single CONspiracy they feed us? Earlier reports were saying Mr Finicum as saying he would die before surrendering to these people, I would say they gave him his wish and their excuse to take down a true American and Patriot. What the hell is happening to our Country folks? Where was the Sheriff in all of this? It appears since it was said they were on their way to meet the Sheriff, our ONLY Constitutional Law Enforcement in the land that it would appear the Federal Government could not let that happen? All I can say for now is WOW! – I knew they wouldn’t share upclose video or what was said during this encounter, all we have left for now until its settled in court is pure speculation and what THEY will call a CONspiracy theory? Sad news indeed.

Words of wisdom, be careful what you say because it will be used against you not in the Court of Law, but in the Court of what they call street justice. Looks like nothing less than a straight ambush as reported by family members who were there.

From the Author of this video, fair use share!

Published on Jan 28, 2016This is the complete video footage of a joint FBI and Oregon State Police traffic stop and OSP officer-involved shooting of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This footage, which has only been edited to blur out aircraft information, was taken by the FBI on 01/26/2016 and released by the FBI on 01/28/2016. Note regarding date/time stamp in the left corner of video: Pilots use Zulu Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), when they fly. Zulu time is eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST). Therefore, although this footage was taken on January 26, 2016 in Oregon, the date/time stamp on the video shows just after midnight January 27, 2016.

More at:

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2016 Richland County Clerk of Courts Randy Shepherd tells it like it is!


Randy Shepherd for Clerk of Courts 2016!

Time to get behind change change in Richland County 👍


Randy Shepherd throwing hat in the ring for Clerk of Courts 2016 as an Independent, folks on facebook starting to rally!

I find it interesting, ever since the Mike Skidmore incident July 9th 2015 were it was apparent citizens were getting BLOCKED from their own meeting we have so many running for office! Before this meeting they tried to call an executive session telling everyone who came to go home? They knew they were wrong so they let the people myself included in, then during an assertive speech by Mike Skidmore a special security officer with a gun where none should be tried to take a camera that was recording how THEY collude against the public to keep them from speaking on the record. This is when ALL hell broke loose when this for no reason security guard pulled his weapon and aimlessly fired his gun nearly shooting the KID who was recording the following FULL VERSION video that tells all that they hoped would not get out…




Jerry Botdorf for Sheriff facebook page

Gary Bishop for Prosecutor facebook page

Randy Shepherd for Clerk of Courts facebook page


Please leave your feedback on your favorite candidate – this means you too Drew Tyler, mouthpiece of bla bla bla, false witness to anything here – now that’s ROTFL!



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Is Oregon making History or what? Push for Common Law Grand Jury should be Nation Wide!

Going Viral on Facebook!

Bruce Doucette added 2 new photos.

20 hrs ·



Here are two documents recently released by the Oregon Statewide Common Law Grand Jury.

Note on the second document that Susan Hammond has disclaimed any relationship with the NLA.

Statewide Common Law Grand Jury1

Judson Witham These Grand Juries were COMPLETELY Constitutional and Lawful for almost TWO CENTURIES and as I see it remain as such. People need to look to the History of The Grand Jury to see for themselves. Here are some Historical References SEE 5th Amendment as well ……..

4 · 20 hrs

J Wynter Moon Has The States ever taken cases to The Hague against Washington, D.C?

2 · 16 hrs

Terese Trusso Excellent!

2 · 16 hrs

Statewide Common Law Grand Jury2

Ronald M Gray
Ronald M Gray God Bless Her for Holding Down The Castle While the Men are incarcerated UNLAWFULLY!!

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley God bless the messengers!

Judson Witham
Judson Witham These Grand Juries were COMPLETELY Constitutional and Lawful for almost TWO CENTURIES and as I see it remain as such. People need to look to the History of The Grand Jury to see for themselves. Here are some Historical References SEE 5th Amendment as well ……..

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley Thank you!!!!

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley We are the seagulls!

Ronald M Gray
Ronald M Gray I figure it like this…if you don’t have a true name that you utilize while conveying a message on facebook…I generally block you immediately. More than likely ~ you are a perpetrator and inciter. There is no truth in you ~ and no reason to listen to what comes “out of you”.

Ronald M Gray
Ronald M Gray Thanks, Bruce Doucette! I know your internet has been being hacked by these pieces of human excrement for weeks now. Block their lame derrieres! We have things to do!! Blessings on this Monday!!

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley If you come to Gloucester, a place of approx 25-30,000 people and ask for Schmoopie O’ McFoley, chances are someone will know where to find me. smile emoticon

Ronald M Gray
Ronald M Gray If only I had the ability. The Patience. The time. Or, more laughably! The Desire. But ~ alas, and for not – I do not.

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley Im watching that aweful group making fun of our boys. They are misinformed. When they know the truth they will change their hearts if they are true. I dint comment but i watch to see what messages I am working on to open all minds and hearts to peace, truth and justice for our #FREEDOM

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley Tag any important info… only factual documents with#Schmoopie.
Im gathering truth seekers who know me.

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley So they have the chance to see for themselves.

Ronald M Gray
Ronald M Gray If so ~ then ~ God Bless and my apology if I have offended. These matters are no longer a joke. It has become extreme and greatly apparent that vast numbers of this nation see this as a joke, a farce and a passing thing. It is not! I am former militarySee More

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley No worries. Thanks for understanding. Xo

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley I am devoting my ife to this cause.

JESUS has called me to help and to do it peacefully.

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley Ronald M GrayGod will give you all of that if you ask. These are not my words. I’m just a simple homegirl or townie who is awake..

Schmoopie O' McFoley
Schmoopie O’ McFoley All I have in this world is the Word of God, His Love, and the tools he gave me to fight. Put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD every day.
Somebody taught me… i can teach others.

Ken Scott
Ken Scott pureness of the people will prevail

John Asturias
John Asturias Just spoke with her and are waiting for a return confirmation and green light to proceed with the application for a writ of Habeas Corpus.

Judy Pryor
Judy Pryor I am so.proud of you guys…showing strength above and beyond…God Is Good

3 · 8 hrs
Judy Pryor
Judy Pryor I have spent hours and hours following your journey…unlike the years you have endured…I am delighted to know we have some strong AMERICANS LEFT….BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU…..I will share and reshare as much as I can…

4 · 8 hrs

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